Meredith Murray


Death Cab for Cutie in Concert

On Friday, April 12 indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie played a nearly-sold out show at
Ovens Auditorium in uptown Charlotte. The group is on a nationwide tour in support of their
ninth studio album, Thank You for Today, which was released last year. The Washington-based
outfit has been playing as a group since 1997 and is best know for hits like “Soul Meets Body,”
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” and “Title and Registration.”
The opening act, a duo called My Brightest Diamond, warmed up the crowd with a
ferocious set whose sound spanned punk anthems and hypnotic lullabies to 80s synth pop.
Singer Shara Nova was a force to be reckoned with, playing keyboard and guitar, leaping and
fist pumping about the stage, and showing off her staggering, almost operatic vocal range. By
the time My Brightest Diamond left the stage, the crowd was ready to rock.
Death Cab for Cutie appeared dressed in all black and surrounded by haze and shadow,
evoking an emo vibe early in the show. As soon as they began the opening song, “I Dreamt We
Spoke Again,” off their current album Thank You for Today, the crowd at Ovens Auditorium
surged to their feet. The band continued its set with barely a pause, proving yet again to be an
indie powerhouse, and showing how the group has been able to stay relevant and successful
for more than twenty years. Frontman Ben Gibbard performed with an infectious fervor, never
standing still for a moment and belting out lyrics as if his life depended on it.
Death Cab’s set spanned their entire discography and featured such hits as “Beverly
Drive,” “Long Division,” and “Where Soul Meets Body,” as well as many tracks from their
newest album. The evening rounded out with a four-song encore, ending the night with

Photos by Meredith Murray.