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Spring is approaching. Charlotte’s weather may still have a few curve balls to throw at us, but warm and sunny spring days are just around the corner. A bright 70-something day on campus is hard to beat. Nevertheless, it is important to remember the other official trademark of spring: Spring cleaning! If you are looking for a great way to be productive and boost your mood, paying your dorm some attention is a great way to start. Here are four ways to get your dorm looking and smelling up to snuff.

Change your Linens:
It is easy to get caught up in the flow of school. You have to go to class, complete assignments, and study for quizzes and tests, all the while attempting to keep your personal and social life in balance. Do not let yourself sacrifice basic cleanliness because of this. The general rule of thumb is to change and wash bed sheets and bath towels once every week. By doing this, you allow your comforter and mattress to breath, as well as preventing foul odors from accumulating.

Line and empty trash when needed:
Let’s get this straight: Allowing garbage to accumulate for weeks on end is nothing short of a war crime against your nose. Making sure to empty your trash when it is full or foul-smelling will significantly cut back on the unholy stank emulating from under your doorway. The best way to make emptying your trash can a breeze is by lining it with trash bags. This helps keep all your trash in one place and additionally prevents trash-juice from forming at the bottom of your bin. In some cases, purchasing a lid for your trash can may be necessary. (Pro-Tip: Putting food scraps directly into your dorm’s trash room instead of in your dorm room will eliminate the most offensive trash can odors).

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Bathroom Essentials:
For those of you in Niner Nation fortunate enough to have a personal bathroom, this is for you. As Uncle Ben once said, “With power comes great responsibility.” For those you with personal bathrooms, it translates roughly to “Don’t let what you’re doing in the bathroom be cleaner than the bathroom itself.” Seriously, if your feet are sticking to the floor when you walk in, or the shower has turned from a pearly white to a used-tissue green, arm yourself with some gloves and some cleaner and lay siege to that nastiness. Any major brand shower cleaner from Walmart or Target will get you shower back in shape. Dollar store multi-purpose cleaner is a sure bet for dealing with countertops and toilets. This should be done weekly.

Cleaning Staples:
I’m talking about the fundamental principles of cleaning here: putting laundry in the laundry basket, not leaving food out to rot, cleaning out your microwave (as well as staying away from microwaving strong smelling foods such as seafood and popcorn), vacuuming your floor and rugs at the very least once a month, and occasionally opening your window to air your room out. If you only take away one thing from this article, make it these fundamental cleaning principles. The beauty of these basic cleaning activities is in their simplicity. Everything I just listed is doable in under 15 minutes, and will fix your dorm situation in a jiffy.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way to looking and feeling like a champ. Coming back to a clean and pleasant dorm after a stressful and confusing day is almost as nice as the approaching spring weather. Good luck on your cleaning journey!

Photo courtesy of Flickr