Spoilers from ‘Westworld’ Season 2, Episode 6 will be discussed, as well as details from the previous season.

Ed Harris and Katja Herbers as William/The Man in Black and Emily

The questions continued this week, as the sixth episode of HBO’s acclaimed drama escalated its handful of storylines to intriguing new heights. As Maeve and her company embarked out of Shogun World and into the depths of the past, both Dolores and William found themselves at a difficult crossroads as the people closest to them revealed more about their true intentions in the park. As the revolution continues to quickly take hold of Westworld, more personal quests still hallmark this season, seeking to draw out a darker truth beneath it all.

As Maeve and her ensemble of Westworld subordinates slowly trek along, still on the search for her missing daughter, their farewell to Shogun World comes at a final violent cost before their next journey unfolds. While ronin Musashi still has bloody debts to pay in securing the safe passage for the group, the hosts part ways with him and Akane after mourning the death of the woman’s own daughter. Elsewhere, William deals with his own injustices as a father, as daughter Emily (once known as Grace) arrives seeking answers. While both Maeve and William delve into their respective pasts as revelations arise, the revolution ignites another flame as Dolores and Teddy seek to finally kick down the front doors of the Delos headquarters. All the while, Bernard and Elsie seek their own answers, as they dive ever-so-deeper into not only the park’s unsettling origins, but its unimaginable future as well.

Tying up the loose ends of last week’s rather-bloody introduction to Shogun World, the sixth episode of “Westworld” took much of its focus in the troubled parental relationships the season has teased thus far. While we still got the occasional twists and turns, as well as the explosive action set pieces the show’s tossed at us since the beginning, this week took a more narrow focus as it drew us closer to the continuing internal struggles of our main characters. While last week’s episode might have detailed the rise in power and authority for the likes of Maeve, Dolores and the Man in Black, “Phase Space” sought to begin to peel away the thick layers of said characters by exploiting their greatest weaknesses. In this case, it’s their own family. As the episode began with the conclusion of Akane’s tale with the death of her daughter Sakura in Shogun World, we then witnessed the emergence of both Maeve’s and William’s conflicted family ties. As one teased at the mending of a broken relationship, the other spawned a startling demise of one long sought after.

Aside from its parental theme, the episode also tilted even further towards its inevitable endgame as it centered its numerous storylines on the theme of “choosing one’s fate.” As Maeve followed her own fate towards finding her daughter, whom she seeks to protect from the girl’s predetermined capture by the cryptic Ghost Nation tribe, William continued his quest to alter his fate by smoothing things out with his own daughter. After her sudden entrance into Westworld in Episode 3, where she too tangled with the Ghost Nation, we finally met Emily. Formerly known to us as Grace, a guest at the British-Raj park who escaped a fatal tiger attack by leaping off a cliff, Emily quickly filled us in on not only her kinship to the Man in Black himself, William, but also her obvious vexation towards the man and his past deeds. While their story as father and daughter is still far from resolved, Emily’s entrance into the park began to speak to where William’s own fate might point him next. As for Maeve, as things quickly went south in her long-awaited reunion with her daughter, her fight to regain the fate she always thought possible could end abruptly.

While next week surely promises even more revelations for one of the show’s most important characters in Dolores, this week also teased at her taste for rebellion turning to a desperate frenzy to conclude her own parental issues. With the remaining Delos forces, led by a waning Charlotte Hale, desperate to keep Dolores’ ailing father Peter Abernathy from releasing the secrets trapped inside his head, yet another spark of violence from Dolores and her party — this time in one incendiary train cart moving non-stop towards the Delos HQ — aimed to bring the season’s biggest answers to light.

One of the most tantalizing answers fans were still seeking, of course, was the fate of Anthony Hopkins’ Robert Ford, following his assassination by Dolores at the end of last season. As the journey of Bernard and Elsie into the massive data farm deemed “the Cradle” clearly showed us, the Westworld co-founder’s game is far from done. While “Phase Space” spent most of its runtime bringing its characters closer and closer to their individual endgames and the fates they may or may not end up dictating themselves, the episode’s main purpose ultimately found itself in reuniting Bernard with his creator in Ford. As Bernard willingly implanted his own consciousness into that of the Cradle, he quickly found himself face-to-face with a man he once thought dead. But like much the show so far has taught us, no one stays dead for very long, especially when there are immortal robots involved.

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