Juwan Foggie thinks about his next move. Photo by Chris Crews

With the 2018 college football season right around the corner, the Niners are in full preparation mode for game one. They will be hosting Fordham University at Jerry Richardson Stadium and are looking to start the season on a high note.

Before the season begins, we sat down with Charlotte’s senior linebacker, Juwan Foggie, to get to know a little more about the selfless member of the 49ers defense.

When it came to finding his place on the football field, Foggie took some convincing from coaches to make the switch from wide receiver to linebacker. Outside of football, Foggie knows exactly where he belongs. Volunteering in the community is something that Foggie enjoys immensely and he does so simply to put a smile on others faces.

The star linebacker for the 49ers is no stranger to community service. His upbringing has taught him the importance of giving back to the community. Service became a part of his life early on and has stuck with him through life.

“It’s how I was raised, my parents instilled that in me early on and I have carried that with me into college,” Foggie said.

From the YMCA Miracle League to the Levine Children’s Hospital, Foggie has volunteered in all sorts of events throughout the community. He has been nominated for the 2018 AFCA Allstate Goodworks Team and has also been named to the Weurffel Trophy Watch List. Both of these honors commemorate an outstanding commitment to service on the college football level.

As a senior, Foggie knows that his time in college is quickly coming to a conclusion. He has prepared himself for this by considering two options for post graduation from Charlotte which he will be eligible for in Dec. 2018.

“I will try to give the NFL a run for its money and go on that path and if not I am considering going into grad school for Sports Psychology at UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro),” Foggie said.

Football and service are not all that the 49ers linebacker is about. Off the field, he is very down to earth and has similarities to many college students. Being an athlete hasn’t changed his various interests and the hobbies he partakes in during his free time.

“I’m a big movie guy, I like to watch movies as well as T.V. shows. Oh, and I have a dog too, his name is Caillou,” Foggie said.

Foggie has been around Charlotte for some time now and has fallen in love with the campus and all that it has provided him. Being a part of 49ers Football and the Charlotte community has been enjoyable for Foggie in various ways.

“All of the opportunities from off the field and on the field. There are so many different people that you come across which has allowed me to network with so many different people,” Foggie said.

Expectations are high for the senior and rightfully so. Coach Brad Lambert is glad that Foggie decided to make the position switch from wide receiver to linebacker, but does not allow that to be an excuse for not working hard. The linebacker gives it his all on and off the field and the coaching staff recognizes that on a daily basis.

“All of last year, we weren’t sure at this time last year that he was gonna make the move to linebacker and I wasn’t really sure about it. But he excelled and really played well for us and has continued to do that on the field. Off the field he’s as good as you want. We have a lot of guys like that, you could go down the roster and find a lot of guys who do a great job of getting out in the community and doing things outside themselves. That’s a big emphasis for us because every man needs a cause beyond themselves and that’s what we talk to the guys a lot about and Juwan is that lead guy for us,” Lambert said.

After last season’s 1-11 record, a bad taste was left in the mouths of the 49ers. Juwan Foggie does not let the past keep him down for long and he already feels confident in this year’s team. His confidence and optimism towards his teammates and coaches this year resonates with those around him which could be key to the success of the 49ers this upcoming season.

“The energy has been a lot better. Coming off that season we had last year you wouldn’t expect this type of energy from everybody. That’s really big coming from the summer that we had so hopefully that will carry on into the season and we can turn last season around and have a winning season,” Foggie said.

The path to a winning season starts on Sept. 1 as the 49ers kickoff the season in Charlotte at 6 p.m. Foggie and the rest of the 49ers Football program will look to capitalize on a positive off-season and turn things around.