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Thirsty Thursday: Queen City Margarita

Photo by Parris Wilson
Photo by Parris Wilson

The weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer; it is almost time to unwind. With the semester ending, most of us can find the light at the end of the tunnel to find peace and relaxation once May arrives. But what if May is too far away, and you are in need of just a little leisure until then? I can honestly say that sometimes, a nice cocktail will satisfy your needs.

The Queen City Margarita is one of the finest cocktails at Cabo Fish Taco restaurant in NoDa, located on North Davidson Street. The drink is infused with El Jimador Silver, Triple Sec, blood orange puree and the signature house sweet and sour mix with a splash of Sprite, making it irresistible and a favorite to many. This cocktail is not only a “summer refresher”, but it is easy on the pockets, with the retail price of nine dollars for a “more than decent” size. With its ingredients and unbeatable price, it does just the trick to soothe your mind and give you that extra kick.

Cabo Fish Taco has a great variety of cocktails that are affordable and worthwhile. I encourage you to try the Queen City Margarita, as well as many other cocktails that are offered. With all its trendy and tasty beverages, there is no wonder why this place is a fan favorite. Remember to drink responsibly.

Five things to know about ROMANCE

Photo used under Creative Commons license
Photo used under Creative Commons license

Ever wondered or wished to make that first move with someone, but never really knew how to do so? Have you been wrestling with scenarios in your head about how you should interact, or even approach that one person you have had your eye on? I am here to tell you why it is necessary to put your big girl pants on and talk to them.

  1. “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

Getting to know someone can tend to be awkward and uncomfortable, especially when it is someone you are interested in. The last thing you would want to do is have your “crush” look at you in a negative light. However, if you do not say anything then you will never even get a chance to get next to them or form any sort of relationship. Remember when elders would say “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed?” this applies to every aspect of life. So if you never speak up or at least try to strike a conversation with that person, you may just starve.

  1. “He’s Just That Into You

Once you put yourself out there, the worst thing that can happen is finding out the person is not that into you. But what if all your hard work does not go in vain? You may come to find that they are interested and they are just as infatuated with you as you are with them, if not even more. They may have been trying to build up the nerve to approach you but have not gotten that far, because they do not want to come across as “pressed” (definition – so interested beyond measure, that you are the only one they want and are interested in). Who is not to say that this cannot happen? Either way it goes, someone has to be the one to make the first move in order to embark on a new relationship. Why don’t you be that person?

  1. Are you the one of my dreams?

Now understand that life is no fairytale and no one is perfect, but it can come dangerously close if you choose the right person you were meant to be with. What I mean is, what if that one person is exactly the type of person you have been searching for all alone. It is almost wild to think you could meet your lifelong partner all by one simple conversation you struck, because you were attracted to them. A childhood friend told her story that just confirms everything I am saying, “My boyfriend and I started off as friends, but we would not have even made it to that point had I never been the one to initiate the conversation. I was attracted to him so I decided it is time for me to get out of the mindset  all guys had to be the ones to make the first move, because had I waited for him to come to me, we would not be together to this day. Now we have been together since 2013 and we have had our ups and downs just as any relationship, but we have had some really good times together.”

  1. And You Have Just Been Friendzoned!

You may come to find once you start talking to a person that you were attracted to, you two vibe better as friends and that is totally okay. You can never have too many friends, right? Things were probably way too comfortable where you both understand it would be weird if either of you crossed that boundary to be anything more. Take it as you are gaining a friend that you can run and tell your potential relationship problems to and you have now crossed that bridge to embrace that they will never be anything more. Be careful with thinking so loosely, a lot of lasting romantic relationships start by becoming friends first.

  1. Who needs romance when you have confidence?

Whether everything works out or not, there is no doubt you would have developed a little more confidence than what you had before. If things work out you will develop a confidence to know that person was just as attracted to you and you two were on the same page, so there was no more uncertainty. If things go left then your confidence will skyrocket, because then you can go on and on about how they never deserved you, and you can proceed to point out all of their flaws. Mission accomplished.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, because the results may surprise you. You can never assume anything when it comes to attraction or being interested in someone. Think if you had gone through life assuming everything, would you have made it this far?

Let’s talk beauty: Ruby Woo

Photo by Candice Kelly
Photo by Parris Wilson

Most of us can agree make up trends change every day, but some trends are simply classic. These days there are so many new makeup tricks and products to use, we may lose our minds trying to keep up. Through the evolving make up fads, one thing will never change—red lipstick.

It is difficult to figure out what red lipstick looks good for every skin tone, being it is such a bold color. MAC’s Ruby Woo red retro matte lipstick seals the deal every single time. This is the basic color that works for all ethnicities. Because this lipstick is so rich in color and texture, it makes it suitable for everyone. Ruby Woo gives you complete coverage throughout the whole day of eating, drinking and daily activities. It has the “mattifying” effect, which makes it last all day and you will not have to repeatedly reapply it. MAC Cosmetics are usually a little steep in price, however, their products are of quality and they will last a long time. The retail price of this lipstick is about $16, but it is a great investment. I can almost promise you that if you get it once, you will feel like you cannot live without it.

When in doubt, go with a classic red lipstick to enhance your features or be bold. In particular, try out the Ruby Woo lipstick, it can never steer you wrong. It is a suitable lipstick for everyone and it can quickly become your new found addiction.

Restaurant Review: The Peculiar Rabbit

Photo by Parris Wilson
Photo by Parris Wilson

Admit it, “The Peculiar Rabbit” sounds like a very odd or strange place to have a decent meal. I have to say I was a bit judgmental before stepping out of my car onto the premises. So many questions travelled through my brain such as, “What does a peculiar rabbit have to do with anything,” or “Why on earth is it in the kitchen where my food is prepared?” I was unsure of what I was getting myself into and I nearly backed down, but thank goodness I did not. As I began to walk up, I was immediately greeted which made me feel very comfortable. She had a very enjoyable, and chill vibe the whole night that I appreciated dearly. All in just 10 minutes, I knew it would be the new Friday night spot to relax and unwind.

Compared to other restaurants, this place does not carry too much on the menu, but they have variety which is a major plus. According to my waitress, the menu is updated approximately every three to four months, so they pretty much cover everyone. You’re in the mood for chicken or fish? You can have it. In the mood for duck? Go for it. You are trying to cut a few calories to prepare for summer? Get an incredible, fresh salad made up of whole foods. The key to the place is they serve many different things, rather than just foods most people like and I am an advocate for that any day.

Down to the nitty gritty, the actual food. I can say the food is absolutely astounding. I am not one to try to cut a few calories from my diet for the spring and summer months, so I went all in on what I ordered. Being that my eyes were bigger than my stomach, it was a miracle that I finally came to a decision on what to eat. I had the honor, yes I said honor, to chow down on what was called the “Chicken & Waffles Sammich.” This dish consisted of country fired chicken, bacon marmalade, honey-nut drizzled arugula, and one Belgium waffle. What better way can you define delicious? As a side, I chose sweet potato hash, which I had never had before, but I will be getting again. When my waitress described to me that all of the foods are fresh and never frozen, I believed her because I could definitely tell after my experience.

After eating, I had to be just a tad bit nosey and take a peek to check out the third level. It was one of the most stunning sites I had ever come across. It was a balcony overlooking the city. I was able to get the full effect, being that it was night time, to oversee the nightlife of uptown Charlotte. This was a great weekend to witness that view because the uptown lights were Carolina blue in honor of the Panthers going to the Super Bowl. It was breathtaking.

As I began to wrap my experience at “The Peculiar Rabbit,” being the social butterfly I am, I wanted to mix and mingle with people. I wanted to get a feel of how they felt about the place. I met one guy that explained to me he comes here often to have drinks and play games with his friends. “This place is awesome. Every time I come here the vibes are good and I always have a good time,” he said. I believed every word because in the one experience I had at this place, I felt a positive energy throughout the whole building. It was new, it was refreshing and it felt like home.