UNC Charlotte recently published its 2017 Annual Security and Fire Safety report highlighting some of the lowest crime rates on campus in almost a decade. The annual report is created by the University Police & Public Safety Office with data submitted by various campus departments including Legal Affairs, Title IX, Housing & Residence Life, Environmental Health & Safety and the Counseling Center.

The report begins with a statement from Chancellor Philip Dubois: “It is up to each one of us to help foster a secure and supportive environment at UNC Charlotte — an environment where individuals can feel safe to visit, learn, work and live.”

The crime statistics in the report show that alcohol violations have dropped 57.66 percent since 2011. In 2011, alcohol violations reached an all-time high of 1025 violations for that year alone. UNC Charlotte reported record-low numbers in 2017 with 434 alcohol violations.

Drug violations have dropped 42.42 percent since 2012 but increased this past year. The amount of drug violations on campus peaked in 2012 with 330 cases and dropped to a low in 2015 with just 85 violations. Drug use is the only violation to increase on campus this year. In 2016, UNC Charlotte had 105 drug violations while last year UNC Charlotte had 190 drug violations.

The Crime Statistics in the report also show that forcible sex offenses or rape at UNC Charlotte are down 73.91 percent. In 2014, data shows the University had 46 counts of forcible sex or rape and in 2017 that number was 12.

Another highlight of the report shows that burglary at UNC Charlotte has decreased drastically since 2010. In 2010, there were 154 reported cases of burglary while in 2017 there were only 33 reported cases.

On-campus arson has also dropped 77.78 percent, with nine reported arson cases in 2010 and just two in 2017.

The widespread decrease in crime may be attributed to the The Police and Public Safety Department, which has a total of 55 sworn and 10 non-sworn employees as well as part-time personnel and student employees.

The Chief of Police, Jeffrey Baker, responded to the report detailing the record-low crime by saying, “I credit the results to some of the finest police officers I have had the pleasure to serve with at UNC Charlotte. They are 100% dedicated to providing our campus with the highest levels of safety and security possible.”

Baker also pointed out that crime has decreased while total enrollment has grown tremendously, an uncommon trend for rapidly growing communities.

In addition to new police initiatives, UNC Charlotte also has implemented the free “Live Safe” application for smartphones. The application provides immediate mobile access to police, fire and medical services. Safety features include buddy walks and access to safety tips. The service allows students to submit tips and communicate with the Police and Public Safety Department in real time.

UNC Charlotte’s police department has also recently been able to hold unique breaching exercises in on-campus buildings scheduled for demolition. Every UNC Charlotte police car is equipped with a standard breaching kit.

To read the full 2017 Security and Fire safety report, click here.


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Jacob is the Assistant News Editor for the NinerTimes, as well as involved in the Student Government Association at UNC Charlotte.