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For the record, this was my first time seeing T. Murph. I’ve never gone out and seen a live stand-up comedy show. It’s something I usually don’t do on a Friday night, but for once, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and check him out. I must say, it was worth it in the end.

If you don’t know who Murph is, he’s a Chicago comedian who has been on the rise for the past few years. You may have seen him on “The Next Level,” “Key & Peele,” “Comic View,” “Chicago Fire” and “Wild N’ Out.” He’s also set to appear on a new season of “Get Shorty.”

Murph ’s performance on Friday was one to remember; not only was he funny, but he is also relatable. Murph told stories about the time when he was bullied by a guy who has two black belts and how he mainly went to college to follow his girlfriend at the time. There are many of us who have similar stories like that, and to see them presented in a ridiculous fashion is life-affirming. Honestly, someone could make a cartoon based on his comedy on Adult Swim.

Another thing that I like from Murph is his little rants. Personally, I love how comedians will rant about certain topics that go on in society. They make fun of them without actually offending someone. For example, his rant on people wearing skinny jeans. The way that he presents his views on them is lovely to watch.

Then there’s his rant on the state of hip-hop. He’s not really a fan of today’s trends such as face tattoos and how rappers are often copying each other. For that, I agree with him; I feel that people are trying too hard to be like someone else and not embracing individuality. In fact, Murph advocates for individuality throughout his performance.  I love the part where he imagines one guy going to a tattoo parlor to ask for a face tattoo. It’s brilliant because the tattoo artist has a calm and compliant face instead of looking at his client with a weird look.

One more aspect Murph contains is his interaction with the crowd. During his performance, he would also ask students about their major, what they want to do with life and various other questions. It is wonderful to watch because it creates a sort intimacy between him and the audience. It’s like listening to that really cool neighbor/friend who has great stories and advice.

For the most part, a Friday night with T. Murph was a fun one. There’s a wonderful combination of funny and real things that are set up beautifully. It’s a bit of a shame that there weren’t more people that came out to see him. It’s even better how he noted it out and pulled up a really funny story about how he attended a school that he thought was Notre Dame but really wasn’t. After seeing his show, my curiosity about his work has heightened and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him do more skits and stand-up in the future.