Naisla Barreto


A day in salsa shoes

Have you ever seen the movie dirty dancing, or seen Salsa video and said, “Man I wish I could dance like that.”

UNC Charlotte offers free Salsa classes for both beginner and advance levels. The one hour long classes are taught Mondays and Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in the group fitness classroom in the Student Activity Center.

Each class starts out with a quick five minute warm up where the instructor Wendy Jimenez makes you stretch your whole body. The stretches begin from your shoulders, to your chest, to your rib cage, to your hips, to your legs and finish off with your feet.

Jimenez always emphasizes on how important the stretches are since they help you with the actual body movement required to dance.

After the warm-up is over, if there are new dancers, Jimenez goes over the basic steps in the dance which are always essential to practice and perfect.

After the warm-up and going over the basic steps, the real fiesta beings. Salsa is not only a fun dance, but requires the dancer to let loose and enjoy his or herself.

For the rest of the class every individual is partnered up, and learns a certain spin or turn in addition to the basic step. After a minute of practicing as a couple both the leader and follower switch partners, this helps both the leader and the follower not to get use to just one move.

For those who have no idea how to salsa, but have wanted to get involved with it, join the class. Even though the semester is coming to an end, the Salsa classes will be held same time same place next semester and Jimenez will continue to teach.

Instructor Wendy makes the class fun and will be teaching next semester. Photo courtesy of Wendy Jimenez

Jiminez and her husband Rodrigo, who taught Salsa last semester, also have a dance studio where they teach more Salsa classes.

So next time you want to try something new and exciting try Salsa, a dance that will shake up your routine and make you look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays.

Graduation fashion tips

Graduation day is one of the most anticipated day for any college student, no matter the major or how many years it took you to get that diploma, you are going to want to go out with a bang. Before walking across the stage and shaking hands with the Chancellor, let’s review what you will be wearing on your last day as a college student.

It is very important to be selective with what you will be wearing on graduation day. This goes for guys and girls, the three main things you need to think about when picking out the outfit are:

  1. Be Comfortable: You do not want to be that one student that walks awkward across the stage because the shoes you are wearing are new, and you do not know how to walk in them. Or in dress pants too long or too tight.

  2. Be presentable: Whatever you choose to wear, please make sure it is something you would not mid your grandma seeing, I know we all want to look good the special day; however, there is a difference between looking good and looking like you are ready to party.

  3. Be yourself: This is the day you work so hard for so be yourself. Let your personality go from your hair do all the way down to the shoes you wear. That being said, girls if your shoes are open toes do not go too crazy and have a neon yellow nail polish, remember presentable.

Other things to keep in mind when dressing for your special day are weather and the time of your ceremony.

Always check the weather of the day of; you never know when it might be thunder storming. Even though the ceremony is inside, an umbrella might be helpful with the walk from the parking lot to the arena.

Wear darker colors if the ceremony is at night time and lighter or brighter colors if the ceremony is in the morning.

Guys remember to have your shoes well-polished, and ladies make sure your nails are color appropriate to. When you are reminiscing your graduation day, you do not want to think to yourself “what was I thinking looking like that on my big day?’


Beauty review: Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Facial Treatment

We are all in love with the weather, spring is here and with the long walks around campus so is the sweat.

This product will make acne woes a thing of the past. Photo by Michelle Liringis
This product will make acne woes a thing of the past. Photo by Michelle Liringis

With that sweat comes pimples, something no one wants. Acne is something that no matter how may papers you write, or tests you ace, it always comes back to haunt you when you least want it to.

I recently had to go head to head with acne, and finally won. Neutrogena has the astonishing new product All-in 1 Acne Control Facial Treatment, and it works. This product literally treats all the things you want it to treat in one step. All-in-1 treats the horrible scars and spots left by past acne, the acne you currently have that keeps getting in the way of your daily life and the future acne that can make any good day go bad.

How can this be real? This facial treatment contains pure Vitamin A and soy , which allows skin to be smoothed out. The salicylic acid acne-fighting medicine is what takes away the redness of the pimple at sight and reduces the size, as well as the future acne that might want to say hello again.

After using it myself for three days, two of the pimples that I had were gone and one was there but any could barely tell. I kept waiting for my skin to get super dry or itchy, since I have sensitive skin I can’t usually use strong anti- acne products, but to this day my skin is still pimple- free and not itchy or dry. You can get Neutrogena All-in-1 facial cream in any store for about $11 including tax.

As the end of the semester approaches, and finals are looming, do not let school stress you out, resulting in big “oh-no” mirror moments.  I was truly amazed by this product, and best part is that is travel size friendly so you can take with you anywhere.

Save money, workout better

How do broke college students afford to still look fashionable while working out?

Trying to be healthy and fit is expensive. Between buying all the healthier food and paying for a gym membership, there is hardly ever any money left to spend it on cute, fun workout clothes.

As a dedicated bargain shopper who is working toward a healthy lifestyle, I have the scoop on where you can get all your cute and fun work out clothing.

The secret is looking out for sales and going through the clearance racks.

The primary place I love to shop is Target. They always have 30 to 70 percent off in their clearance racks.

Recently I have swayed away from buying cute tops in the women’s section to always checking the fitness section.

As we move from winter to spring, the sales are crazy, especially for stores that always over stock and over price their clothing, like Target, or big outlet stores in Concord Mills like Nike and Adidas.

If you are not into digging through sales racks or bins, there are a few stores that you should check out.

Academy Sports and Outdoors, located next to Concord Mills Mall, has a variety of workout clothes all for low prices.

They carry the expensive name brands, but also have other brands that are more affordable for college students.

Academy has great deals on shoes as well. Some pairs of Nike shoes are as low as $50.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.31.23 PM
Check out Academy Sports and Outdoors for great deals on your favorite brands of shoes. Photo by Michelle Liringis

Walmart also carries a line of workout clothes that are affordable and cute.

Plato’s Closet also has a wide selection of workout clothing. There are usually a few items that still have the original price tag on them.

Workout clothing at Plato’s Closet usually ranges from $8 to $14 and are in good condition.

The key to finding great deals is to not be brand picky. If you will only purchase a certain brand of clothing, you are likely to overspend when you could buy equally as comfortable clothing for a fraction of the cost.

Other than looking cute, it is important to have the right type of clothing for your workouts.

Shopping for sports bras can be difficult. When you are looking to buy new sports bras, take your time and be sure they fit well and are secure.

The same goes for running pants. Be sure to try them on before buying them. Many times you may buy pants and then realize they tend to fall down while running or exercising.

When it comes to working out the first step is love your own skin, and since we can’t all work out naked, let’s do the next best thing and love the clothes we work out in.

Tips for bargain shopping

  • Make sure you try things on at the store to make sure they fit. Things may feel fine standing still, but make sure you can move around in them.
  • Pick out clothes that are your favorite color or fun patterns. You will be excited to wear them which can motivate you to get to the gym.
  • Never pay more than $15 for any pair of yoga or spandex pants. They are not worth it.
  • Is it the last item on the rack? If there are more than eight of the same piece of clothing on the sale rack, the price will go down a few more bucks within a week.
  • Never pay more than $13 for a long-sleeved workout shirt or $10 for short-sleeved. You can find it cheaper somewhere else.

Drink of the week: Red Bull Editions

We have all heard of Red Bull and its distinctive taste. Last spring something revolutionary happened, the Red Bull Editions.

Red Bull, for the non-procrastinating students, is an energy that has all natural ingredients and only the same amount of caffeine as your average cup of coffee.

The Red Bull Editions, which many people still do not even know exist, come in three different but familiar flavors, lime, cranberry and blueberry.

photo 3 (1)
Red Bull Editions have three different flavors: cranberry, lime and blueberry. Photo by Naisla Barretto

The cans color coordinate the flavors they provide, the cranberry in red, blueberry in blue, and lime in a light silver.

The Red Edition has a sweet taste but has a tart after-taste. It tastes the best in the morning with a croissant, or toasted bagel.

The Blue edition is the sweetest of them all, if you do not like blueberries I do not recommend drinking this one. From the first sip to the last drop, it tastes literally as if blueberries were squeezed into the can and burst out with flavor as soon as the can is opened.

The Silver Edition is somewhat of an acquired taste. I personally love anything that is lime flavor, but it has a refreshing taste. The taste amplifies when you drink it during a hot, sunny afternoon.

The Red Bull Editions please the taste buds of any person. No worries they are not limited editions, just the new addition to the Red Bull family.


Don’t just pump it, body pump it

Summer is just around the corner and if you are not summer body ready, do not worry, go to the group fitness class Body Pump.

The instructor for Body Pump, Harriet Reeves, is even more of a reason to go to the class. Three years ago she weighted around 250 pounds and decided to change her life.

Thanks to her love for Body Pump, she lost 80 pounds and then decided to help other people get to their dream bodies with the help of Body Pump.

photo (4)
Body Pump instructor, Harriet Reeves Photo by Nasila Barreto

Body Pump is not like another Group Fitness class we are always used to, there is no dancing and it is not cardio.

“It is a class that allows you to gain and build strength,” says Reeves. The one hour class consists of using weight lifting equipment such as a bar bell, weight, mats and a bench.

In Body Pump, while listening to upbeat music, you get to work out your legs, arms, chest, back, ABS and shoulders.

The class allows you to go at your pace and you get to decide how much weight you want to lift.

Instructor Reeves demonstrates each exercise before starting and walks around the class making use every student is doing it properly.

Body Pump literally pumps you to work out your body and although there is no cardio involved you will leave the class with the best feeling of a sweaty t-shirt and sore muscles.

The class is every Monday and Friday at 12:30 p.m. and Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Reeves says, “If you don’t like lifting weights alone or going to the gym with men but want the same effect,” go to Body Pump and find out why the class always has about 30 students wanting to get their Body Pump on.