Erin Cortez


Wavves and their High Energy Come to Charlotte

Photo by Gerald Rich

Wavves comes to Charlotte as one of the opening acts for The Naked and Famous.

I  have attended a lot of concerts at the Underground, but this was my first time watching Luna Shadows, Wavves and The Naked and Famous perform live in one night.

In comes a girl wearing a grunge, black and white outfit holding a drum stick. She starts banging on the drums placed in front of the stage. The girl banging on the drums was Luna Shadows. She opens the concert with her rebellious attitude as she bangs on the drums. As the main drummer and piano player joins the stage, she starts to voice her romantic and melodic voice. The audience is lured in by her melodic and catchy sounds. She knew how to work the stage so that the audience was engaged in her performance. Sometimes, she would ask for the audience to sing a riff from one of her songs.

Luna Shadows is the star of the band. She is in charge of writing her lyrics and producing her music. Her most popular songs include “Hallelujah California” and “Cry Wolf.”

After Luna Shadows, Wavves graced us with their sweet xylophone melody, which they immediately contrasted with their loud, punk sound. The band had the typical appearance of a punk rock band as they had a bass guitarist with long hair, band members with classic guitars and a glitter-covered drum set.

Wavves was a stark contrast from the easy-going sound of Luna Shadows. The band had a punk/rock sound that had a lot of angst and screaming. I was expecting for the lead singer (Nathan) to kick his mic stand to emphasize the angst and rock sounds. Ironically, one of the drums fell down by itself it was very punk-like. The audience were even wild with energy as they started to mosh to the music.

Wavves started off with their loud music, then they started to play their more mellow songs towards the end of the set. The most popular songs by Wavves include “Green Eyes” and “Million Enemies.” They had a Nirvana and Blink-182 vibe to their music.

Next came The Naked and Famous. I am more familiar with their music as they play their chill, electronic and pop music. Their most popular songs include “Higher,” “Punching In a Dream,” “Young Blood” and “Water Beneath You.”

Most of the fans of Wavves left their front row seats because their music preference was completely different from the upbeat and pop sounds of The Naked and Famous. I could tell who was there for Wavves and who was there for the Naked and Famous. It was like the audience was split into two different personalities. One is highly energetic as they jump around; the other one is more chill as they stand in place.

Overall, the concert was an interesting experience. I got to experience the contradictory sounds of each band. The highlight of my night was learning more bands that were outside of the genre I usually like.

Performance Review: “Symphony of Diversity”

Photo courtesy of COAA

The Symphony of Diversity was the best orchestra concert I have attended. It highlighted different cultures from all over the world, and each piece was carefully selected to fit a common theme of coming together and sharing music coming from different cultures.

The concert started off with a beginners violin group called MusicalMinds. The group consists of children of all ages from North Mecklenburg County to find solace from poverty in art and music. MusicalMinds performed two songs, “French Folk Song” and “Flight of the Bumble Bow,” a song they performed with the UNC Charlotte symphony orchestra. The main goal of the musical group is to make minorities more visible and have the opportunity to be heard.

The second part of the concert consists of five diverse pieces that each highlight a different culture, which is an important aspect in diversity. Some of the countries that were included in the symphony concert are, Italy, Spain, Israel, Syria and France with Cuban influences.

“Overture: La Forza del Destino” is an Italian tragic opera that highlights the constant battle of soft and loud sounds, which creates the cacophony of the Italian tragedy. Each movement has a dramatic flair that could make the listener feel each emotion that the composer wanted to express.

“Sinsofonia” is a Spanish melodic piece that sounds more inspirational. As I listen to the piece, I feel a wonderful feeling of dancing in the air. The piece was a stark contrast from the dramatic, Italian opera.

“Al Naharot Bavel” relates to the despair of the homeless refugees today. The piece describes a sad and scary story of the Jewish people going to exile in Babylon. The piece brought to light how the Jewish people felt after being away from a place they call home. They all felt nostalgia for their home, fear of moving to another place and anger for leaving their land.

“Ghadan (Tomorrow)” was the best performance of the night. The piece has hopeful melodies to inspire a more tolerant and inclusive world. It is a piece to showcase love and playfulness to encourage a promise for a hopeful future in Syria, a country currently experiencing war. Instead of focusing on the sorrow and pain that the Syrian people feel, the composer chooses to highlight how Syria was like before the war happened. It shows that Syria was a welcoming country before war.

The night ended with a piece called “Danzon No. 2.” The piece highlights the playfulness and intensity of Cuban-inspired sounds. The piece is a fun piece. It emphasizes the bongos in Cuban music.

The orchestra does a good job to include different cultures in the concert. Before each piece, two students introduce the background information about that piece. One student speaks in English; the other student speaks in the language that piece is dedicated to.

Overall, I think the symphony is a success. Each piece highlights a different culture. I can feel the passion in each musician. They all worked hard together to create an amazing concert.



Red Hot Chili Peppers Bring Comeback Tour To Charlotte

Photo by Steve Keros.

Red Hot Chili Peppers (RHCP) makes a comeback tour at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, showcasing a mix of old and new songs from “The Getaway” album.

Slowly enter the bass guitarist (Flea), lead guitarist (Josh) and drummer (Chad) as they riff off a funk/jazz melody to pump up the audience as they transition to their most popular song, “Can’t Stop.” In comes the lead singer (Anthony), he starts singing the first words of “Can’t Stop” and the audience goes wild.

The band started with their most popular songs, “Can’t Stop,” “Snow (Hey Oh),” “The Zephyr Song” and “Dark Necessities.” Then they slowly transitioned to their less popular songs, “She’s Only 18,” “Go Robot” and  “Parallel Universe.” The band even did covers of popular songs, “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder and “What Is Soul” by Funkadelic.

Being a long-time fan of RHCP, I was excited to finally watch them live. When the time came, I was not disappointed. The concert was an amazing experience. The high-energy band was a wonderful, one-in-a-lifetime experience. I was honored to watch them live.

The special effects amazed me the most. I thought the special effects of the performance heightened the concert experience: the color changing lights descend from the ceiling, screens projecting each band member and cool pop art that moved throughout the screen.

The stage screens focused on each band member, but mostly original band member, Flea (bass) and new band member, Josh (guitar). Flea and Josh were the stars of the show. They each showed off their guitar and bass skills on the stage, with their quick reflexes and strong stamina keeping up with the fast-paced beats. Sometimes, Josh and Flea would face each other as they both played each other’s riffs, it felt like a mixing of the old and the new band members; similar to how the concert list was set up. The concert was a mix of old and new sounds, making their performance all-inclusive to long-time and new-found fans.

The lead singer (Anthony) showed off his quick rapping skills in songs like “By The Way” and “Give It Away.” After all these years, Anthony still has the same high-energy performance as when RHCP started in 1983.

Psychedelic, cartoon-like effects caught the audience’s eyes as it moves through the stage screens.

The psychedelic effects heighten the environment of the song. Multi-colored rectangles are shown when the band plays, “Parallel Universe.” The effects makes the viewer feel like they are going to another universe; slow songs had popup art of moving 3d rectangles that slowly turn into wings, which was shown in “The Getaway.”

The special effects of the concert were effective in making good use of the large space in the Spectrum arena. It led the viewer toward the stage as RHCP performed.

After a short break, RHCP saved the best songs for last, “Californication,” “Under the Bridge,” “By The Way,” “Goodbye Angels” and “Give It Away,” so that the fans would leave the concert on a good note.

CONCERT REVIEW: 15th Anniversary of Simple Plan

“Still Not Getting Any…” album artwork courtesy of Lava Records.

It’s rare to find bands still together after 15 years, but Simple Plan has just done that. Simple Plan has original band members after 15 years. They are best friends constantly doing tours and travelling around the world. Seems like the perfect life for a musician.

I have been a big fan of Simple Plan since I was 16- years-old, so I was speechless when I found out that Simple Plan was performing at the Fillmore Charlotte. I bought my tickets a month in advance since there was a chance that the tickets will be sold out. When it was finally the concert date, I was met with other Set It Off and Simple Plan fans. We were all excited to finally watch them perform; we waited years to watch them perform, and now we had the once-in- a- lifetime opportunity.

The opening band for Simple Plan was Set It Off. The band is from Tampa, Florida. It was the first time I heard of the band, but I liked their energy. They played songs off their new album, “Upside Down.” My favorites were “Upside Down” and “Hypnotized.” Cody, the lead singer of Set It Off would include the audience’s participation; He would let the audience sing some parts of the songs. There were some big fans in the audience, so it was enjoyable to experience people singing along and screaming their heads off whenever they would play their favorite song.

“I appreciate the energy that you guys were giving off while we were performing,” said Cody, “It’s what keeps us playing. The connection between the audience and the band is what inspires us to keep touring.”

The audience was feeling anxious and excited to finally watch Simple Plan perform, so the Fillmore played familiar punk rock songs such as “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard and “All the Small Things” by Blink-182. The audience would sing along to the songs playing. The music helped the wait become more bearable.

When Simple Plan finally emerged, girls screamed their lungs off out of pure excitement. The band started off with their most popular song, “I’m Just a Kid.” Then, they went on to play their other popular songs, such as “Crazy,” “Your Life is a Lie,” “Shut Up,” “Welcome to my Life,” “Perfect,” “I’d Do Anything” and “Boom.” They mostly played old songs since their tour was the 15th anniversary. I would have liked to hear them play “Can’t Keep My Hands Off You,” “Untitled (How Can This Happen to Me)” and “When I’m Gone.”

The audience had great energy. People would crowd surf whenever the more upbeat songs were playing. Even Chuck, the drummer for Simple Plan, crowd surfed when the rest of the band played “Grow Up.” The whole concert was a great experience and I definitely want to watch them play again.

If you missed Simple Plan’s concert do not worry! Pierre Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan, said that he enjoyed Charlotte’s energy so much that they are planning to come back sometime in the near future.

EP REVIEW: ‘Chapter One: Blue’ – Bea Miller

“Chapter One: Blue” album cover courtesy of Hollywood Records

Former X-Factor contestant Bea Miller released a new album called “Chapter One: Blue.” The album is the first chapter of her three part album.

Miller says that her upcoming albums will read out like a chapter with three songs. Each album will focus on a specific emotion she felt after realizing that her significant other was harmful to her well-being. The album consists of three songs: “Song Like You”, “Burning Bridges”, and “I Can’t Breathe”.

“Song Like You” is about the happy moments that someone feels with their lover and then realizing that those happy moments were actually hindering you from living your life. I could hear Bea’s sadness when she compared her lover to a song that makes her feel sadness despite the happy moments in the relationship. This is evident in the strong pop and melodic sound of the synthesizers.

“Burning Bridges” is about the anger someone feels when your significant other turns out to be harmful to your well being. The song has a small part that revisits a popular English nursery rhyme, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Hearing that part of the song made me think of childhood. It created a familiar feeling to the song, like the familiar feeling of being in a relationship for so long. Though, Bea’s version was more anger-filled when she sang the familiar phrase, “London Bridge is Falling Down.” Including a small part of the nursery rhyme created a contradiction. The contradiction relates to the anger and frustration she feels when she really wants to be with someone who is familiar to her, but she knows that they are not good for her.

“I Can’t Breathe” is a slower and simpler song compared to the other two songs of the album. Bea performs the song with a simple piano tune and a heavy voice. She is recreating the feeling of suffocation when someone is in a bad relationship. I could feel her sadness and helplessness when she performed the song.

Bea’s songs always have a powerful message to young girls, whether it be to stand up for yourself or learning to say “no.” “Chapter One: Blue” relates to young girls who might be going through the same sadness and frustration when someone is in a bad relationship.

I cannot wait to listen to her upcoming albums. It will only expand on her journey to a better life after breaking up with someone that holds you back.

“Chapter Two: Red” will be released in May, while “Chapter Three: Yellow” will be released in August.

TRACK REVIEW: ‘I Don’t Want To Dance’ – Coin

If you like “Talk Too Much” by Coin, then you will like their new single. Coin just released a new single, “I Don’t Want to Dance” on Spotify. The song has a nostalgic feel of the 90’s. You cannot help but dance to it.

Coin has the talent to create catchy songs that guarantee to be stuck in your head for weeks. Their new single sets the tone to their new album, which will be released in the spring.

In “I Don’t Want to Dance,” the band explores contradictions of wanting to be yourself and impressing people. The band also explores the struggles of wanting to live your life and worrying about what other people will think about chasing your dreams.

The Nashville- based band is on tour right now. They will be coming to Charlotte to the Visulite Theatre on May 10. to hopefully showcase their new album.

Sound & Shape come to Charlotte

Sound & Shape rocked out at the Milestone on Thursday. The Milestone has been open since 1969. The walls are covered in stickers and graffiti by many bands that played there. In fact, Sound & Shape played at the same stage as the Go-Go’s and R.E.M.

Sound and Shape plays at the Milestone. (Photo by Erin Cortez)

Sound & Shape came all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to play some of their old and new songs. Some of my favorite songs include “Venus” and “Peasants.”

The band is releasing a new album called “Peasants,” which will only be available on vinyl. Releasing an album only on vinyl is extremely rare. Nowadays, most bands release their albums on Spotify or through CDs.

Members of the band include Allen Jones (drums), Gaines Cooper (Bass) and Ryan Caudle (vocals/guitar/keyboardist). Each band member showed off their individual talents, which are amazing on their own, but a better sound when put together. These talents include, guitar shredding skills, fast-paced drum patterns and a melodic bass sound.

Erin Cortez of the Niner Times recently spoke with the band’s leader singer, Ryan Caudle, about their music and touring.

Q: What are some of your music inspirations?

A: The Beatles, Neil Young and Oasis are my favorite bands. We always like a bunch of different stuff. Some of the members are into the harder sounds and more out there music. We pretty much listen to anything across the board.

Q: Is this your first time touring?

A: No, we have toured the country many times. I have not myself toured in the last couple years, but we just started a new album that is coming out in March, so we just started cranking it up again.

Q: What is your favorite place that you have gone to so far?

A: It depends. I mean the best shows don’t necessarily happen in favorite places. San Francisco is a lot of fun. We are playing tomorrow at Trenton, New Jersey, one of our favorite places. We first played there when we were staying in New Jersey making our first album. So it’s always fun to come back to the venue, pretty much every time. It’s a small little basement club and it’s always packed. Charleston is really nice. We haven’t been to Charlotte in a long time, but my dad and brother live here, so I’m probably going to spend a lot time there.

Q: What is your favorite part of touring?

A: That’s probably changed over the years. Definitely playing on shows every night is the best part of it. But also, getting to see people you don’t usually see because they live from the other part of the country, that’s probably one of the best parts.

Q: What’s your ultimate dream?

A: That’s actually changed over time as well. Probably to make enough money to send my son to college. I have a four year old. There’s no telling what college will be like when he is ready to go. But overall, to make great records, play great shows and to sustain quality over a long period of time.

Q: How long has Sound & Shape been a band?

A: Sound & Shape has been a band for over about 10 years now. My bass player has been with me for 5 and half years now. The drummer for three. We just added a second guitar player a little over a year ago.

Band on the Run

Jon Landue, guitarist of National Reserve. Photo by Erin Cortez.
Jon Landue, guitarist of National Reserve.
Photo by Erin Cortez.

Despite trailer car troubles, the Band of Heathens made it from Raleigh to Charlotte. The lead singer, Gordy Quist, laughed it off when he mentioned that they had to do the rest of the tour in a U-Haul when they found out their trailer car broke down.

Luckily, the Band of Heathens stole the show as they showcased a mix of their old and new songs at the Visulite Theater on Thursday, Jan 19.

The Band of Heathens played some songs from their new album, “Duende.”  Some of the songs from the album include “Cracking the Code” and “Trouble Came Early.” “Duende” is the fifth album of The Band of Heathens. It means “a quality of inspiration and passion.” The band tries to embody “duende” in every song they play. The audience can certainly see their passion and heart in the songs they play. Their high energy performances also show how much energy they put in their performance.

Band of Heathens is known for mixing rock guitar shredding skills with an Americana and Folk sound. Lead guitarist Ed Jurdi showed off his guitar shredding skills while vocalists and guitar player Gordy Quist played his acoustic guitar. Keyboardist Trevor Nealon showed off his bluesy, barrel-house piano playing skills while drummer Richard Millsap kept the high energy strong. Each band member worked together to perfect each harmony while the electric guitar added an unexpected rock and roll feel.

Ed Jurdi, vocalist and guitarist of Band of Heathens.
Ed Jurdi, vocalist and guitarist of Band of Heathens.

The audience loved it. Most of them lip-synced to the songs that they were familiar with. There was even a guy in the back who danced all night long. The whole audience were cheering on when The Band of Heathens performed their favorite songs. There was high energy in the stage and the whole venue.

“My favorite thing about them is that each band member take turns singing.” said Dale, a fan of The Band of Heathens for two years.

The National Reserve was the opening act for The Band of Heathens. National Reserve is touring with the Band of Heathens until Feb. The lead singer, Sean Walsh, looked like a country singer. He had the big hat and the jean jacket covered in patches. Sean Walsh sang along with The Band of Heathens when they performed their most popular song “Look at Miss Ohio.” Sean’s voice fit perfectly with the unique voices of The Band of Heathens.

National Reserve only has one album, called “Easy Does It.” The most popular songs of the album are “California” and “City of Angels.” The band had a more country and folk sound, the southern twang of the guitar was evident in almost every song they played. Their sound had a more laid back and relaxing feel, like something you would listen to when you are sitting on the front porch, sipping iced tea. Some of their other songs like “Trouble in My Mind,” made the audience want to dance. Their sound embodies the easy country living. Where you forget all of your problems as you listen to some country music. Their sound is definitely different with a mix of folk, country and Americana genres. National Reserve added into the magical night with The Band of Heathens.

Best Songs of 2016 as Selected by A&E Writers

Album Art courtesy of Chance the Rapper.
“Coloring Book” album art courtesy of Chance the Rapper.

Jesse Nussman- Staff Writer

  1. “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper: With joyous energy and excitement, the Chicago based rapper forges his anthem on staying independent and not compromising his music to big labels. Like almost every other song off Chance’s “Coloring Book,” “No Problem” is the an uplifting, soul enriching extravaganza, impossible to listen to without smiling in joy.
  2. “Lazarus” by David Bowie: A reflective and somber swan song that seems to show the iconic artist viewing the end of their life in front of them. Paired with the incredible music video of Bowie–eyes covered and in a hospital bed–one can’t help but shake the feeling that all the signs of his tragic death were there, hidden in plain sight.
  3. “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West: The powerful, musically epic gospel tune that opens West’s “The Life of Pablo,” “Ultralight Beam” is maybe the best example of how West not only knows how to deliver the goods himself but also how to place other artists in exactly the right position to shine. It may not be the kind of song you throw on to get the party started, but it is possibly the most moving and mature piece of music West has ever crafted.


Jeffrey Kopp- A&E Editor 

"Wild World" album art courtesy of Virgin/Universal
“Wild World” album art courtesy of Virgin/Universal
  1. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots: What may be one of the year’s most played songs, “Heathens” demonstrates the genre-bending geniuses that are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. This gritty and chilling song manages to be thought-provoking, but also oddly relaxing.
  2. “Hymn For the Weekend” by Coldplay: One of the year’s first hits, this mystical-sounding track features powerful vocals from Beyoncé. This particular Coldplay song is a personal favorite of mine for studying with its uplifting tone and melodies.
  3. “Good Grief” by Bastille: The first word that comes to my head when I hear this song is “summer.” While “Pompeii” may be Bastille’s most popular song, “Good Grief” is incredibly catchy and has a strange nostalgic feel, making it worthy of multiple replays.


"Drive North" album art courtesy of Fueled by Ramen
“Drive North” album art courtesy of Uncool/Burger

Stephanie Trefzger- Assistant A&E Editor

  1. “Lose It” by SWMRS: This may be my favorite song off of SWMRS’ debut album because it is something that I can relate to.  Who hasn’t had a song ruined by the sour memory of another person?  It also has such a chill vibe that it’s almost hard not to jam to it.
  2. “Leave Me Lonely” by Ariana Grande: This song off of Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” album is criminally underrated.  The moody instrumentals and background vocals paired with the unusual voice of Macy Gray makes this song incredibly interesting.
  3. “Bang Bang” by Green Day:  The first album I ever bought with my own money was “American Idiot” in 2004.  This song marks a return to the angry, political style that made me fall in love with Green Day in the first place while also being relevant to 2016.


Elissa Miller- Staff Writer

"The Hamilton Mixtape" album art courtesy of Atlantic.
“The Hamilton Mixtape” album art courtesy of Atlantic.
  1. “Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)” by K’naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC & Residente: Just days after the announcement that Donald Trump was the President Elect, Lin Manuel Miranda decided to release two tracks early from “The Hamilton Mixtape.” This song was a perfect response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric we’ve seen in recent years. It’s both angry at injustice and celebratory of immigrant contributions. Snow Tha Product raps in a breathtaking blend of Spanish and English, while Riz MC’s verses have some great wordplay referencing his role in “Rogue One.”
  2. “When” by dodie: I’ve been a fan of this artist’s YouTube channel for years and am happy to have seen her achieve mainstream success this year through the release of her first EP. This track about struggling to live in the moment is absolutely beautiful. A combination of dodie’s voice and stringed instruments creates a sense of sad and wistful nostalgia. It will induce automatic tears.
  3. “Waving Through A Window” by Ben Platt: If you are into musical theater, this is it. The next Hamilton, next year’s Tony’s darling. Written by team Pasek and Paul (“La La Land,” “A Christmas Story”) and sung by Ben Platt of “Pitch Perfect” fame, this song is clearly the star of the show. Ben Platt’s vocals are almost unbelievable, you can hear the raw emotion in his voice while he continues to hit notes I thought impossible. Watching the live performance of this from “Late Night with Seth Myers” gives me chills. Every. Time. The rest of the cast album has yet to be released and I continue to wait (impatiently) for it.


"Big Baby D.R.A.M." album art courtesy of Atlantic/Empire
“Big Baby D.R.A.M.” album art courtesy of Atlantic/Empire

Tyler Trudeau- Intern

  1. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots: While “Suicide Squad” may not have the top superhero film of the year, I loved its frantic, catchy and at times nostalgic soundtrack, especially this hit from Twenty One Pilots.
  2. “Do You Love Someone” by Grouplove: With their album kicking off the Fall season with an exciting post-summer flair, this foot-tapping hit from the indie rock band reeled me back into the band’s dynamic alternative appeal.
  3. “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M.: While I may not roll or smoke “broccoli,”  but this catchy hip-hop entry from D.R.A.M. still puts me in a good mood whenever I hear it playing.



Erin Cortez- Intern

"Anti" album art courtesy of Roc Nation/Westbury Road
“Anti” album art courtesy of Roc Nation/Westbury Road
  1. “Soundcheck” by Catfish and the Bottlemen:  I chose this song because it has an upbeat yet gritty feel to the song, just like what most alternative songs sound like. It is a perfect song to listen to when you are having a bad day and you just want to forget your problems.
  2. “Handclap” by Fitz and the Tantrums:  I chose this song because it never fails to make me want to dance to the music. This a perfect song to listen to when you are driving. I also feel inspired that the band members are in their 30’s and 40’s and still traveling the world and performing to thousands of people.
  3. “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna:  I chose this song because Rihanna has powerful vocals. The song is really powerful, and it gives me chills every time I listen to it. There is so much soul in the song.

No Sleep in Brooklyn or Charlotte

Photos by Erin Cortez.

Emo and punk rock music lovers united at The Underground last Saturday night, Oct. 22, as they anticipated the first Emo Night Brooklyn in Charlotte. Girls and boys in their 20s dressed up in their best emo clothes with a drink in hand. Even I dressed up in my best leather jacket and black boots. I did not know what to expect, but I knew that I was excited for what was to come.

Emo Night Brooklyn started when best friends from Brooklyn, Ethan and Alex, would spend their Friday nights blasting their favorite emo and punk rock music that they listened to in their teen years. Ethan and Alex have come a long way since their Friday night hangouts; they both travel all over the U.S. playing their favorite music and sharing that experience to people. They finally graced Charlotte for its first Emo night.

The concert began when Ethan and Alex walked into the stage to the Lion King theme song. The crowd loved it. Ethan and Alex then started to play music from their playlist, jumping up and down the stage to get the audience excited. Alex would also talk or give hugs to the people in the front of the stage as the concert ensued. The rest of the night consisted of song requests from the audience. Ethan told us to put in our song request to their Twitter account. I picked one of my favorite songs, “Misery Business” by Paramore.

Ethan and Alex also played other songs from All Time Low, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard and Blink 182. They even did a mini tribute to the last Yellowcard world tour by playing their most popular songs, “Only One” and “Ocean Avenue.” The crowd loved every song they played. They were friendly, highly energetic and lip synced to the songs they knew. Some of them were brave enough to  crowd surf. I enjoyed every minute of the concert; it felt like I was in a group of old friends rocking out to the same songs as I did. I thought the three hour concert went by too fast, but I was excited when Alex played “The Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance. The concert ended, but the party continued. Ethan and Alex invited the whole audience to the closest bar so they can get the chance to talk and meet up with them.  I highly recommend to come to the next Emo Night Brooklyn show, even if you are not familiar with punk rock music. I guarantee that you will enjoy going to the concert.