The Charlotte softball team was taken down in only five innings by the NC State Wolfpack on Wednesday, Feb. 28. A lot of action took place right away in the beginning.

The 49ers started down 0-4 in the first inning. Four hits and four runs for NC State gave them a solid lead right away. Four of the five batters up for Charlotte in the bottom of the first made contact but could not get the ball past the Wolfpack defense. It was a quick offensive round for the Niners while leaving two on base.

A home run down the right field line from NC State’s Bridgette Nordberg in the second inning called for two RBIs, making the score 0-6. No answer from the Niners again.

After walking a player with the bases loaded, another run was scored. Following that, Nordberg hit a grand slam to advance to 0-12 in the third.

Charlotte got their first point on the board after an RBI from Katie Manring to get Spenser Gray in to score in the bottom of the third. Alison Green came in to pitch and tied her career high with six strikeouts and not giving up any runs. The 49ers answered with another run in the bottom of the fifth.

The game was called after that, making the final score 2-12 with a tough loss for Charlotte.

The next game is at Daughtridge Stadium against Wagner on Friday, Mar. 1 at 1:30 p.m.