Hailey Turpin

Hailey Turpin is a Senior Communication Studies Major with a Public Relations Track and an English Minor. Hailey has worked for the paper for her entire secondary education career. She enjoys coffee, everything lifestyle related and sleeping. Hailey is also a member if Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity.

Shoo, flu don’t bother me

It’s that time of the year in North Carolina where the weather doesn’t understand what it’s doing and everyone’s sick (including myself). You either feel like dying when you go outside from both extremities of the thermometer, or you’re dying on the inside. Because the surrounding area has already gotten hit with the flu virus (Ashe County Schools shutting down to be cleaned), and several students at UNC Charlotte are also having flu-like symptoms, here are some tips and tricks to help you maneuver your way through the 2019 flu season.

  1. CLEAN. Obviously stated, it’s crucial to set aside a little bit of time to remove dust, grime and any bacteria from the most-inhabited areas of your life. You may not be reacting to the air around you now, but when you’re coughing up a lung three days later, your body will be more susceptible to other bacteria or viruses. Clorox wipes and Lysol spray are your two best friends for this task. Also think of things that you use all of the time unconsciously: wash your bed sheets, wipe doorknobs and light switches, even sweep up dust and dirt to help your body in the long run.
  2. Over-the-counter medicines. If you don’t have the time or money to go to the doctor (which should be the first thing you should consider when you start noticing symptoms) head to your nearest Walmart, Target, CVS or Walgreens to pick up something that might help you relieve symptoms. The symptoms that I had/still have were sinus pressure, sore throat and a cough. Some of the things that helped me out were Vicks Sinex (sinus nasal spray that burns like crazy but opened up my head), Cepacol cough drops (these come in a small box and have an active numbing ingredient that makes your mouth and throat numb), and a humidifier with a few essential oil drops (I have both peppermint and eucalyptus oils; great for stuffed-up noses). Since I was able to go to the doctor, I was already given Tamiflu and was worried about mixing it with Dayquil.
  3. Rest and relaxation. This by far helped me the most with my recovery. I took off from my work and internship for a two day period and just about slept the whole time. Then I gave my body the chance to recover. I also took scalding hot showers and let the steam form so that I could breathe in essential oils and Vicks. I also have some medicine to help me sleep. Even adding a sleep aid to the flu routine will help your body sleep deeper and longer.
  4. Foods to eat/avoid. When I have a severe cough, I typically steer clear of dairy products because they can make your cough worse (not everyone would agree, but it’s all things I’ve learned about my body over the past few years which might be helpful to others). If you are having stomach pains along with your flu, stay away from spicy food that might upset it. Try to eat broth-based soups like the standard chicken noodle, minestrone and even ramen. Teas help temporarily sooth the throat, and honey (a natural antibacterial) by the spoonfuls work wonders. Plain foods like toast, buttered noodles and mashed potatoes all help get and keep food in your stomach. Also drink LOTS OF WATER.
  5. Read your body. The best way to understand how to help your body is to know your body. What symptoms do you have? Have you drank water? What is your body telling you it needs? Do you have the materials you need to help your body? If you don’t know what your body is going through, you can’t treat it, and this could possibly lead to a more severe virus like pneumonia.

This flu season is really hitting Charlotte so be prepared before you end up in bed for a full week and catch something more intense than the flu. Instead, catch some zzz’s, some healthy fruits and vegetables, and these hands (that you need to wash so you don’t spread diseases).

Story time: How I found out I am related to British royalty

It all started with my credit card number in the blanks of Ancestry.com. I’d tried to do the online family tree map before but sadly, I was 14 years old, I didn’t have $20 to call my own and my mother said no to using her credit card.

For the first 14 days, Ancestry family tree access is free (with your credit card on file). I finally decided now that I have a bank account of my own and an income, I decided it was worth a shot. At first, it can be difficult to maneuver because there needs to be a little bit of information about your immediate family. I started with birthdays, and soon Ancestry was able to find my parents names in their data base. From there, I called my grandparents and got their information along with as much information about the family members they could remember (in a two-and-a-half hour phone call). I was able to get all of that information started and Ancestry gave me hints to see if the person they found in their database matches the person in my tree. It took a little work, but finally, about a week in, I was able to get my mother’s family name (Joyce) back to the birth of my 10th great grandfather, Thomas Joyce (originally spelled Joass) Lord of Banff. He was born in 1620 in Scotland and only lived to be 45. From there, it was hard to find his parents, but I was happy to get even that far (or so I thought).

Since my dad is the last living male with the Turpin last name, I called him and spent another two hours on the phone getting names of all his uncles and Turpin family members he knew. From there, I was able to add family members to those names and find the possible names of their parents through the records of others. You would think that all the information they have on your distant family is crazy, but honestly, it gets addicting five hours in.

This process of adding parents to each family member with the allotted name can take forever, but it’s worth it. It’s all about matching up birthdays and names of other family members around them, meaning that if you find someones records that has names for the parents of a family member and the names on their records match the names of people on your tree, it’s possible you have a match. The spelling of names also change over time, so don’t be alarmed if you try it out and the names look weird.

Now you might be wondering, where does the royalty come in? It in fact comes in on my paternal grandmother’s side (her maiden name was Bryant). With my father’s information on that side I was able to use the above method until I found a particular ancestor who caught my eye. His name reads in ancestry as “Lord Chief Justice FRANCIS ‘Vicar of Hell’ Bryan [Chief Gentleman of the Privy chamber King Henry VIII]” and I about had a heart attack. Thankfully, my roommate and best friend Emily is a King Henry VIII historian and fanatic, so I leapt out of bed and headed to her room to scream in excitement. Emily then googled his name and sure enough, his Wikipedia page pulled up all of his information, including the fact that his mother was half-sisters with Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII’s six wives. From there, I began to scream again because of how real this was. It made a deeper connection to me because my grandmother’s middle name was Frances, a family name that I also noticed all throughout that branch of the tree.

I spent the rest of the night tracking out all the relatives to get to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. I finally was able to find out further from Emily that Henry VIII is the current reigning Queen’s 12th great-granduncle. If two times two equals four, then this confirms that I am related to Queen Elizabeth II.

This here is my declaration to the British Monarchy for my slice of the dough; I take check, Venmo or debit/credit.

(I’m totally kidding). 

Even though it’s a stretch to say I’m British Royalty, It’s still pretty freaking cool that I was able to find an actual Tudor on MY family tree. This just goes to show how far you can actually get with 14 days and a free trial (even if I forgot to cancel my subscription and I still got charged the $20).

How to start off your new year right

If anyone knows me, I used to be afraid of change for a long time. That’s why I’ve declared 2019 the year of change, which includes major life changes like graduating college and crawling my way into the adult world as well as physical and mental changes that include lightening my hair to bright blonde. There are many ways that I can change myself for this new year, so here I am to share them with you.

(Opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of the Niner Times staff).

  1. Get out of your own mind. I wanted to name this first tip “Get out of your comfort zone” but the cliche connotation of that phrase doesn’t do the actual meaning justice. More importantly, the only person that typically keeps you from doing scary things is yourself. When you keep to yourself and don’t do physical or mental activities that may be uncomfortable, it’s usually the fear of what might happen in that situation. Allowing that fear to dictate what you do in your life is a bully. The great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”
  2. Work mindfully, not harder. To break down the word “mindfulness,” it basically means to be aware of the body, mind and world around you. Not to be confused with the first tip, mindfulness allows the brain to be present in the moment while not focusing on the past or future. A mindfulness meditation technique that helps you focus on the moment is the body scan exercise. The point of doing this is so the participant gets to be in their body in that particular moment and really refocus their mind on the self. UC Berkeley gives a full description of the process and even some audio so you can try it out: here.
  3. Do something you’re afraid of. Also known as “YOLO.” This doesn’t mean to do illegal, stupid or dangerous things but rather things that you’ve been on the fence about doing. For example, I’ve been on the fence about dying my virgin hair for about a year now, and finally 2019 said, “I’m here and you need a change.” I scheduled an appointment and within 48 hours I was a blonde balayage babe. Cut to 12 hours later at six in the morning and I’m lying in bed basically regretting the decision, but no, I told myself, “You are a beautiful woman with a new blonde hair-do and no one can stop you.” Not only did this change my physical appearance but my mental processes as well.
  4. Work towards a yearly goal. If you want to work at your dream job by the end of 2019, set that goal and plan how to get there. If you want to become really good at one of your hobbies, set a goal and plan how to get there. In 2019, there will be 365 (more like 350 by the time this is published) new days and new chances to get to where you want to be. Even if that means you have to start fresh every damn day, you still get a new day to start again.
  5. Make the changes you know you can. I get it, everyone has their things they wish they had time to change. However, we all can acknowledge that there is the problem, the difficult part is actually changing. Ask yourself what is the one thing you wish you could change, then ask if you can change it. If you can’t, let it go. If you can, devise the game plan for success. This may need help from a licensed therapist, but thinking that you are crazy for asking for help is so 2018. Therapists are trained on the mechanics of the brain and human interaction; let them help you.

2019 has already started but it’s not too late to have a game-plan to make your life easier. You can also add in some life hack Instagram videos for your entertainment. Life is too short and moving by too fast to not life your best life.

For advice on this topic or any topic, email your questions to askaniner@ninertimes.com.

Tips For Surviving Your Freshman Year

You’ve been thinking about your freshman year of college since the day you walked off the stage at your high school graduation, and if you’re normal, you’ve been thinking about it since before that. But you were never taught how life would be on your own, so how do you figure it out? I wish there was a simple answer to that, but unfortunately, you will always keep messing up and learning. So, until you can successfully sustain yourself, here are some tips on how to help along the first year of your college.

NT File Photo

Get organized

If you didn’t know, college is not like high school. In high school, it’s really easy to get by without studying or studying too hard. But before you realize it, you’re balls-deep into your midterm week and you have two tests and a paper due in 12 hours. Make sure to prepare and get organized BEFORE school gets too hard for you to handle. Go out and spend the money on a notebook, folders and storage units to get all your stuff in a way that works for you.

Don’t stress

You’re definitely going to get stressed. What “don’t stress” means is to not get more stressed than you need to be. A good friend from my childhood always said, “Life’s what you make it,” so if you make yourself aware of what is stressing you, you can adapt better to the stressful situation. Say that you have three tests and a paper due all in the same week. You’re freaking out, but acknowledging that these things are stressing you out and planning your study/work time ahead, you can easily move throughout the week with the minimum freak attacks.

Don’t use all of your DB

Self explanatory, but difficult in practice. If you can, only use your DB for small things like snacks on the way to class or coffee from Peet’s. Using your DB for your bigger meals (dinner or lunch) will use more at one time and will deplenish quicker than you think. The occasional meal is okay when you only have $5 in your bank account, but if you use it frequently, you’ll only have 20 bucks on your card after the first two weeks.  

Find your comfort zone

In this context, the meaning of a comfort zone is anything (anyone, anywhere, any group) that you enjoy and feel the most comfortable in. This could mean a club, a room on campus, a friend group, a job, and literally anything else that makes you the happiest. Having a safe space where you can be grounded in your values, beliefs, lifestyle or your personal convictions. It will help you a lot when times get rough and you need help or encouragement.

Use the resources given to you

To help put it into perspective: YOU’RE PAYING FOR THE RESOURCES PROVIDED TO YOU. The teaching assistants, tutors, study sessions, health resources, library resources and many more things around campus are only there to help you. It’s tough getting through a major life change like moving to college, and lots of places around campus are here to help you succeed. Don’t waste your money.

Life at a major turning point can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Take time to learn your surroundings, budget your time and money and don’t be afraid of missing out.

Retroactive: The Pop Culture that Shaped Us

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon.

Jeffrey Kopp (A&E Editor)

Movie: “Tarzan” (1999) – This is a film that hits me in the feels every single time that I watch it. The soundtrack by Phil Collins adds so much emotional depth to the movie; “Two Worlds” and “You’ll Be in My Heart” are the definite standouts. This is by far my favorite Disney movie of all time; just thinking about it makes me want to find my copy of the VHS tape and take a trip back to the jungle.

Song: “Hey Ya!” (2003) by OutKast– The lyric, “shake it like a Polaroid picture” has been repeating on a loop in my head since 2003. The catchy beat immediately transports me back to the simpler times of elementary school; the deeper meaning behind the song flew over my head as a child, but I’ve been able to appreciate it more as an adult. This is a song that has stood the test of time and is definitely one of my all time favorites.

TV Show: “SpongeBob SquarePants” (1999-Present) –  Every generation has something that culturally defines them. In the case of millennials, that is Nickelodeon’s most iconic cartoon. I have so many fond memories of watching “SpongeBob” with my parents and friends, laughing at the absurd scenarios and jokes that have evolved into memes in recent years. Without any doubt, “Pizza Delivery” and “Band Geeks” are two of the greatest episodes in television history.

“Breakaway” album cover courtesy of Walt Disney/RCA

Stephanie Trefzger (Assistant A&E Editor)

Movie: “Twister” (1996) – Granted, I only saw this movie once as a child, but it probably had the biggest impact on my life.  It scared the absolute hell out of me, and I had nightmares about tornadoes ripping through my house. In an attempt to assuage my fears, my mother encouraged me to learn more about tornadoes, and suddenly I was obsessed with weather.  Despite the science in the movie being outdated, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton inspire a love and fascination for storm chasing in me to this day, and it has been my dream job for the better part of my life. If only my mother would let me.

Song: “Breakaway” (2004) by Kelly Clarkson – I love drama, and this song, as well as the album by the same name is full of it.  When I was in the car and I heard the opening notes, I would immediately stare out the window like Clarkson describes and acted like I was in a music video.  This album is also part of the reason I have trust issues; upon its release in 2004, it was the only Christmas gift I asked for from my parents. My dad, however, bought 2003’s “Thankful.”  While this is an excellent album, I felt disappointed and betrayed.

TV Show: “Shark Week” (1988-Present) – Ok, so this is more an annual event than an actual TV show, but I got super hyped for it every year (and still do).  Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces, but I have always loved the ocean, and after my disillusionment with dolphins, I became enamored with sharks instead. Due to my obsessive nature, I learned and accumulated enough knowledge about them over the last few years that I am able to take the fun out of any shark movie fairly quickly.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment.

Hunter Heilman (Editor-in-Chief)

Movie: “She’s the Man” (2006) – At the time, “She’s the Man” was basically the funniest film I had ever seen in my entire life. This 2006 teen adaption of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” was Amanda Bynes at her most charming, the 2000s at their most iconic, and teen comedies at their most genuine. Everything about this movie is peak nostalgia and perfect memories of a much simpler time.

Song: “The ABBA Generation” (1999) by A*Teens– There is no album I have listened to and loved more in my life than Swedish pop group the A*Teens’ 1999 debut album, The ABBA Generation. Comprised of nothing but ABBA covers, I was exposed to the magic of both teen pop and disco music all in one go. Personal favorites of the album are “Mamma Mia,” “Voulez Vous” and “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight),” the latter of which still remains my favorite music video of all time. I love this album so much I can get emotional over it.

TV Show: “What I Like About You” (2002-2006)– I had a bit of a thing for Amanda Bynes when I was younger, as I simply found her to be the funniest person working in media targeted to people my age. I didn’t discover “What I Like About You” until shortly after it was canceled in 2006, but like “She’s the Man,” it showcased Bynes’ talents as more than just a child star. The chemistry in the hilarious cast and absolute lunacy of much of the show’s plot only cemented it more as my favorite sitcom ever.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

Kathleen Cook (Sports Editor)

Movie: “The Lion King” (1994)– I loved the songs and the characters – Timon was my favorite. I’ve actually never watched the scene where the dad dies though.

Song: “Come in Eileen” (1982) by Dexys Midnight Runners– I thought it was actually “Come on Kathleen,” because my mom would always sing “Kathleen.” I was heartbroken when I first heard the song without my mom singing it and realized it was Eileen and not Kathleen.

TV Show: “Dragon Tales” (1999-2005)– I had the stuffed animals for all of the characters and had a dance routine I would do to their song.

Album art courtesy of Universal Records.

Alex Sands (News Editor)

Movie: “Beethoven” (1992)– I had three St. Bernards growing up and they all were as crazy as Beethoven in this film. They’re big slobbery messes with really big hearts and lots of love. The film is not only a nostalgic early 90s film, but it hits home.

Song: “Leave (Get Out)” (2004) by JoJo– I recently rediscovered this banger song. The only problem is the real version is not on Spotify. So whenever I want to listen to it in the car, I force myself to listen to D-Money’s remix. You may ask “Who is D-Money?” I don’t know, but he should stop rapping.

TV Show: “Lizzie McGuire” (2001-2004)– I would like to give a shout out to Bitmoji for fulfilling my childhood dream of having my own animated version of myself like Lizzie McGuire. I was a die-hard Hilary Duff fan when I was kiddo and watched the episodes over and over. To this day, I still ship her and Gordo.

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon/Viacom.

Josh Worley (Video Editor)

Movie: “Gone With The Wind” (1940)– Growing up, I first remember watching this movie with my grandma. The movie takes place in a time period that I am most fond of from a historical perspective.

Song: “Africa” (1982) by Toto– Whoever says it’s not, can choke.

TV Show: “Hey Arnold!” (1996-2004)- The greatest cartoon to ever grace this universe. There were deep moments that, when you were a kid you didn’t really think about, but they hit home now.

Photo courtesy of Jive Records.

Hailey Turpin (Lifestyle Editor)

Movie: “Peter Pan” (1953)– I wanted to be apart of Peter’s Lost Boys and I would jump off the couch to try to fly like him. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Song: “Oh Aaron” (2001) and “Not Too Young, Not Too Old” (2001) by Aaron Carter– My sister and I religiously listened to Aaron Carter back in the 2000’s. I have no other words besides talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique.

TV Show: “The Fairly Odd Parents” (2001-Present) and “My Life As A Teenage Robot” (2003-2009)– As an elementary school kid I was very particular about the shows I watched, and those two were the most interesting to me! The graphics and storylines were so good, and still are. I will always love Chip Skylark.

Photo courtesy of Cartoon Network.

Pooja Pasupula (Photo Editor)

Movie: “Toy Story” (1995)– While Toy Story is not my number one favorite Pixar movie, it’s the movie that always reminds me of my childhood and brings me the most nostalgia. This movie was always playing on every TV when I was a child and there are so many iconic characters and scenes encased in it. It made childhood seem like the best thing ever to be apart of. The whole series is centered around the inescapable circumstance of growing up, and being hit with that inevitability as a child was always hard for me. The whole series brings back memories of clinging to childhood and not wanting things to change.

Song: “… Baby One More Time” (1998) by Britney Spears– A timeless classic that never fails to make me smile or sing along. I was never exposed to music as a child and when my aunt found out she started to play Spears’ album around the tiny townhome she shared with my family. It’s the first song I have any memory of. At the age of four, I had no concept of what dancing was, so I would skip around our townhome to the beat of this song as my way to jam along to it. Hearing this song throws me back to that memory and the nostalgia of what the 90’s/early 2000’s era felt like.

TV Show: “Teen Titans” (2003-2006)– I’ve always been enamored with superheroes and watching this show as a child was what sparked my adoration for them. While Wonder Woman and Batman have been my core favorites for most of my life, the Teen Titans were my first love. I used to feel very vulnerable and helpless as a child, but watching teen superheroes kick ass gave me hope to one day be as strong and brave as they are. They were who I looked up to and idolized.

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema/Warner Home Video.

Leysha Caraballo (Photo Editor)

Movie: “Elf” (2003)– Watching “Elf” every Christmas season with my family was one of my favorite traditions growing up. Will Ferrell is so over the top ridiculous, as usual, but in a heartwarming way in this movie.

Song: “Numb” (2003) by Linkin Park– Linkin Park’s “Numb” showed me that music didn’t have to fit the pop music mold. I may have been a bit melodramatic, but I connected to the sound and message of the music. They were my absolute favorite band throughout my adolescence.

TV Show: “That’s So Raven” (2003-2007)– This show never got old for me, to the point where I watched multiple all-day marathons. Raven had sass, attitude and confidence – all of my favorite things!

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon/Viacom.

Mia Shelton (Opinion Editor)

Movie: Seventeen Again” (2000)– Not the one with Zac Efron, but the one with Tia and Tamera Mowry. I loved this movie because it was a unique and fun concept; grandparents using soap that their grandson accidently spilled his science experiment on that makes them seventeen again was fun to watch. I also love Tia and Tamera and seeing them on television and acting started my passion for acting. Also the grandfather is very cute when he turns seventeen.

Song: Circle of Life” (2004) by the Disney Channel Circle of Stars– I loved it because it had all of my favorite actors and actresses sing in the song like Raven Symone, Christy Carlson Romano, Hilary Duff, Tahj Mowrey and many more. Hearing their unique voices combined on one of Disney’s greatest song from its most notorious movie was very moving and fun to sing along to.

TV Show: Kenan and Kel” (1996-2000)– I loved this show, because they always made laugh. Kel’s obsession with orange soda and Kenan’s elaborate plans to make money made my stomach hurt from laughing.

Photo courtesy of Reprise Records.

Emily Hickey (Managing Editor)

Movie: “The Wizard of Oz” (1939)– When I was four, I watched it every day for a year and insisted that my mom dress me up in my Dorothy dress and put my hair in the two braids. Every time I watch it now I am reminded of my childhood love for the movie and for the amazing soundtrack (that I still know by heart).

Song: “Landslide” (1975) by Fleetwood Mac– My aunt used to burn her favorite songs onto CD’s and give them to my mom, and as soon as my sisters and I listened to “Landslide,” it was immediately our favorite song and has been throughout our lives. When I was three, I put on a performance of the song in front of all of my extended family.

TV Show: “Ghost Whisperer” (2005-2010)– Starting in elementary school, every Friday my dad and I would watch the new episode aired at 8 p.m. Despite after a few years it scared me too much to continue watching it, it’s still my favorite because of the time spent with my dad.

Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm/20th Century Fox.

Daniel Head (Technical Director)

Movie: “Star Wars: A New Hope” (1977)– Duh! I watched this movie and fell in love with the “Star Wars” universe. I was obsessed with the idea of intergalactic travel and warfare, and loved the characters. Everything about the movie was great to me, and I’m still obsessed with “Star Wars.”

Song: “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” (2005) by Panic! At the Disco– I loved the sound song, and pretty much all of my friends did too. Just singing along with all my friends makes it memorable.

TV Show: “Stargate SG-1” (1997-2007)– I grew up with it and, again, I was obsessed with science fiction and the characters. I think that just the depth of the characters and the universe was enough to make me look forward to next week’s episode; to see some awesome new world, new alien race, or new piece of technology. A good plot was just the cherry on top for me back then.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

Angie Baquedano (Assistant Lifestyle Editor)

Movie: “Hercules” (1997)– I love Disney and I practically grew up on it, and when they introduced the movie they brought in my love for Greek mythology. The music was exceptional and I had the BIGGEST crush on Hercules (or should I say HUNK-ules).

Song: “Jailhouse Rock” (1957) by Elvis– I’ve had this really weird obsession with him since I was a kid. I can’t explain why or how this happened, but it did and I’m actually his wife, so…surprise.

TV Show: “Rocket Power,” (1999-2004) “Cat Dog” (1998-2005) and “Hey Arnold!” (1996-2004)– It might be impossible for me to choose just one for this. Apart from being a Disney kid, I was definitely a Nickelodeon child.

Album art courtesy of RCA Records/Columbia Records.

Madison Dobrzenski (Assistant Opinion Editor)

Movie: “The Ultimate Christmas Present” (2000)– I loved this movie so much as a kid, and to this day I can’t really explain why. I think it’s just because I also didn’t experience a lot of snow, so I empathized with them? I also loved anything Brenda Song was in when I was a kid, so that might have had something to do with it.

Song: “Girlfriend” (2007) by Avril Lavigne– I used to blare this song with my friends when I was in elementary school, despite being absolutely no one’s love interest, because we were like 12. I can still throw down to it to this day.

TV Show: “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” (2005-2008)– I loved this show for a lot of reasons. One, there was a smart character with the same name as me. Secondly, I always felt “different” because the show paints Zack out to be the cute and cool twin, but I had a crush on Cody.

The Subsecreto’s Out

Over the weekend of St. Patrick’s day, I spent the day exploring Charlotte, and happened to stumble upon the coffee shop that would soon be my favorite. Subsecreto is located directly across the street from UNC Charlotte Center City campus, an unmissable black-brick building with a signature gold snake dawning the brick above the door.

When entering, the customer is met with antique wall of Freemason memorabilia, along with the anatomical scroll of the snake. Next to that, a bookshelf built into the wall full of books, incense, essential oils and pictures for sale. No spoilers, yet, but visit the shop and ask about the bookshelf. The secret lies within.

When my significant other and I made our way to the counter, I noticed a table in the center of the lounge full of notebooks. As a stationary freak, I immediately picked up the first pack I found and noticed that the notebook was backwards: meaning that the notebook was designed for left-handed people. Also as a left-handed person I then proceeded to freak out, and I knew I was in love with this place. They also had ‘normal’ notebooks, but I felt like i was finally at home and welcomed. The cover said “Field Notes” and my journalistic side squealed like a baby goat. Not only did they have the 10 percent left-handed population represented, but the journalists and investigators as well.

After my mini-freakout, I finally made it to the counter to order coffee. The man behind the counter not only greeted us when we came in, but continued to talk with us as we browsed. As we prepared to order, looking at the coffee concoctions for sale, he told us that on Saturdays, customers can roll a 20-sided di to get a discount on their order. Feeling lucky on that day, we rolled to see the fate of my bank account. We got a 10 percent discount, and then we proceeded to order our drinks. I ordered the Darkside, made with El Paraiso Espresso, Onyx Chocolate, Cardamom, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, and Whole Milk.

Photo courtesy of Niner Times

My partner stuck with the classic Subsecreto, made with El Paraiso Espresso and topped with Onyx Chocolate whipped cream. When we got our drinks (we told him to take his time so we could look around more) we sat in rustic leather chairs and soaked in the aesthetic. The Darkside can be best explained as a fusion between a chai tea latte and espresso. The cardamom added a warmness to the bitter coffee, and honestly was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I tried a bit of the Subsecreto and it was perfectly brewed and created. One thing I will say is that the coffee is a little expensive. However, If all coffee tasted like that, I would pay that much for it. It is 110 percent worth it.

Also, we found out that you can become an exclusive member by purchasing a small gold snake pin dawned with Subsecreto’s logo to unlock discounts and member benefits. Next time I visit I will get one and wear it proudly.

We spoke more with the barista about the area and the shop itself. We sat for another few minutes as we finished our coffee, and thanked him for the amazing time we had. As we left, we both looked at each other in shock for a good 5 minutes as to how amazing this place was.

Over all. This place is mysterious, inviting and totally worth the drive and the money. Even though my time there was short, I can promise you I will be back very soon. The coffee and vibe is unforgettable and one that everyone needs to experience. Do yourself a favor if you love coffee and all things aesthetic, go to Subsecreto.

Rate: 5/5 Stars

Easy Ways To Learn A New Language

If you’re anything like me, I have always been fascinated with other languages and the people that speak them. I spend several hours at a time watching people speak other languages  (with subtitles), so I am more than willing to learn a language. But how does one have the time or the resources? I’m here to give you some tips that I have learned in my discovery of other cultures and languages around the world.

  1. Look for apps. This may seem a little cheesy or crazy, but trust me. When I took spanish in high school and continued it through college, I used several apps to refresh my memory and help me learn further. If you’re curious, Duolingo and Rosetta Stone aer a great place to start. They are easy to use and with practice, they really work.

    Courtesy of Hailey Turpin
  2. YouTube. The world is your oyster, and the internet allows you to find and learn anything. A simple YouTube search could help you perfect your french, as well as start another language for completely free. If you are struggling financially but find time to learn a new language, YouTube will be one of your best friends. Not only limited to YouTube, search the internet and find the ways to learn for free. It’s completely possible if you look hard enough. Even while I am writing this article I have watch four videos of polyglots (people who speak several languages) fluently moving from one language to the other.
  3. Be patient. You will not learn a language in a week. Each one has many words and verb conjugations, so understand that the process is hard and takes a while. But persistence and patience is the best way to stay on track with your progress. There are times when we get busy and it’s hard to stay on track, but knowing that it is a long process will help you know that it’s worth it.  
  4. Start a language journal. I have a love for both journaling and learning languages, so if you feel most inclined, write down your words and phrases so that you can refer back to them and remember them better. Adding drawings and cool layouts make the experience more fun and easier to continue.
  5. Join a club. Especially for college students, we have language learning opportunities on every single place on this campus. UNC Charlotte values and strives for diversity, so take a look at some of the clubs and organizations that are offered on campus and join! Meeting and taking with native speakers of a language will help you learn to speak it.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on learning languages or languages in general. If you know what works for you, do that. However if you are struggling in your language learning journey, hopefully these tips will help you with your learning!  

Humans of UNCC Meet: Savannah Valentine

Photo courtesy of Hailey Turpin

“I got accepted into graduate school early, as a junior. I’ll be starting in the fall, and I will do my first year of grad school as I finish my last year of undergrad, so I will have a semester of grad school under my belt as I finish up my undergrad degree. I’m a Health Systems Management major, and I’ll be working on Health Administration during the fall.”

Mastering Mindfulness

Sometimes, it feels like you are moving in slow motion and the world whizzes by at the speed of light. We as college students sometimes get stuck in the things we do and realize that we have been on autopilot for half a day. We forget to live in the moment and have gratitude for the things in our current surroundings. But how do we break this cycle of nothingness? How does one become more present in today’s life?

Mindfulness is defined by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and nonjudgmentally.” Kabat-Zinn is a professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and created a program called Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), that treats patients dealing with stress, anxiety, pain and other illnesses.

Photo courtesy of pixabay

So how does one go about becoming more mindful? In my own personal experience, I have gain experience with this mindset through the help of the UNC Charlotte Center for Counseling and Psychological Services. By attending a weekly class devoted to this mindset I have been able to gain more knowledge that I can use for healthier coping mechanisms.

Starting off, know that the process can be hard. Most people who practice mindfulness deal with anxiety, depression, stress or chronic pain. The human mind is susceptible to wandering away from the task at hand or have so many things on our mind that nothing gets done, and for people with mental illnesses it can be even harder to stay on task. That’s where mindfulness comes in. Here are some techniques that are taught to new mindful seekers.

Anchored breathing

This technique is used to have the mind focused on the breath, feeling how it fills and releases from your lungs. Trying to focus only on the breathing helps to center your mind and ground your body to the moment in time where your body is in space. Trying this exercise for three to five minutes several times a week can help your mind and body become more present in the world and enjoy the environment around them.

Body Scan

A body scan is basically what it entails, scanning the body with the breath (as an anchor) pushing the breath mentally through specific parts of the body. This technique is used to help focus the mind on the physicality of the body and how it connects through the breath. For more information on this technique, visit https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7650123.

Mindfulness is also about making sure to be aware of all surroundings, and to be fully present. The process to a more mindful and grateful life is not easy but rewarding in the long run. It’s recommended to work toward your mindfulness goal every day but work at your own pace that fits with your schedule. For more information on the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, visit https://caps.uncc.edu/. For even more information on living a better life, check out part two of this article, Meditation.


Craft Drafts at Heist Brewery

If you’re looking for a restaurant/brewery with local and southern comfort food, that’s easily accessible and great for a Friday night hangout? Take a trip to NoDa (obviously), but more specifically to Heist Brewery, located at 2909 N. Davidson St. This local brewery is full of what you’d expect (craft beer) and everything you wouldn’t (an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere, exceptional food, and splendid service). This past weekend, I attended the brewery for birthday celebrations with my significant other, which is one of his favorite places to eat and drink. This was only my second time attending, but every aspect was better than I remembered from the first time. The first time I went was over a year ago, so it was hard to remember what is was like until I got there. And boy, the great memories came back.

Courtesy of Hailey Turpin

We were worried at first that we wouldn’t get a table because it was 7 p.m. on a Friday night. NoDa around that time gets busy with bar/brewery crawlers and people just trying to grab a bite to eat. However, we were seated as soon as we arrived. The place was busy, but buzzing with positive and warm vibes. In their main seating area, one of the walls is completely made of glass so you can see the steel vessels and kettles the craft drafts are made in. It adds to the industrial feel, while wood walls, tables and bar stations add to its warm aesthetic.

When we were seated, we took a few minutes to look at the menu. Our waiter greeted himself and asked us to start with an appetizer, specifically the beer cheese with pretzels, which we had already planned on getting when we decided to go there four days prior. That easy transition started our night off right. My boyfriend ordered one of their beers, the “Hive” Fives. His love for blonde, hoppy ales was satisfied when it arrived. When our beer cheese came out in a hot, square skillet seaming, we dived in with no caution.

We may have burnt out tongues, but it was so good we didn’t care. We looked at the menu and made casual conversation, and later decided that we had to try the Chicken and Waffle Tacos. The taco shells were a square waffle, stuffed with sriracha chicken and hot sauce butter, which a side of warm maple syrup for drizzling. Let me tell you; they were gone in less than five minutes. The waffle’s soft texture and the crispy chicken were a perfect combo. One of my favorite dishes is chicken and waffles, and this one took the top slot as my favorite dish.

Courtesy of Hailey Turpin

We sat for about an hour and a half, talking, watching the Winter Olympics on the big television screen and enjoying my water and his beer. Heist also has a few other local beers from other breweries, which he ordered the Pluff Mud Porter from Holy City Brewing in North Charleston, SC. After a while we decided to head out to a few other places, we paid and left. Now beware, the food is a little pricey. This is not an every weekend sort or budget but is perfect for the once or twice a month weekend activity. An average night out there will be 50-70 dollars, but the money spent is worth it.

Overall, Heist Brewery is perfect for any occasion you will have on any weekend out. The food, ambiance, drinks, and people make this place one in a million. If you haven’t yet, take the time to make a trip out to NoDa to the brewery that will fill your stomach with good food, and fill your heart with good times.

Throwback Trends

Fashion trends we see in today’s world have probably dawned by our ancestors. They have lived many lives and each one that resurfaces gets revamped into the modern times. Here are the trends we see from the past come back to life these past few years.

Photo courtesy of pexels

Denim everything: We can’t walk a half-mile without seeing some piece of denim being worn. Jackets, shirts, jeans, tops, overalls, you name it. These pieces were a staple in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and they have recently resurfaced in the past couple of years. So break out your mom’s old jean jacket and hit the streets!

Printed Sets: Two-piece printed sets were all the rage for us millennials back in the years of our youth. But browsing online today we see tones of printed shirt/pants/skirt combinations. We see them so much, but this is because it looks flattering on every body type. Plus, they look so sleek and stylish, they are sure to impress any decade.

Leather jackets: 2018 is slowly becoming more and more edgy and sleek. And what better to wear than a leather jacket? The leather jacket craze took off in the ‘80s but died out in the 2000s. But today, the fashion scene is crawling with them and they are here to stay.

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons

Round glasses: The round-rimmed glasses can be dated way back to the ‘60s, but were burned out but the skinny glasses of the ‘90s and the flat topped sunglasses of the 2000s. However, with the bohemian movement in the past couple of years we see this trend coming back harder than ever.

Vintage/slogan t-shirts: One of my favorite trends that has made a comeback is the vintage, different colored seam, tight fitting t-shirts with quirky slogans on them. The ‘90s hip hop movement brought this trend into existence, but seemed to die out at the end of the 2000s. However, in the past couple of years the shirts came back full force, pairing well with other ‘90s trends like the denim skirt or dungarees. Band t-shirts are also a big portion of these shirts.

Even if you haven’t tried these trends, there are so many more that I couldn’t list. Explore the internet or instagram for more trends that have made a comeback, and incorporate them into your own personal style!

Photo courtesy of Pixnio

How to organize on a budget

Courtesy of Pixabay

We’ve all been there. As college students, we start off strong in the beginning of the school year, and by the end of February, all hope is lost. We feel overwhelmed with the conventional methods of keeping all our school stuff together and feel that our lives are falling apart. What can make matters worse is that sometimes we don’t have the time or money to restart our organization process. Here are some tips to make sure you stay organized and on track on a budget this semester.

  1. Stay calm. It’s easier said than done, but clutter tends to send people into a frenzy, especially if you have a full course load, two jobs, and four other extracurricular activities. The trick to staying calm is to focus on the present moment, where you are in space and time. Taking a few seconds to only be in your surroundings helps to not think about everything you have to complete. Check out the meditation and mindfulness articles that are also in the Living Guide for more information on these techniques.
  2. Write stuff down. As my mother always says, “If you don’t write stuff down, it stays in your brain with everything else that needs to get done, and then nothing ever gets done.” Take the time to make as many to-do lists as you need and physically check off each item. The feeling of marking out the task is none like any other. If that feeling doesn’t satisfy you, embrace your inner pyromancer and set the list on fire. That should do the trick.
  3. Grouping. What I mean by this is if you can’t see your desk or floor because of all the random papers you have, take it all and sort it out by relevance. Also even take your books and notebooks and add them to each class period’s papers, that way everything for that specific class is in that pile. Next, put it somewhere that you will remember where it is. Write down where everything is on a sticky note if you have to. It might seem stupid, but trust me when you need to find that paper from the beginning of your literature class, you’ll love that list.
  4. Invest in the tools you’ll use. Take the time to find cheap and good quality materials that will last you a long time, like a pencil holder for your desk, a folder organizer or extra storage bins for all your textbooks/notebooks. If you invest in the items that will last you can save money in the future.
  5. Find the method that works for you. If you are not good with to-do lists, don’t make them. If you’re not good with folders or grouping techniques, don’t do them. Every person on Earth has their own style and way of doing tasks. Stick with what works and move on to something new when it doesn’t. If you take the time to plan, you will have more time to work on that paper you forgot about.
Courtesy of Pixabay

Dear Me:

Hailey Turpin at age 15

Dear me,

Hey, how ya doing? Let me tell you that these past couple of years have really changed you. Not as much as you would think, but you’re still together with your boyfriend, you may have cut off all of your hair, and yes, you still love One Direction. However things have evolved into new things and you’ve adapted well. One Direction kind of broke up (and you actually went to see Harry in concert, you cried five times), Donald Trump became president (you also cried five times), and you’re starting to work out some of the problems you have been dealing with since you were younger.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the next five years.

  1. STOP spending your money. For the amount of times you have said “I’ll start saving tomorrow,” you really didn’t do it. Now that I have almost three years of college under my belt, I wish my younger self had took it more seriously. If you would have saved a lot more, the struggles of college would have been significantly smaller.
  2. Being alone is okay. I know it’s hard not to have best friends during high school because high school kids are mean. Even though everyone thinks they are mature, they aren’t. The real maturity comes when you deal with wanting to be independent in college, but still sometimes get treated like a kid. You learn the value of being an adult and even how it’s cool sometimes. So remember when you feel like everyone around you hates you or that you have no friends, I promise you that your people will come along. In fact they already have and they are here to stay.
  3. Life gets crazier and flies by faster. I remember having a hard time saying no to things in school, thats why I did two sports and had a job, on top of 8 hours of school. That problem only gets worse because when you got to school, everything was new and exciting. Oh, remember how you said that Greek Life isn’t for you? That was wrong, because now you love your little and twin (who just so happens to be your best friend). I know that everything junior year seems stressful but you survive the next five and do amazing things. Sit down for a few minutes and chill. It’s worth it.
  4. Don’t worry about how everything will work out. I know that you feel like you have to know how everything will work out. Trust me, you don’t. The unexpectancies of life will always be there and there is nothing you can do to change them. But, you can always change how you adapt to them. Remember that everything happens for a reason, whether it be your control or not. It’s more valuable to go with the flow than to worry about the end result.
  5. Everything is going to be okay. I understand the stress and the overwhelming feeling of life is a burden to you, but I can guarantee that you will be strong through it all. You learn and grow so much as a person and you can and will be okay. Through learning about your anxiety disorder and dealing with the stress of college, you are a new person who can and will achieve everything you set out to do. Don’t let others tell you who to be or how to act because you lose yourself in the end. Life is what you make of it. Make it strong and bold, like you.

Even though you will deal with many challenges in the next five years, know that you’re still kicking. Through the many tears you will cry, remember that in the end there is a strong-willed woman who will never give up.

Love, me.

Hailey Turpin at age 20

The Art of the Bullet Journal

What’s so special about this thing called a bullet journal? No, this journal is not super fast or super stupid, but can actually help you in many areas of your life. How you may be asking? Take the time to finish reading this article to help with organization of most areas of your life.

The bullet journal was created by Ryder Carroll (http://www.rydercarroll.com/) and can be summed up as a rapid logging system. It’s a system where everything you will need in your life (to-do list, schedules, event planning, sketchbook, journal, notebook, etc.)  is in one place: the pages of your notebook. The system allows the bulk of your life to be written down and still be organized by the key and index.

The key is a simple symbolic guide that allows you to distinguish between tasks, events, and notes. The basic symbolizing is:

Dot = event

< = task scheduled

> = task migrated (to the future)

– = notes

These symbols can be used in different logs broken down by month, day and future. Each of these logs can be organized however you feel will work the best for you. You can keep track of how you organize them in the index. Don’t feel like you have to plan out every single page or section in the journal, plan a little bit in advance, and continue as you go. Below are some more tips from my trial and error since starting my bullet journal.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Don’t worry about your hand lettering looking good (I googled many Youtube videos and still struggled to get it semi-okay) or

Photo By Hailey Turpin

your spelling isn’t very good. Keeping in mind that it’s not the end of the world that it’s not perfect. If you want to do your best, slow down and take your time. That way you can work toward making your journal the best for you.

Fake it ‘til you make it (calligraphy)

The hand lettering or calligraphy style of writing can add some flare to your journal and keep the process interesting and fun for your personality. The best advice I learned was to start with normal cursive writing, filling in all the down strokes afterwards. Check out Sunshine & Stationery’s ‘Letter Like a Lefty’ Youtube series to learn more of the ropes for hand lettering for beginners (the series is specifically for left handers but it also has useful information for any beginner).

Get creative

There is a million ways to create layouts and styles for your weekly or monthly log. Don’t worry about how it will compare to others because the journal is for your life and schedule. Don’t be afraid to change the rules to fit your life.

Have a major key (that works for you)

Like the last tip, creating a key that you understand to log all of your information is going to be beneficial to you when your life gets really busy. Write the key down in the front or the back of your journal for record, and journal away.

Go with the flow, and keep going.

At first, it can seem like a lot, maybe even a chore. But taking the time to get organized is going to help you out in every aspect of your life. If you mess up, keep going. If you’re too tired to do anything, keep going to your energy level. If you don’t know how to lay out your week, look up ideas and keep going. Eventually with hard work it will be a lifesaver and helpful to your well-being.

In today’s world we see this trend skyrocketing, so even a google search can give you more tricks and tips. If you’re curious, check out the world of rapid logging and the art of bullet journaling.