There is an interesting new religion among us; I am sure it’s been around for years, but lately more and more people are converting into the religion. It was first originated in Mexico, where the majority of people believe in La Santa Muerte. Now everyone feels very strong about their beliefs, but Latinos like Puerto Ricans, Salvadorians, Cubans and so on are not in favor of La Santa Muerte because they say it’s like believing in the devil and that’s what makes it controversial.

La Santa Muerte is the goddess of death. The kind of people that follower her, but not limited to, are the LGBT community, the poor, the criminals and drug dealers. They find her to be more accepting of everyone, and it is one of the reasons as to why La Santa Muerte is spreading to thousands of people. Because there is no judgement and she is acceptive of everyone, it is attracting hundreds everyday giving them a new perception.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

So, what is La Santa Muerte about? Well, many look up to her and ask for protection from any life dangers or situations for themselves, friends and/or family. Many people have La Santa Muerte statues in their homes and pray to her everyday and at any time. They even have a script they preach for her protection to work better. It reads:

“Blessed Nina Black, formed by the hands of the Almighty given supreme power over the living and the dead. This morning I come before thee, broken, beaten tears in my eyes begging for your sympathy and compassion. Look down upon me, look into my eyes see who I am. Your loyal, faithful, devoted chil, asking the for thy mercy. Blessed Nina Black, I beg of thee to grant to me thy divine intercession on my behalf before Christ the grand redeemer, and joint your prayers with mine and please grant me this favor (your favor). Blessed Nina Black, I offer up to these two humble and modest candles from my heart, asking thee for thy sole protection from all crime, harm and evil. Amen.”

The prayer is very interesting. You’re probably wondering, how do you seek help in the goddess of death? Well, they don’t really fear death. People who pray to her love her and adore her. They are okay with death and know it happens, but they feel by loving her and praying to her that she will protect her followers from any situation. If something were to occur — like a death — it is celebrated because the loved ones think she is taking care of the one who passed and their family.

What is also intriguing is that you would think they only pray to La Santa Muerte and believe in her, but come to find out, many of them also believe in God. How so? It is very hard to have more than one religion. I saw in an interview of a woman who praises La Santa Muerte as well as God and that she still puts God first.

It seems a little scary having pictures or statues of La Santa Muerte in your home or even thinking of praying to her, yet her followers think she is beautiful and that she will bring them joy. They don’t find it scary or odd at all. For a couple of days in Mexico, all the people come together and celebrate her.

There is a show on Netflix called “Dark Tourist” with David Farrier that tours strange places around the world and meets different types of interesting people. In one of his episodes, he visits Mexico and looks into La Santa Muerte and the people that follow her. If you want to see it for yourself, I would recommend watching the episode as this is becoming a popular religion.