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Charlotte plays hard against FAU

Charlotte (12-18-1) played the best they could against FAU (23-9) in the last two games of the series but lost their momentum towards the end of the games on Saturday, April 6 and Sunday, April 7.

Game 2: Charlotte 6, FAU 10

In the bottom of the first inning, Dominick Cammarata hit a homerun which allowed him and his teammate, Todd Elwood, to run all the way to home base. The 49ers were able to start off the game 2-0 and the Owls didn’t score until the bottom of the third inning. The person who scored for them was Mitchell Hartigan.

The score for the game was 2-1 until the top of the fifth inning and the Owls scored four times. Eric Rivera, Francisco Urbaez, Andrew Summerall and Pedro Pages made the score of the game 2-5. The 49ers earned a one point lead in the bottom of the sixth, making the score 2-6, and Carson Johnson, Elwood, Harris Yett and Drew Ober each contributed to the lead.

In the sixth inning, the 49ers put Joey Cooner on the mound instead of Bryce McGowan.

The Owls tied the game 6-6 in the top of the eighth when Hartigan ran from second base to home. Colby Bruce, who was on the mound, was switched with Will Palinkas during the top of the 13th inning.

The game remained at a tie until Urbaez, Hartigan, B.J. Murray and Joe Montes scored for the Owls which made the final score of the game was 6-10.

“We work on situational stuff and practiced different defenses of different situations.” said Coach Loren Hibbs when asked about what the difference maker of the game was.

Members of the Charlotte 49ers 1979 team were welcomed back prior to the game and take a look at the new indoor training facility.

“Great to see the 1979 guys. They gave me a historical perspective on what this program was.” said Coach Hibbs.

Game 3: Charlotte 5, FAU 12

Within the first three innings, the 49ers scored five times. Yett and Cammarata scored in the bottom of the first inning and Ober, Rafi Vazquez and Tommy Bullock scored in the bottom of the third inning.

The Owls started to catch up in the top of the fifth inning when Wilfredo Alvarez, Diamond Johnson and Rivera scored, making the score of the game 5-3. After Rivera scored, Spencer Ard took over the mound for Carson Pinkney.

During the top of the sixth inning, the 49ers lost their momentum from earlier in the game. Pages, Montes, Wilfredo Alvarez and Rivera scored almost back to back. Then, the 49ers decided to put Palinkas on the mound, hoping to make a difference in the game. Without missing a beat, Hartigan and Urbaez increased their lead. The score was 5-9 and after Pages went out, Chase Gooding took over on the mound for the 49ers.

“We made adjustments and we basically dominated the first innings of the game, but we have struggled during the middle innings,” said Coach Hibbs. “We need to be ready to go against Rice this weekend at home.”

LGBTQ+ staff and faculty caucus survey

During the spring of 2018, a survey was conducted by the UNC Charlotte LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus. The survey consisted of 562 UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff responses to get an insight of the climate here on campus. The purpose of the caucus was to understand how the people from that community felt about the safety on campus and whether there was an ability for them to be able to properly address the harassment that they have experienced.

The numbers are startling. The survey found that 92 percent of the people from the community that was a part of this caucus personally experienced at least one form of harassment and bias while being here on campus. In regards to the harassment on campus being serious enough to fear for their safety: 35 percent of transgender individuals, 23 percent of LGB students, and 27 percent of LGB faculty and staff agreed with this statement. When this same statement was given to students who are cisgender and heterosexual, only eight percent of the students agreed with it.

Many of the people that participated in the survey mentioned that they feel unsafe while attending the school. The people that identify themselves as transexual or gender fluid were believed to be the ones that are most likely to encounter prejudice out of all of the groups that were a part of the survey.

It was disclosed that the students at the school were the most common harassers and that most of the individuals have witnessed it and not personally experienced the harassment themselves. There have been research studies that have shown that if there is a negative climate surrounding the LGBTQ+ students, they’re more likely to hide their identities. This can have a negative effect in the long run because it can cause a lack of social support and affect their grades. This can also lead those students to contemplate leaving the university due to the negative environment around them.

“Many of us here at UNCC come from more conservative environments that have silenced and oppressed us…UNCC can and should be a place that allows all of us to grow in the best ways,” said Dr. Jessamyn Bowling, the Assistant Professor in UNC Charlotte Public Health Sciences.

In comparison to other institutions in the UNC system, UNC Charlotte is ranked seventh out of fifteen when it comes to making the LGBTQ+ community being included.  

“To advocate for LGBTQ+ members of the UNCC community effectively and meaningfully, it is vital to have accurate information about their experiences of negotiating life on campus…we have tried to identify concrete goals to improve the climate at UNC Charlotte for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty,” stated Kent Britnall, who is the Associate Professor of Religious Studies and is also a member of the LGBTQ+ Staff and Faculty Caucus.

In addition to the survey, there have been suggestions on changing UNC Charlotte policies and the campus culture. These suggestions include: protection from discrimination, LGBTQ+ and ally housing options, making name changing easier for the community, health care policy for trans folks that doesn’t discriminate against them, and a continuous dialogue between the UNC Charlotte Administration about the campus climate for the LGBTQ+ community.

“No student should be expected to learn in an environment that is unsafe or where there is harassment targeted at who they are. UNC Charlotte is lagging behind in North Carolina and across the country in its commitment toward LGBTQ inclusive policies, programs, and practices. In recent years, UNC Charlotte has not participated in the national Campus Pride Index in order to improve LGBTQ inclusion and safety. This climate report shows the real life, negative environment that exists at UNC Charlotte when it comes to LGBTQ bias and harassment. UNC Charlotte has been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community Engaged institution. It is now time that they live up to those high standards for the LBGTQ community within their own institution,” said Shane Windmever, the current Executive Director of Campus Pride.

Charlotte plays tough against Canisius

Charlotte (4-3) came out strong against Canisius (3-4) in the first game, but lost their drive when they played the next two games in Hayes Stadium on Sunday Feb. 24 and Monday, Feb. 25.

Game 1: Charlotte 9, Canisius 2

The first inning of the game started off well for the 49ers thanks to Rafi Vazquez’s home run. Vazquez along with two other teammates, Harris Yett and Carson Johnson, were able to run all the way to home plate, making the score 0-3.

In the second inning, Dominick Cammarata ran to home plate putting Charlotte further in the lead. His run increased the score to 0-4 for Charlotte.

The score continued to go up when Yett and Vazquez ran to home base in the third inning. The score for Charlotte was 0-6. Canisius switched out Andrew Sipowicz on the mound for Jared Kennedy.

During the fourth inning, Johnson and Yett ran to home base which made the score 0-8.

In the fifth inning, Canisius was finally able to answer Charlotte who had been dominant the entire game. Mike Steffan ran from second base to home plate in order to make the score of the game 1-8. Matt Brooks was replaced by Carson Pinkney in that inning, but reappeared on the field in the sixth inning.

The score remained this way until Jake Burlingame scored for Canisius, still trailing Charlotte 2-8.

Colby Bruce is seen on the mound during the top of the seventh inning. The final score was made in the bottom seventh inning when Yett scored again for Charlotte. This made the final score of the game 2-9.

Game 2: Charlotte 3, Canisius 5

The first inning started off rather slow until Tommy Bullock ran to home plate, continuing on with Charlotte’s dominance from the previous game.

However, the momentum changed in the top of the third inning. Trevor Henneman, Steffan Stephen Bennett and Connor Morro scored for Canisius. Bennett scored again in the top of the fifth inning which allowed Canisius to start dominating Charlotte with a 5-1 lead.

Charlotte answered back in the bottom of the fifth inning when Patrick Wheeler ran to home plate and made the score 5-2.

The last score of the game was made in the bottom of the sixth inning by Bullock. The final score of the game was 5-3.

Although Coach Loren Hibbs and the Niner are disappointed in their loss, they have confidence they can win the last game of the series. “No excuses, we lost the second game,” said Hibbs. “We’ll make the best lineup we can and win the series tomorrow.”

Game 3: Charlotte 5, Canisius 10

The third game took place on Monday and got off to a slow start until Steffan, Mckenna and Bennett from Canisius scored in the top of the third inning. Because of that, they had a 3-0 lead over Charlotte. During this inning, Will Palinkas was switched out with Bryce McGowan.

Charlotte was able to respond back to Canisius when Wheeler, Johnson and Vazquez scored in the bottom of the third inning, which tied the game.

Mckenna scored again for Canisius in the top of the fourth inning, putting them in the lead once again with a score of 4-3.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Canisius put Carson Perkins on the mound which was the position of Jeff DeStefano for the first three innings.

During the top of the fifth inning, Canisius took an enormous lead when Jake Burlingame, Andy Leader, Steffan and Morro scored. This increased their lead to 8-3.

When Jake Whitcomb scored, it decreased Charlotte’s deficit to 8-4.

Without missing a beat, Leader scored for Canisius allowing them to remain ahead of Charlotte with a score of 9-4.

Bullock then scored for Charlotte in the bottom of the inning, trying to close in on Canisius’s lead, making the score of the game 9-5.

The final score of the game was made by Kyle Kush in the top of the ninth inning, ending the game 10-5.

“We need to be a lot more efficient in every phase…didn’t get to a good start today. We need to work on in-game adjustments.” said Coach Hibbs.