Niayai Lavien


Checking in with SGA: October 2018

The Student Government Association (SGA) kicked off the fall semester with elections for new representatives, holding public meetings across campus and new daily social media initatives.

Newly Elected Members

  • Freshman Class President: Tahlieah Sampson
  • Junior At Large Seats: Hilda Kolawole, Matthew Basel, Sydney Carter, Kristina Schmoeller
  • Freshman At Large: Alyssa Lopez, Charles “Vince” Graham, Daniel Jackson
  • At Large: Jenna Basel, Jacob Baum


  • As of October 25, the Student Senate has approved 37 new student organizations this academic school year. Information for new student organizations can be located on Niner Engage.
  • Legislative and Executive meetings are open to the public. The dates, times and locations for the Fall 2018 meetings can be found here.
  • President Lavien and Vice President Crean both host office hours several times a week. Their offices are located in the Student Union and their availability can be accessed here.
  • The Legislative Branch hosts office hours each week before Senate meetings. Contact Matthew Basel or Asia Carter to have your questions answered here.
  • The Judicial Branch hosts office hours twice a week. Email the leadership board for judicial here.
  • Academic Affairs is getting feedback about MWF classes to provide to the Office of the Provost. Do you have any questions, comments or concerns about the class switch? Provide your feedback here.
  • Interested in joining SGA? Vaccancy applications can be found on Niner Enage. If you have any questions about the process of applying and what the responsibilities are for student senators, contact Alexis Bethea at She serves as the 2018-2019 Internal Affairs Chair.

Upcoming Events

  • SGA Week will take place from November 12 to November 16. It will consist of five events catered to gathering student input and connecting members of the student body with their representatives in SGA.
    • Monday, November 12 will be SGA night at South Village Dining. Members of SGA will help collect student-donated swipes and assist in serving food to students
    • Tuesday, November 13 will be College Forum Night. Students and faculty will be discussing how to improve their academic programs, providing comments and concerns. Light refreshments will be provided.
    • Wednesday, November 14 will be SGA Tabling in the Student Union. We will be providing free giveaways, candy and taking student concerns. Students will also have the opporrtunity to learn how to get involved.
    • Thursday, November 15 is the Campus Safety Tour in partnership with Police & Public Safety and Facilities Management. This is an annual event where students and campus deparments partner to analyze and determine safety risks on campus and provide feedback to the Chancellor’s office.
    • Friday, November 16 is the Belk Plaza Dedication. In partnership with the Chancellor’s office, SGA will be commerating the new belk plaza and giving out light refreshments.
  • Tuition and Fees Advisory Board will take place in the Harris Alumni Center on Wednesday, November 14 from 4pm to 7pm and Thursday November 15 from 6pm to 9pm. UNC Charlotte is the only school in the UNC system where the advisory board consists of only students. These meetings are open to the public and will determine the fees for the 2019-2020 school year.


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