Tiona Wilson is the SGA Press Secretary.

The Tuition and Fees Advisory Board gathered Nov. 14 and 15 to deliberate and vote on suggested budget increases for the 2019-20 academic school year. The meeting was open to the public and all students were encouraged to attend.

Student leaders, appointed by Vice Chancellor Kevin Bailey and Student Body President Niayai Lavien, sat on the advisory board to hear requested student fee increases from campus administrators and serve as student representatives.

The first meeting was held on Nov. 14 at the Harris Alumni Center. Campus administrators from various departments requesting fee increases presented a plan of action to students explaining how the money would be used. Students were given the opportunity to question and deliberate the departments’ agendas.

The meeting concluded around 8:30 p.m.

During the second meeting, the advisory board collaborated to vote on the increase or decrease of fees in three departments: Health Services, Student Union Operations, and Education and Technology.

Student Union Operations began the voting process, receiving the total requested increase of $3.12 of the 16 committee members voted in favor of the increase, passing the vote with three not in favor and one abstaining.

Health Services received a $4 fee increase; $4 less than the price requested. The vote was close. Eight of the 16 committee members voted in favor of the increase; seven voted not in favor, passing the vote with one abstain.

Education and Technology received a $30 increase; $14 less than the requested amount. Pulling a tie, eight members of the board were in favor of the increase and eight members of the board were not. Tie breaker, Student Body Vice President Chandler Crean, passed the vote.

At the conclusion of the meeting, students deliberated on a total increase of $37 to present to Chancellor Philip Dubois.

University Recreation presented a $15 increase for new Health and Wellness Center without a vote from students. The highly anticipated Health and Wellness Center is expected to be completed Spring 2020.

Student Government Association updates

Members of the Lavien-Crean administration successfully executed the first ever SGA Week, held Nov. 12 to 16.

Legislative and Executive meetings are open to the public. The dates, times and locations for the Fall 2018 meetings can be found here.

Lavien and Vice President Chandler Crean both host office hours several times a week. Their offices are located in the Union and their availability can be accessed here.

The Legislative Branch hosts office hours each week before Senate meetings. Contact Matthew Basel or Asia Carter to have your questions answered here.

The Judicial Branch hosts office hours twice a week. Email the leadership board for judicial here.

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