Over the weekend of St. Patrick’s day, I spent the day exploring Charlotte, and happened to stumble upon the coffee shop that would soon be my favorite. Subsecreto is located directly across the street from UNC Charlotte Center City campus, an unmissable black-brick building with a signature gold snake dawning the brick above the door.

When entering, the customer is met with antique wall of Freemason memorabilia, along with the anatomical scroll of the snake. Next to that, a bookshelf built into the wall full of books, incense, essential oils and pictures for sale. No spoilers, yet, but visit the shop and ask about the bookshelf. The secret lies within.

When my significant other and I made our way to the counter, I noticed a table in the center of the lounge full of notebooks. As a stationary freak, I immediately picked up the first pack I found and noticed that the notebook was backwards: meaning that the notebook was designed for left-handed people. Also as a left-handed person I then proceeded to freak out, and I knew I was in love with this place. They also had ‘normal’ notebooks, but I felt like i was finally at home and welcomed. The cover said “Field Notes” and my journalistic side squealed like a baby goat. Not only did they have the 10 percent left-handed population represented, but the journalists and investigators as well.

After my mini-freakout, I finally made it to the counter to order coffee. The man behind the counter not only greeted us when we came in, but continued to talk with us as we browsed. As we prepared to order, looking at the coffee concoctions for sale, he told us that on Saturdays, customers can roll a 20-sided di to get a discount on their order. Feeling lucky on that day, we rolled to see the fate of my bank account. We got a 10 percent discount, and then we proceeded to order our drinks. I ordered the Darkside, made with El Paraiso Espresso, Onyx Chocolate, Cardamom, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, and Whole Milk.

Photo courtesy of Niner Times

My partner stuck with the classic Subsecreto, made with El Paraiso Espresso and topped with Onyx Chocolate whipped cream. When we got our drinks (we told him to take his time so we could look around more) we sat in rustic leather chairs and soaked in the aesthetic. The Darkside can be best explained as a fusion between a chai tea latte and espresso. The cardamom added a warmness to the bitter coffee, and honestly was the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I tried a bit of the Subsecreto and it was perfectly brewed and created. One thing I will say is that the coffee is a little expensive. However, If all coffee tasted like that, I would pay that much for it. It is 110 percent worth it.

Also, we found out that you can become an exclusive member by purchasing a small gold snake pin dawned with Subsecreto’s logo to unlock discounts and member benefits. Next time I visit I will get one and wear it proudly.

We spoke more with the barista about the area and the shop itself. We sat for another few minutes as we finished our coffee, and thanked him for the amazing time we had. As we left, we both looked at each other in shock for a good 5 minutes as to how amazing this place was.

Over all. This place is mysterious, inviting and totally worth the drive and the money. Even though my time there was short, I can promise you I will be back very soon. The coffee and vibe is unforgettable and one that everyone needs to experience. Do yourself a favor if you love coffee and all things aesthetic, go to Subsecreto.

Rate: 5/5 Stars

Hailey Turpin is a Senior Communication Studies Major with a Public Relations Track and an English Minor. Hailey has worked for the paper for her entire secondary education career. She enjoys coffee, everything lifestyle related and sleeping. Hailey is also a member if Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity.