On March 3, 2019, six UNC Charlotte students were arrested for their first attempt of underage possession of alcohol while on a spring break trip to Okaloosa County, Florida. Four members of the group, Abigail Stapleton, Brianna Morris, Sandra Geiselhart and Alyssa Moler, are all members of the University’s women’s soccer team while the other two, Taylor Suber and Roger “Delasi” Bates, play for the University’s men’s soccer team. Each student is currently being detained with a bond of $320. If they are found guilty, they could each be charged with a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail or six months of probation.

The County of Okaloosa implemented a 100 percent arrest policy for underage drinking four years ago in an attempt to lower the risk of sexual assault or alcohol poisoning among the thousands of students that travel there each year to vacation. This has both led to an extreme increase in teens arrested and a significant decrease in alcohol poisoning reports. There has also been zero spring breakers arrested for sexual battery since the policy’s implementation, although it is unclear if this is merely the result of fewer sexual assaults or if this is due to fear of reporting caused by the zero-tolerance policy.