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Festival Fashion: what to wear

It’s that time of year again. The warm weather kicks in and we search the internet for the top music festivals in the country. Some travel across the country to see some of their favorite musicians rock the stage while others travel a few miles to see local and regional bands. College students around the country make up many of the attendees at these festivals and have been wowing fashion bloggers and magazine editors with the variety of styles and trends. While there isn’t an exact blueprint on what to wear to these festivals, they all have their own unique flair to them. Whether you are traveling far to the valleys of Coachella or simply driving a few hours to Merlefest, here are a few fashion tips on festival season.

photo courtesy of emilydickinsonridesabmx
photo courtesy of emilydickinsonridesabmx
  1. Stay cool: With temperatures at their highest peak, it’s important to stay cool and shaded during hours of outside music acts. Loose fitting sun dresses, straw fedoras and strappy sandals are a must for festivals like Coachella, where the hippie attire of Woodstock seems to have had resurgence. Lightweight accessories in the likes of rose crowns and gold headpieces have also been spotted in many spring look-books for this season. Many Coachella inspired clothing can be found at Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and Threadsence.
  2. Support the band: At traveling festivals like Warped Tour and Bamboozle, grunge and punk fashion is a definite go to. With band tank tops from Hot Topic paired along with cut off shorts and sneakers, you’ll be sure to represent your favorite band as well as staying cool in the soaring temperatures.  If you want to stay away from the dark t-shirts then neon tanks, band jerseys and 5-panel hats are also a great way to beat the heat and stay with the trends.
  3. Neon Heat: At many outdoor festivals it is best to stay away from the dark clothing. EDM music festivals like Magnetic Festival in Atlanta fully embrace this idea. Neon tank tops, jerseys, hats and sunglasses are a must for Electronic festivals. And if you’re feeling super adventurous, you can even channel your inner ’90s kid and apply hair chalk that come in a variety of colors that would even put Lisa Frank to shame.
  4. Pack it up: At many of these festivals it is hard to keep all of your belongings on hand. Many festivals like Bonnaroo allow you to stay on site in designated camping areas, but who wants to go back and forth to the campsite and risk missing your favorite act? One way to keep all of your important belongings with you is to bring a backpack, and not just your ordinary JanSport will do. Brands like Herschel Supply and Sprayground are a great way to distinguish your bag from the regular school kid bags from the past.

5 websites for college procrastination

You know the routine. You log onto your computer with the full intention of starting on that eight page essay due next Tuesday, but somehow (three hours later) you find yourself scrolling through pictures from your best friend’s 16th birthday party. You can blame nostalgia or face the fact that you are not the overachieving student that your parents would like you to be. But don’t fret; you aren’t the only one with this problem. And if you are looking for some more internet fodder to pass the time away here are a few more sites to feed your addiction:

1. Tumblr: A blog and social network website launched in 2007 is a perfect way to pass the time by. It is the type of blog site that is easy to personalize and fun to communicate on. You would think that reblogging pictures of ’90s Nickelodeon cartoons and Beyonce GIF’s wouldn’t take valuable study time away but think again. And if you are still in doubt, take a quick glance at some of the computer screens in Atkins.

2. Reddit: A social news and entertainment site is pretty much summed up by its tagline “The front page of the internet.” Users upvote what they like and the highest-rated content gets pushed to the top of the feed. Whatever is trending on the internet, whether it is a funny meme or a random cool picture, you will most likely find it on Reddit.

3. Thought Catalog: This thought-provoking site is a place for writers from across the country post their thoughts, rants or life experiences. But beware of Thought Catalog because its endless amounts of relatable thought posts can go from just a few minutes of leisurely reading to a whole afternoon of articles.

4. Rap Genius: Have you ever had one of those intense arguments with a friend on what your favorite rapper was trying to say in a song? Rap Genius is a quick and easy way to defend your argument. In fact, that is the very reason why Rap Genius was created, when the founders were curious about the meaning of a Cam’ron lyric in 2009. Rap Genius isn’t only for finding out what other fans think the meaning behind hip hop lyrics are, but many top rap artist have verified accounts on Rap Genius to help clarify the meaning to their lyrics and they sometimes post video responses too. If Rap music isn’t your cup of tea, many other genres can be found on the website as well.

5. Hello Giggles: Founded in 2011 by Actress Zooey Deschanel and two of her friends, Hello Giggles is a must for any young woman who is putting off her statistics homework. The increasingly popular entertainment and lifestyle website has all the appealing aspects of an addicting website: funny articles, Do It Yourself projects, television and film recaps, and celebrity interviews.  You have to admit the fact that Zooey Deschanel is one of the masterminds behind this website made you want to check it out right? Even if you love to hate her.


Streetwear reflects culture

When most people think about fashion they tend to think about high end brands such as Marc Jacobs and Burberry, but to our generation’s fashion has been divided into many sub categories. One of these popular sub categories is streetwear.

Obey shirt a popular street wear brand. Photo by Matt Jackson
Obey shirt a popular street wear brand. Photo by Matt Jackson

The influence streetwear has had on hip hop culture certainly found its way on to college campuses throughout the country, including Niner Nation. If you pay attention to the logos on the beanies and t-shirts of your fellow classmates you will definitely come across at some of these brands.

Although, many street fashion experts would argue that streetwear is product of the West Coast action sports lifestyle, the origin of streetwear is uncertain.

The genres style reflects many metropolitan cities and their cultures including Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. The most prominent of streetwear are centered on everyday clothing such as t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats, casual shoes and backpacks. These classic staples of our everyday wardrobe are one of the reasons why streetwear has become increasingly popular for over two decades.

New Era Day of the dead hat. Photo by Matt Jackson
New Era Day of the dead hat. Photo by Matt Jackson

Since Shawn Stussy began printing t-shirts with his trademark signature that he put on his handcrafted surfboards, the rise of streetwear has taken off. Stussy began selling his branded gear in boutiques and department stores in Southern California in the early 80s and then later expanded the distribution to New York, Europe and Asia.

Many streetwear brands owe their success to the hip hop, skateboarding and hipster scenes. Many popular from the urban street culture include Supreme, Bape, Obey, Diamond Supply, Only, Primitive, Undftd, Crooks and Castles, Huf, Black Scale, Fuct, the Hundreds, Billionaire Boys Club, Ice Cream and LRG.

High profile celebrities are also a part of the reason why streetwear has remained so popular. Whether we like to admit it or not we look to celebrities for inspiration on the latest trends. Since streetwear clothing is reasonably affordable, the market for streetwear is continuing to stay popular.

“I mostly find brands through rap artists,” said sophomore Andrew Gibbs about his source of streetwear inspiration.

Charlotte Sophomore Brett Mier. Photo by Matt Jackson
Charlotte Sophomore Brett Mier. Photo by Matt Jackson

Even the most exclusive streetwear brands are now available in stores right here in Charlotte. Some stores specialize in streetwear fashion like Social Status, located off of Central Avenue. Popular chain stores have also begun selling streetwear brands in local malls including Zumiez, PacSun, DTLR and Urban Outfitters. In fact, Urban Outfitters recently began to sell Los Angeles women’s streetwear brand, Dimepiece, which has been seen on various celebrities including Cara Delevinge, Kylie Jenner and Cassie.

Recently streetwear has made many musicians into underground fashion icons, artist such as Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky. Although streetwear has been made popular by those in the media, many students have found a way to incorporate the street wear trend into their own unique style.

Bleached vest. Photo by Matt Jackson
Bleached vest. Photo by Matt Jackson

“Everyone likes the same brands, but we all add our own personality to them,” said freshman Beej Watkins.

The culture of streetwear will remain popular for years to come, simply because it is a form of fashion that can be effortlessly fitted into various wardrobes and styles. There are no limits as to what can go with a simple t-shirt or five-panel hat. It can be mixed and matched with high end fashion brands without looking like a carbon copy of the latest trend.