Alyssa Fronk

Alyssa Fronk is the Community Editor of the Niner Times. She has worked for the Niner Times since August 2014 and Niner Media since January 2014. She is majoring in Mass Media Communications and double minoring in Journalism and English. Aside from being an avid social media user, she enjoys photography, traveling and all things comical or pop culture. You can contact her at

A final word

Jordan Snyder, Editor-in-Chief

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: In November, I left the country for the first time, spending 11 days walking around Rome, Madrid, the Canary Islands and Brussels. Randomly happening upon the Grand Place sound and light show was amazing.
  2.  A must-do for a 49er: If you ever hear that Crown Commons is making Monte Cristo sandwiches, drop everything and go.
  3. Final thought: Even if you don’t blink, your college years are going to fly by. So just enjoy them and blink so your eyes don’t dry out.
Photo by Maria Saenz
Photo by Maria Saenz

Alyssa Fronk, Community Editor

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: Watching the Panthers make it to the Superbowl! It was amazing to see campus and all of Charlotte so electric and full of pride on a weekly basis.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: In the rare occasion of snow, go to campus and unleash your inner kid. College snow days are wildly fun- trust me! Shout out to the iconic snowfall of February 2014.
  3. Final thought: Try your best to not complain about college. Education is a privilege and we are lucky to have this experience. Nothing worth having comes easy. One day you’ll be wishing you could hit the rewind…


Guy Fieri poses for a portrait, on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP)
Guy Fieri poses for a portrait, on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Dan Hallman/Invision/AP)

Nick Cropper, News Editor

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: Earlier in the year when hundreds of students emails were hacked and some brave students took the opportunity to send Guy Fieri pictures during the madness. LOL.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Every student should use Atkins Library. It will become a home away from home.
  3. Final thought: Never stop working hard academically, professionally, emotionally and socially. College has so much to offer us and we should take advantage of that.

Jared Allen, Sports Editor

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: Attending the C-USA men’s and women’s basketball championship in Birmingham, Al. While the 49ers didn’t leave victorious, the three days on the road were unforgettable.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Attend 49ers basketball games, both men’s and women’s. Each of the programs are on the rise and the sky’s the limit in the future.
  3. Final thought: Don’t wait for your aspirations to come knocking. Go out and accomplish what you strive for… Or at least fail trying.

Casey Aldridge, Opinion Editor

  1. Favorite moment from 2015-2016 school year: Getting tickets with my roommates for the NFC Championship game, and being able to see the Panthers rout the Cardinals on the way to their second Super Bowl appearance in person.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Protest and get involved in the movement against Margaret Spellings and the neoliberalism of the UNC Board of Governors.
  3. Final thought: Don’t settle for easy answers, and learn to recognize the human on the other side of the debate. In other words, take at least one class in the Religious Studies department!

SaraSara Carson, Managing Editor

  1. Favorite moment from 2015-2016 school year: Studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium and frolicking around Europe during the fall semester.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Have as many internships as possible! Experience and connections are key to getting a job after graduation.
  3. Final thought: Make a good impression on your professors because recommendation letters are crucial. Professors can also help you connect with key people in your industry.

John Lineberger, Lifestyle Editor

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: My biggest moment was finishing my short film project. It took all semester and had a lot of setbacks, but I did it. It is definitely the biggest project I’ve ever done.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: It’s kind of like you’re living in a bubble. Take advantage of all UNC Charlotte’s resources while you can before it’s too late. Attend events, join an organization, find internships, etc…   
  3. Final thought: Worry less about expectations and more about opportunities.

SudeikisHunter Heilman, Arts & Entertainment Editor

  1. Favorite moment from 2015-2016 school year: Going to Los Angeles and being able to meet Jason Sudeikis for a press event for the Niner Times. OR the iconic first 20 seconds of seeing “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at 1:30AM opening night and the uproarious applause from the audience during it.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Get involved with an organization. You never know how much it can really affect your college experience.
  3. Final thought: Laugh, for goodness sake. Things are so serious nowadays. If you don’t laugh, you will die.

Andrew James, Video Producer

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: Fulfilling a life-long dream by accepting a position as a television news reporter.  Alabama here I come!
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Don’t let campus boundaries confine you. Charlotte has so much to offer professionally and recreationally, so take full advantage of it while you’re here.  
  3. Final thought: If there is something you are passionate about, don’t let anything stop you from achieving it! For the last time… Reporting for the Niner Times, I’m Andrew James.
Photo by Benjamin Robson

Benjamin Robson, Photo Coordinator

  1. Favorite moment from 2015-2016 school year: In February, Halton Arena hosted John Isner’s charity challenge, he was joined by Andy Roddick and the Bryan Brothers. Having the entirety of American tennis under one roof was a freak out moment for sure. We even walked away with a souvenir.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Get out of this campus and go do something, even if it means going by yourself. Drive to another city, go see a band no one has ever heard of, or just take a beach day. You might not deserve it, just do it anyway.
  3. Final thought: Hey name is Benjamin. Right now we’re just looking for the exit, life is too short to last long. For a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic, hope for the best but definitely expect the worst.

Diane Gromelski, Copy Editor

  1. Favorite moment from 2015-2016 school year: Competing in mock trial tournaments with my best friends.     
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Apply for something you don’t think you have a chance of getting, whether it be a dream job, admission to an exclusive school, or a scholarship. It never hurts to put yourself out there and take a chance.
  3. Final thought: Make time to read a book outside of those required for class. It may be the one that changes your life!
Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band
Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band. Photo by Chris Crews.

Andrew Hocutt, Layout Editor

  1. Favorite moment from the 2015-2016 school year: The marching band debut on the first regular season UNC Charlotte football game was a great moment. It really made the whole college football experience feel legitimate. There’s nothing like being at the first game with all your close college friends in the front row at halftime when the band hits the first note.
  2. A must-do for a 49er: Ride a bike around campus. It’s the way to get around; seriously. You will never see campus the same after cruising from building to building. Its not like riding around neighborhoods or roads because there are few vehicles in your way, making it much safer and also a very efficient way to travel around UNCC.
  3. Final thought: Treasure this time not only for academic growth, but for social and personal growth. These years can and will affect how you live the rest of your life. Take advantage of the large and growing student body, if you want to be well known; UNC Charlotte is a great place to start building a following of what ever it is you do. Use your resources. The value of college isn’t simply attending and passing your courses, its how you use the tools and resources provided.

Cupid Shuffle 5K sheds light on domestic violence

Love shouldn’t hurt.

And the women of Alpha Chi Omega (AXO) reminded the Charlotte community of just that this past weekend during their second annual Cupid Shuffle 5K, which benefits the sorority’s philanthropy of domestic violence awareness, education and prevention.

Photo courtesy: Emily Yellin of AXO

Capping off AXO’s Healthy Relationships Week, the Kappa Rho chapter of UNC Charlotte held their philanthropic event at noon on Saturday, Feb. 13. A little over 500 runners, volunteers and Charlotteans shuffled over to the Frank Liske Park for the highly anticipated 5K.

Runners were given the option to sign up individually for $30 or as a pair for $50. First, second and third places prizes were awarded to both individual runners and couple runners.

Photo by Aleena Oliveira

According to co-coordinators Allysea Thompson and Lauren Vordenberg of AXO, the event garnered over $10,000 dollars from online race sign-ups alone, which is double the amount of runners to sign up compared to last year’s 5K. In addition, a little over $2,000 in donations and sponsorships was also raised.

“Domestic violence is a big concern and most people don’t talk about it,” said Thompson. “And it’s not just prevention of domestic violence, but also awareness and education that’s important. It’s the whole nine yards we’re trying to cover.”

With the collected total of $12,000+, 85 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Safe Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter of Charlotte and 15 percent to the Alphi Chi Omega Foundation.

“Our goal was $11,000 but we’ve already raised $12,000 and that makes me happy because now we have an extra thousand to give to Safe Alliance.” said Thompson.

Thrilled with the community and student body support, AXO chapter president Taylor Sharpe shared her thoughts on the successful afternoon.

“It’s been amazing. Last year I know we didn’t have nearly this many people. So seeing that this is only our second time hosting the event and doubling the attendance that we had last year is phenomenal,” said Sharpe.

Photo by Aleena Oliveira

Also co-hosting for the second year in a row, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) showed their support throughout the day. The brothers of SAE provided and served 150 hot dogs and hamburgers for participants, ran in the 5K and offered continuous moral support.

SAE member Shayfer Early was one of the many first-time attendees.

“Domestic violence is a serious issue. It’s something that goes on kind of underground and a lot of times it’s not reported. It’s a bigger issue than people realize so events like this bring positive awareness to it,” said Early.

Several other members of the UNC Charlotte Greek community also showed their support in attendance.

“Domestic violence is hard to talk about because there is a stigma around it,” said AXO alumna and philanthropy advisor Amanda Whittemore. “We’re happy to help bring light and promote healthy relationships rather than only focus on the negative parts. We really want to promote positivity and love each other.”

The Kappa Rho chapter plans to establish the Cupid Shuffle 5K as an annual community event.

Photo by Aleena Oliveira

Live from UNC Charlotte, it’s Kenan Thompson!

Homecoming is upon Niner Nation once again, and Monday night’s highly anticipated talent act commenced a week full of festivities at UNC Charlotte. This year UNC Charlotte’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) brought in none other than beloved ’90s teen actor and Saturday Night Live cast member Kenan Thompson.

21699298824_98269b67f5_oAt 7:30 p.m., CAB began to usher upwards of 1,100 eager students into the Student Union multipurpose room. Due to the incredible turnout, the event was delayed over half an hour.

Before the main act, Brooklyn based comedian Langston Kerman opened up the night of laughs with a memorable performance. Kerman thrived off of the crowd’s initial restlessness by generating dozens of gut-busting laughs from the audience as he unabashedly poked fun at an array of topics. The ruthless comedian took hits at sex, drugs, college truths and even racism. Tackling each punch line with his twisted perspective dosed with heavy sarcasm helped Kerman quickly win over the student body. 

22134042610_45e257bf73_zAround 9:15 p.m., thunderous applause and cheers filled the room as Thompson finally took the stage. Thompson’s routine consisted of a lengthy, hilarious recap of life as an iconic ’90s child star turned actor-comedian. With plenty of classic Thompson facial expressions and charm, he made sure to highlight several fan favorite roles. At one small mention of “All That,” the crowd erupted into ecstatic screams. Thompson smiled and wryly said, “Oh. Are you all familiar with that?” and proceeded to lead the crowd in singing Nickelodeon’s beloved comedy show theme song. Other honorable mentions included hysterical short stories of his roles in the movies “Heavyweights,” “Good Burger” and “Fat Albert.” He also shared several anecdotes from his time on other well-known Nickelodeon shows like “Kenan and Kel” which eventually led to his current spot on comedy’s holy grail, “Saturday Night Live.” Thompson happily divulged the amused student body in some of the best-kept secrets of kids’ television:

While other secrets were a little more candid yet not completely surprising:

Wrapping up his act, Thompson opened the floor for a Q&A session, where the event took an interesting turn. Students flocked the two microphones as Thompson patiently answered their questions. While the majority of “questioners” opted for awkward selfies, with the star several feet away, or asked him for video shoutouts to send to friends, a handful of relevant questions were asked. The more serious, dare I say socially apt, inquisitors successfully provoked a few more funny anecdotes from the comedian. Thompson’s hour at UNC Charlotte seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. He graciously thanked the room full of 49ers for having him, paid our city a few compliments and made his exit. A couple of audience members were even so lucky as to meet the comedian and snap a picture before he disappeared.

CAB’s choice of a homecoming comedy show was a refreshing change of talent, contrasting from the more traditional acts featuring a popular rap artist. Thompson proved to be a good match for the current student body since the majority grew up watching him successfully conquer different forms and generations of TV comedy.

For more information on the rest of UNC Charlotte’s 2015 homecoming events, visit


UNC Charlotte braves the shave for cancer

The UNC Charlotte community and Alpha Omega Epsilon (AOE) took a bold stand against childhood cancer Friday night by shaving heads and raising money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, all in the spirit of finding a cure.

The St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser was hosted by AOE and held in the Student Union Friday. It was a night honoring those affected by childhood cancer.

AOE alumna and cancer survivor Kurrisa Vialet kicked off the charity event with a heartfelt speech on her personal battle with cancer and why she supports the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

At 7 p.m. the shaving party began as 23 men and three women stood to “brave the shave for kids with cancer.” Three volunteer Great Clips hairdressers shaved the participants’ heads.

Out of the 26 volunteers, 20 of them were UNC Charlotte students.

According to event coordinator Marissa Burchette, over $5,000 and counting has been raised, surpassing the 2014 UNC Charlotte St. Baldrick’s fundraiser by $2,000.

AOE estimates that over 200 people were in attendance for this year’s campus fundraiser.

UNC Charlotte student Tommy Scheetz was joined by seven of his brothers from the Triangle fraternity to shave their heads, in charitable camaraderie.

“I thought it would be a good way to honor all the kids who have cancer, and also my grandfather had testicular cancer about four or five years ago. So I wanted to honor him and raise some money,” said Scheetz, who earned $275 for his participation.

Volunteers smile as Great Clips employees shave their heads for the St. Baldrick's fundraiser. Photo by Maria Saenz
Great Clips employees shave the heads of volunteers for the St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser. Photo by Maria Saenz

“I keep thinking about anyone my age or younger having to go through that. I can’t even fathom that, at all,” said AOE member and shavee Kelsey Lynch. “They should be out having fun and being with friends and playing, but they can’t do that. If this helps in any way shape or form, then it’s definitely worth it,”

Lynch raised over $600 for her shaved head.

UNC Charlotte still remains in the top five childhood cancer research fundraising schools in the country. UNC Charlotte has moved from fifth place to third in a matter of days.

The other top four universities include Kennasaw State University, Lincoln Memorial University, Oswego State University and the University of New Mexico.

The top earning shavees of the night were Charlotte local Barbe Bartlett with $827.00, Lynch with $614.00 and UNC Charlotte student Dillon Hooks with $510.

Burchette, who coordinated both UNC Charlotte fundraisers, first discovered the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in 2013, after attending a Charlotte Checkers hockey game where several members of the team shaved their heads to raise money.

As a student aspiring to be a doctor, Burchette was inspired to join the campaign on ending childhood cancer.

“I love the fact that it’s not just giving money to people, but you’re also going an extra step. You’re trying to sympathize with people who have gone through this [cancer] and obviously in no way is shaving your head comparable to a child with cancer,” said Burchette.

AOE is still accepting donations through the end of 2015. To donate, go to

All proceeds go to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Photos by Makeedah Baker and Maria Saenz.

Tailgating the 49er way


Niners enjoy a game of cornhole in the tailgating lot. NT file photo
Niners enjoy a game of cornhole in the tailgating lot. NT file photo

College football is almost back, and the first Charlotte 49ers home game of 2015 is a few weeks away. But what do fans love just as much – if not more – than cheering our team to victory? Tailgating, of course! Whether it’s your first or 49th time, here is a Charlotte approved checklist to kickoff another glorious season of tailgating.

Charlotte 49er green apparel

You better sport your #NinerPride and rep our school’s official game day colors! Follow @Charlotte49ers on Twitter for updates on game day themes.

Reserve your (free) student ticket

Head to to reserve your student ticket before every game. Make sure to bring your 49er ID for admission.


Come one, come all! Football games and tailgates are always more fun when you’re with a crowd. You can buy tickets for your guests at or at the public entry gate on game day (but tickets may be sold out).

Tailgating pass

Student tailgating is permitted in Lots 5, 5A and 6. The space is on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure to arrive early. Tailgating permits must be obtained the Tuesday prior to game day online and are free for students. Permits and additional info is available at


Trust us, no tailgate is complete without these legendary North Carolina-rooted chicken and biscuits. After all, they are a proud game day sponsor of Charlotte football. The food is delicious, low price and will keep you fueled for a day of cheering on our beloved 49ers.

Beverages of choice

Hydration is important! Remember, H20 will never do you wrong. For more information on the UNC Charlotte Alcoholic Beverage Policy, view the official document located on the Parking and Transportation Services tab of the webpage.

Check your car

If you are a current on-campus resident, your parking lot may be used for tailgating. To avoid being towed, check to know which lots will be turned into a no-park zone. Be sure to move your car the night before game day. You have been warned.

Social Media

Follow @NTimes_Sports for live game day tweets and updates and @Niner_Times for game recaps. Posting pictures? Use the #uncc, #StateofCharlotte, #Charlotte49ers and #NinerNation hashtags to get maximum likes or a shout out on the 49er jumbotron. Bonus points if you get a selfie with the “Uh-Huh” guy.

49er Attitude

Most importantly, remember to have a friendly attitude and exhibit good sportsmanship at every Charlotte athletic event. Remember, we are a 49er family!

Go abroad, and leave Charlotte now

Photo courtesy of Alyssa Fronk
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Fronk

School is back in session in grand ole Niner Nation. Now, I’m going to give you a very serious piece of advice: Leave Charlotte ASAP!

You might be puzzled because this is one of the best cities/colleges to be at. Sure, the Queen City is an absolute gem of a place to live and study, but there is so much more outside the 704, so much more outside our beloved United States.

I have two words for you: Study abroad. Take this from an undergrad who has left the country twice to seek international education, seen some of the most beautiful places in the world and has enough memories to last a lifetime. I’m absolutely positive studying abroad is for every student passionate about education and anyone with the desire to have enriching life experiences. I will briefly explain my reasoning and leave you with the tools to make the next step, if you so wish to take the adventure of a lifetime.

Go while you can

Fun fact: International travel is significantly easier for students. Most international governments open their borders wide for students seeking higher education. Plus, there are so many programs designed to help college students take the leap abroad. Whether it’s financial aid, scholarships or internship program, there is literally something for everyone. Think about all the responsibilities that will come after graduation. There won’t be much time to jet off for an adventure abroad.

Traveling is the best education

Retweet to that. The cross-cultural education you open yourself up to while abroad is richer than any class available. It’s one thing to read about another culture or foreign customs, politics, etc., but when you directly submerge yourself in that environment, you are guaranteed another level of learning.

Education outside the United States is unlike anything I’ve experienced in a classroom. Personally, I felt my mind being stretched and challenged every day. You are guaranteed a fresh, global perspective on your field of study – something that can’t always be acquired at a home university.

Oh, and did I mention doing the whole school thing abroad is just plain fun? A change of scenery can work wonders. Aside from formal education, you’ll learn more about yourself. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, but anyone who has been abroad can agree that you won’t return back home the same person.

International BFFs

If I had to pick the best aspect from my time abroad, it would be the deep, beautiful friendships I formed and continue to keep. It’s amazing how quickly you can bond with mere strangers. Easily connecting with others while abroad could be attributed to the fact that you are actively placing yourself in an environment to meet new people; plus, it’s easy to get along with others who love to travel and explore as much as you do.

These people become family in a matter of weeks, and the memories made together are priceless. Despite the reality of being torn apart once the adventure comes to an end, the bonds still remain. Unfortunately, none of my study abroad friends live close by, but they are still a part of my inner circle. We don’t talk every day, but when we do catch up, it’s like picking up right where we left off.

My study abroad friends know and understand me in a much more different way than my peers and friends at home. Two years later and I still consider my handful of study abroad friends to be some of my best friends. The miles don’t matter and have never mattered.

Another perk to racking up so many friends all over the place is that I have an open invite to go visit. They graciously offer to board me if I ever “come their way” and vice versa. The next best thing to a study abroad trip is a study abroad reunion.

Professional perks

When all is said and done, your time abroad can open doors in the professional world. Add your international university to a resume, and you are bound to have leg up on other applicants. Since my time in Europe, every employer I’ve talked to has inquired about my global experience. They later shared that it made me stand out from other candidates.

In an employer’s mind, a study abroad alumnus equals an individual who is good with change, open to new experiences, a quick learner and good with all types of people. All those great, employable qualities are what will make you stand out from the pack in the job world, so work it! Personally, I have landed jobs and have been able to take opportunities that would’ve never fallen in my lap if it hadn’t been for studying abroad.

Invaluable life experience

Anyone who leaves his or her home for an educational/life experience will undoubtedly change as a person. Let’s face it – leaving your home country to live in a foreign place is the definition of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on such a rewarding opportunity.

I think about my study abroad experiences every single day and wish I had time to do it all again. Did you know the most common regret of college grads is not studying abroad? If I can promise one thing, it’s that you absolutely will never regret an experience like this.

Studying abroad will be challenging and demanding at times, but the rewards are endless. Going abroad will make you more compassionate as a human, a better global citizen, more willing to take on other adventures, heighten your desire for education and fuel your love for exploring the world.

Where would you like to go?

You’re in luck because UNC Charlotte happens to have a fantastic education abroad office. For more information on their programs, visit You can set up an appointment to talk to a well-traveled advisor and select a program appropriate for your course of study and personal preference. Remember, you can always opt for a non-affiliate program, too, as long as the Office of Education Abroad approves it. So, what are you waiting for?

Ditch the fast-food for these off-campus eats unique to the university area

Macado’s – 1 minute (0.1 miles)

Kicking off our list of recommendations is a great eatery right down the road from campus, literally. Macado’s offers a low price, lengthy menu certain to please any hungry student on a budget. They make killer hot/cold sandwiches and have a noteworthy list of food and drink specials; for example, $.44 wing night and appetizers under $4.

Editor recommendation: The Mcduffy sandwich or a Beer Mug Margarita

Boardwalk Billy’s – 2 minutes (0.5 miles)

This laid back and beachy-atmospheric restaurant is a popular night-time hangout among the 49er crowd. Boardwalk Billy’s is known for their delicious ribs, seafood combos, sauces and drink specials. It’s a great choice for a hearty meal or a fun night of affordable drinking (for the 21+ crowd). Don’t believe us? Stop by on a Thursday for a “$2 U CALL IT” night.

Editor recommendation: Southern BBQ Pork Sandwich or Buffalo Chicken Wrap with sweet-chili sauce

Don Pedro – 2 minutes (.7 miles)

If you are fiending for some quality Mexican food, look no further than Don Pedro of University City. The portions are huge, the staff is friendly and every visit there is a guaranteed good time. This is also the best place to take a friend for a birthday celebration – trust us!

Editor recommendation: Fresh made guacamole, appetizer queso or Polla Con Crema

Ishi is your best bet for delicious nearby sushi.
Ishi is your best bet for delicious nearby sushi.

Ishi – 2 minutes (.8 miles)

Calling all sushi lovers, we have the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. For authentic, delicious and beautifully presented sushi rolls, Ishi beats out all other competitors. The sushi is practically gourmet and the atmosphere is very relaxed, giving you the best of both worlds. Ishi also has a full hibachi menu for those who can’t brave raw fish. This is a perfect place to go with friends for a dining treat or to bring the parents when they’re in town.

Editor recommendation: Rock My Ocean Roll or Kick’n Roll

Pelican’s Snoballs – 5 minutes (1.4 miles)

Friends, there is no reason to not visit Pelican’s Snoballs at least once. You can’t find a more delicious, low-cost treat in town. Pelican’s offers a unique menu of over 100 flavors, daring customers to make a creative combination. Did we mention it’s cheap? For under $4 you can walk away with a huge cup of colorful shaved ice, tip included. One visit here and you can literally feel all your stresses melt away.

Editor recommendation: Both margarita and grapeade

Toyama – 7 minutes (3 miles)

Hibachi takeout is a practically a staple in the diet of any money conscious, food-savvy person. This Japanese express restaurant is known for their speed of service and generous portions. One can easily have leftovers for the next day of late-night studying. Stop by for dine in or take out and you are sure to see several fellow 49ers feasting.

Editor recommendation: The chicken teriyaki & vegetable plate

Amelie’s French Bakery – 15 minutes (6.9 miles)

If there is any one place that is the toast of the Queen City, it’s undoubtedly Amelie’s. Though a bit of a hike from campus, you will never regret a stop at this wildly charming bakery. The desserts are out-of-this-world delicious, the French-inspired décor is lovely and the environment is the coolest. Head over for a late-night study session and a sweet fix with a group of friends – they’re open 24 hours!

Editor recommendation: Any of the french macaroons, salted caramel brownie or a café caramel crème (hot)