Spoilers from ‘Westworld’ Season 2, Episode 3 will be discussed, as well as details from the previous season.

Thandie Newton and Rodrigo Santoro as Maeve Millay and Hector Escaton (Photo Courtesy of HBO)

The door has been creaking open ever-so-slowly as the second season of HBO’s acclaimed drama continues to delve further into past, present and future of the expansive world it offers. With this week’s episode teasing the other existing parks besides Westworld, all seemingly strung together by vast bodies of water cluttered with both the synthetic and organic blood of many, the show also found itself at an intriguing crossroads — one full of head-scratching revelations. As paths intertwined, war finally came to Westworld and began to tease a fascinating and violent trail towards the truth.

The episode begins very similarly to last week’s, as we find ourselves in a new world in itself — a world deemed British Raj World. With guests seeking the thrills of colonial living, we see two guests embark on a narrative that eventually pits them against the unexpected jaws of death. In a feverish escape as the story goes awry, one guest is pursued by a tiger, inevitably jumping to an unknown fate into the vast ocean. Meanwhile, across the sea, the paths of Dolores and Bernard finally converge in the present. With Dolores overtaking the Fort of Forlorn Hope and its men, her band of rebels move towards all-out war against the humans that once enslaved them. As war ignites at the fort, Dolores comes face-to-face with not only Bernard, but her father in Peter Abernathy as well. Forcing Dolores to turn against those she’s aligned herself with, the story takes a turn as alliances begin to shift. Elsewhere, Maeve and her company inch deeper into the park, eventually stumbling upon another facet of the artificial world just waiting to be unleashed.

While last week’s episode might have been titled ‘Reunion’, Sunday’s episode in ‘Virtu e Fortuna’ featured a number of interesting reunions as well, as we saw a war-bound Dolores come face-to-face with not only her once-loyal companion and confidante Bernard, but her own father as well. As Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard continues to piece together his past, still suffering from his own internal malfunctions as a host, his path converges with Dolores’ father Peter (Louis Herthum) after they are both captured by the Confederados. With Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) reeling after the discovery that her father is still alive, we quickly uncover the truth to his return. Once more, the show pitches us into a realm of confusion, forcing us to recall the last season to stitch together exactly what’s going on.

While we did get a taste of war this week, as the Delos forces combatted Dolores and the Confederados, the true heart of the story lied with the return of Peter Abernathy. With the season kicking off with Bernard and Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale seeking out Abernathy’s location, this week finally clued us in on just what role Dolores’ father plays in the story. After Charlotte and the Delos Corporation filled Abernathy with loads of sensitive information they sought to smuggle out of the park, things went awry, leaving the host scatterbrained and in the possession of the Confederados. As Charlotte blazed through Dolores’ army to get to Peter, we saw just how vital Abernathy could be to the future of Westworld. All the while, we also got a peek at Dolores’ dual persona, which has continually pitched between the endearing rancher she once played, and the emerging villain who seeks to burn the park to ash.

Even while the season remains ever-so-vague in its time-jumping storytelling so far, “Virtu e Fortuna” presented another key element that seeks to take charge as the season goes on. While things go to hell at Westworld, the sparks of revolution seem to be just beginning in the surrounding parks outside of Westworld. With the season two premiere teasing the inclusion of other parks with the arrival of a dead Bengal tiger on the shores of Westworld, this week aimed to pitch the season towards the parks’ inevitable collision with one another. While we barely scratched the surface of the British Raj period in the first few minutes of the episode, it would seem while the plot thickens in the world of our central characters, a whole new set of variables is about to come crashing through the door.

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