Taking care of our skin is very important. Whether it is using sunscreen every day to protect us from the sun or making sure we wash our faces the right way to prevent skin problems. I am here to give you answers to questions that I get asked all the time. Also, the advice is here to help you and is recommended for everyone to ensure good skin care, but keep in mind everyone’s skin is different.

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Let’s start with the first step that every single person needs to do no matter what. Washing your face with a face wash! Every morning, your routine should consist of washing your face with a face wash, not just water. Many people say they just wash their face with water because its natural. Yes, water is natural, but it’s not doing anything for you either. Water will not remove any dirt or impurities. Its plain water and you can pass over more dirt to your face which can build up and lead to oily skin and break out. I highly suggest in investing in a face wash. There are some that break down makeup, helps absorb oil if you have oil concerns, some help with acne and/or pores.

I have had quite a few different face washes. I had acne problems, so I had a face wash for that which helped. I had one that was plant-based because I was doing chemical peels and couldn’t use anything with certain ingredients. Now I am using a face wash that improves the appearance of skin and minimizes pores. So, you can do any face wash you want that cleans your skin and/or also helps with any of your skin concerns. Start using a face wash instead of just water, you will see a difference in your skin, and for many women that love makeup, your makeup will appear much more flawless if you have good skin.

Another recommendation to add on to your skin routine that’s a little more fun are facial masks. They are relaxing and fun to do with friends while improving your skin. There are thousands of facial masks you can get from Amazon, CVS, Sephora and more. Now you don’t have to do this every day; you can do it once or twice a week or whenever you desire. Some masks do help with acne, pores, oily skin, dry skin, dull skin, blackheads and any other skin concerns you may have. Facial masks are a nice addition to your because they all at least help improve the appearance of your skin.

Moisturizing and keeping the skin hydrated is very important. You don’t have to have dry skin to moisturize. Everyone should moisturize their skin. If you’re oily, it is best to moisturize because most of the time you may be producing a lot of oil,  because your skin does not have enough moisture. A good moisturizer for oily skin can be one that has oil control in it to prevent the skin from producing more while giving your skin proper moisture. Now if you have dry skin, anything that’s got intense moisture or water based is important for your skin to keep it from flaking and dry. Hydrating the skin is a little different because here it’s like feeding the skin with water. They say if you drink a lot of water it is good for your skin which is true but you can’t just drink water because that water is going through your body and not enough of it is helping your skin with hydration. This will not make you anymore oily. Dehydrated skin is just lacking water that you need.

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Investing in sunscreen for your face is just as important. Sunscreen will make more of a difference as you age than in the moment. Years ago, skin care was not the focus till now, and so I see a lot of older women with dry skin, dark spots and wrinkles, and they can’t really reverse the effects of sun damage. This can happen with just any sun exposure, and I know no one wants to age this way. You can wear sunscreen with your moisturizer or makeup just to ensure the skin is protected all day from the sun. You want to do this all year and not just for the summer because you’re still getting sun exposure and can still damage your skin over time. For women who wear makeup and look for the ones that have any SPF in it, it is still makeup and not an actual sunscreen. Most makeup products have a range of SPF 15 to SPF 30, but it is still technically not protecting your skin. It’s beneficial to have that SPF in the products for a variety of reasons, but you still need an actual sunscreen that is focused on protecting your skin from the sun in SPF 30 to SPF 50. So, go grab that sunscreen and involve it into your skincare routine.

Please start putting your skin first! It is very important, and I mean who doesn’t want to have good looking skin. Take in some of my advice or all of them, I personally do it all, and I invest so much into my skin not only to have good looking skin but to have healthy clean skin.