Three days after UNC Charlotte’s April 30 shooting, Chancellor Philip Dubois has issued a statement disclosing UNC Charlotte’s plans to review its emergency response.

In a message posted to the Inside UNC Charlotte website, Dubois stated that the University intends for the review to be “independent and external” in order to “look at what went well and to examine and address areas for improvement.” Dubois underscored the University’s commitment to the safety of its community.

Dubois with his wife and student leaders. Photo by Chris Crews.

On April 30, six students were shot in Room 236 of Kennedy. Two of those students, Riley Howell and Ellis “Reed” Parlier, died from the injuries sustained in the shooting. The terrorist responsible was quickly apprehended by law enforcement officials. Dubois praised these first responders in the statement, commending them for “running toward the sound of gunshots and administering first aid to the injured and dying.”

The four other victims — Drew Pescaro, Sean DeHart, Rami Al-Ramadhan, and Emily Houpt — are expected to recover. Houpt and Pescaro remain hospitalized, but the Charlotte Observer reports that Houpt plans to walk at graduation next week. According to WBTV, Alramadhan and DeHart have been released from the hospital.

In his statement, Chancellor Dubois explained why the University chose to refer to what had previously been referred to as “normal operations” as “regular operations” after the shooting. “There is nothing ‘normal’ about any of those experiences.”

He added, “There is also nothing normal about the way our community has responded…we will not emerge unchanged, but we will emerge united and stronger. That will be our new normal.”

Correction: In an earlier version of this article, Rami Al-Ramadhan’s name was incorrectly spelled as Rami Alramadhan. The Niner Times regrets this error. 

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