Welcome back! Fall classes are in session and so will the fashion trends for the new season that will hit all stores soon. Goodbye sundresses and bikinis! Well…maybe not in the next couple of weeks just yet, as we all know, it’s been quite hot. Even too hot for jeans.

Have any of you noticed that some online stores have launched their new arrivals for the fall collection yet? So far, they started launching the new fall arrivals with sweaters, vests, scarves and more. By mid-September and towards the end of the month, all the fall fashion trends should be in stores ready for us to buy the latest.

Before I get into the trends this fall, may I mention that now is a great time to go out and buy swimsuits for the low, low price?

Photo By Pixabay

Anything that came out for the summer, from shoes, tops and skirts, are now all on sale for the lowest price. If you read my article last year, I mentioned the best times to get what. Everyone can afford name brands, you just have to keep an eye out for the sales. Everything towards the end of the season ends up going on sale for the lowest so they can bring in all the new stuff for the new season. Stock up for next summer! This also goes for all men out there too, not just women.

Back to the trends for this fall and what you will be seeing a lot of. Who loves the ‘80s? I think everyone! Yes, the trends from the 1980s are coming back and it is so exciting. Black leather is everything, and it appeared on the runway quite a bit. It’s sexy, bold, chic and you can wear it with anything. Black leather pants or skirts can be mixed with a causal sweater to dress it up, or however you want. The options are endless when it comes to leather, especially black leather. Big shoulders, oversized wear and bold colors are also part of the return of the ’80s trend.

Another big trend that is coming back is animal print! The sexiest thing you could wear is animal print. From shoes to accessories to outerwear. Of course, your classic leopard print and also zebra print in different colors. Animal print for this fall is not meant to be neutral; by adding color to these animal prints, it makes a bold statement. Not only will you have confidence, but you will look fearless.

Suits have been reinvented with a more of sexy twist. Dressing up for work doesn’t have to be boring anymore and can turn into an easy night-out look. The runway showed more of the shoulder tops, low v-necks and shorter bottoms.

Plaid is back! It’s always a must-have for every fall to be honest. A plaid outfit with an oversized handbag is in style. Big bags and bright colors, like pink and puffy jackets, will be some of the latest to trend this fall. A lot of designers are pushing a variety of styles this year. There is so much to look forward to this year in fashion and I can’t wait.

Since there are some throwbacks for the fall, you might come to find out you already have some of these styles in your closet. You can always change up your look by reusing what you already have; just another way to keep up with trends while trying to save some money. I know we covered more of the fashion in what to wear, but also keep a look out for new hairstyle trends and makeup trends. Stay FEARLESS FOR FALL 2018! #fearlessfall18