Logic performs at PNC Pavilion. (Photo by Pooja Pasupula)

“Peace, love and positivity”

The seventh stop on the Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour found musicians Logic, NF and KYLE at PNC Pavilion for a diverse and exciting night of music. The aforementioned quote was the central theme of the night as it was clear from the jump that the three musicians wanted the focus to be on bringing people together via the power of music. Logic himself made it a point to discuss how magical it is to have thousands of people, spanning countless races, religions and backgrounds, all in one location, as a family, to celebrate and have a good time together. As the night rolled on, this message is something that could clearly been seen and heard as the audience reveled in the sweltering heat and booming beats.

The concert kicked off right at 7 p.m. with a lively performance from KYLE. This was the best possible way to get things rolling as KYLE is full of life, energy and enthusiasm. He managed to bring the crowd to their feet, bouncing around the stage as he performed several of his songs. KYLE is perhaps best know for his breakout hit song “iSpy” that features rapper Lil Yachty. The entire setlist of this opening act, matched by KYLE’s vibrancy, made for a wholly enjoyable start to the concert. This particular act is absolutely perfect for the summertime, urging people to have fun, let loose and enjoy the company of friends.

NF performs at PNC Pavilion. (Photo by Pooja Pasupula)

There was quite a dramatic shift as the crew members took to the stage to set up for the next act. An electronic screen lit up and a cage was unveiled, revealing rapper NF who performed a medley of his work. Where KYLE brought a light-hearted mix of summertime bops, NF’s songs were far more heavy. Perhaps the highlight of his setlist was the performance of his hit song “Let You Down,” which immediately brought the entire crowd to their feet, prompting every audience member to sing along at the top of their lungs; this was just one of many magical moments of the night. What NF really excels at is his ability to carry the stage in a way where the focus is not on himself, but rather on his music. Donning darkened clothing and a hood at some points, the rapper really put all of his energy into sending his lyrics across the pavilion. The use of the cage as a prop also made for an exciting show as NF climbed atop it multiple times, adding an element of thrill and danger.

With sun set, the air cooling down a bit and the crowd hyped up from KYLE and NF, it was finally time for Logic to take the stage. The audience went wild when he stepped out, with chants of “Logic” and “Bobby” welcoming him to Charlotte. For the next few hours, Logic performed several of his hits, as well as a selection of his work from his earlier days. There was a point half-way through the set where the crowd died down a bit and Logic threatened to leave, but his DJ amped the audience back up and got them far more energetic for the rest of the show. Logic’s overall message was to celebrate and keep the focus on “peace, love and positivity,” something that is especially important in our day and age. Logic’s diverse collection of music was on full display as he rapped through smash hits such as the anthemic “1-800-273-8255,” which had the entire crowd singing along. Other hits brought an electric feeling to the venue, such as “Take it Back” and “Killing Spree.” Logic made the show personal, speaking one-on-one to several audience members in the pit, while also reiterating that everyone at the concert was one massive family.

All in all, the concert was a thrilling night that celebrated the connecting power of music, while also welcoming in summer. Each artist had their own style and brought something different to the show, essentially giving the audience three different concerts for the price of one. The heat may have been a bit of a deterrent to the audience early on, but things definitely livened up as the night went on. If there is one thing to take away from this concert, it is that KYLE, NF and Logic all have huge and passionate fanbases that came out in droves to see their favorites perform. In hearing some of the excited comments after the show wrapped, the crowd was certainly not disappointed.

Photos by Pooja Pasupula.

Jeffrey Kopp is the Community Editor of the Niner Times. He is a senior double majoring in Communication and Political Science. His interests include writing and keeping up with an excessive amount of television shows. He is also the go-to expert on all things “The Walking Dead."