First Look just released a free application for both IOS and Android that will allow those interested to tour campuses within the UNC University system without actually being on campus. “UNC NC GEAR UP” allows users to experience campuses through virtual reality. This will allow people who are not financially or physically capable of touring campuses to still have a general idea of the overall aesthetic of the campus.

“GEAR UP” has a dedicated page for each of the 16 universities within the UNC system. Each page includes a brief 360-degree video that shows off the best of what the university has to offer. These videos can be viewed with or without any sort of headset. It also includes numerous links that allow users to learn about and communicate with the universities that interest them. The application offers several broad videos on topics such as Majors and Campus Life. This app can provide an informative introduction to the University before visiting a university.

For an extensive virtual reality tour of the University of North Carolina Charlotte campus, there is another app available free to both IOS and Android. “UNC Charlotte – Experience in VR” is similar to “GEAR UP” but has a video for each of the university’s major landmarks like Belk Gym and the Popp Martin Student Union. It even has a video about uptown Charlotte. This app also includes the same helpful links that GEAR UP did.

Overall, “UNC NC GEAR UP” seems oriented to aid students in picking a college. It accomplishes this nicely by providing a large amount of information within short 360-degree videos and links practical resources for further research. “UNC Charlotte – Experience in VR” appears to be a better alternative to an actual tour. It allows users to view more of the college at their own leisure while also providing relevant information. Both applications serve a purpose and would benefit anyone interested in attending the University of North Carolina Charlotte, but to receive a thorough and accurate tour, physically visiting the campus is still the best option.