“God of War” – Apr. 20 for PS4

Image courtesy of SIE Santa Monica

Headlining April is the return of one of Sony’s biggest franchises, “God of War.” This new iteration of the game is a soft reboot, making some significant changes to both the gameplay and the main character Kratos. No longer in the land of Sparta and the Greek gods, a much older Kratos now resides in Midgard, home to Norse Mythology. In the new game, Kratos is accompanied by his son Atreus, which presents an interesting perspective on Kratos’ character. Players can embark on their journey through the nine realms when “God of War” releases exclusively on PS4 this April 20.

“Nintendo Labo” – Apr. 20 for PS4

A bizarre piece of tech at first glance, “Nintendo Labo” offers up an interesting prospect for younger players. “Labo” takes advantage of the Switch’s unique hardware through the use of cardboard cutouts, which can assemble into a variety of things like an RC car, miniature keyboard and more. The creative use of the cardboard as evidenced by the video above is primarily aimed at getting kids into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This educational use of their hardware is not something Nintendo has really attempted before, at least on this scale. There are two bundles to buy, one which includes the materials for a robot suit and the other a more variety pack that includes the keyboard and fishing rod among others. Both of these include the software, which has various games to make use of what you create and some that are also programmable for different things. “Nintendo Labo” will provide a compelling way to get into STEM when it releases on April 20 for Nintendo Switch.

“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” – May 4 for Nintendo Switch

Image courtesy of Retro Studios and Nintendo

Another game making its way from the Wii U to Switch, “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” continues what the beloved platforming series first started on the SNES by Rare. The game was released to much critical acclaim, marking it as one of the best 2-D platformers of the generation, though of course it was stuck on the Wii U. This new release brings some minor changes to the graphics and other areas, but most notably the new Funky Kong mode, which is essentially a way of breezing through levels for younger players. DK fans can go bananas when “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” releases on May 4 for Nintendo Switch.

“Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition” – May 18 for Nintendo Switch

Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo and Nintendo

A game made with fan-service in mind, “Hyrule Warriors” brings together about 30 years worth of games from “The Legend of Zelda,” allowing players to finally play as some fan-favorite characters other than Link. The action game takes advantage of its sizable roster by giving each character their own moveset, enticing you to give each one at least a try. The game first came out on the Wii U, with a port to 3DS released later along with new characters, ending with this version that includes all the additional characters and new “Breath of the Wild” themed outfits for Link and Zelda. I would have liked to have seen the four champions from “BOTW” added as well, though perhaps they are being saved for a DLC or even a new game. Zelda fans can get their hands on this love-letter to the series when it releases on May 18 for Nintendo Switch.

“Dark Souls Remastered” – May 25 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Image courtesy of FromSoftware

When any game is remotely difficult, “Dark Souls” is often the touchstone used in gauging how hard a game may be, no matter how inaccurate. This remaster gives a much-deserved graphical re-haul to the original game, as well as makes its series debut on a Nintendo console. If you are a newcomer to the series, expect many deaths but one of the best feelings of satisfaction when you finally kill the boss you have been stuck on for three hours (only to find out someone has beaten it with a pair of the “Donkey Kong Jungle Beat” bongos). With the multiple builds and optional multiplayer, there is a lot of replayability to be had with these games. Players can try and try again when “Dark Souls Remastered” releases on May 25 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

“Detroit: Become Human” – May 25 for PS4

Image courtesy of Quantic Dream

Ending the month of May is another one of Sony’s big-hitters, “Detroit: Become Human,” a game that puts focus on the issues that come along with artificial intelligence. If you have ever played a Telltale game, then the gameplay from “Detroit” should be familiar, though this game’s choices seem to play a much larger role in the outcome, at least based on the demo. Visually the game looks stunning, which certainly gives it a leg up on Telltale in that department as well. The problem with these games though is that some may sacrifice their personal experience by simply watching a play-through on YouTube, though the seemingly wealth of choices in each scenario may warrant a purchase for those on the fence. PS4 owners can jump into the streets of future Detroit when “Detroit: Become Human” releases on May 25.

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