Wouldn’t you love to go out to eat where are all your dreams will be fulfilled? If you love to eat endless servings of meat in a relaxed, happy environment, well Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is the place to be. I fell in love with the restaurant, but it is pricey, so I don’t go very often except for special occasions. When I first heard of Chima, all I heard was good things and that the food was so good and you can eat as much as you want which is what excited me the most. Ever since I heard about it, I’ve wanted to go and I did on a special day.

My first time going to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse was on my five-year anniversary with my boyfriend. My boyfriend surprised me with dinner on our anniversary, and of course, I was excited since I’ve been waiting to go for a long time. Well, we had a whole day of fun activities and it was just perfect. Perfect weather and perfect day so how better to end it with dinner at Chima.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Herrera

Arriving at Chima, they have complimentary valet parking which was great. When we went inside the restaurant, it was beautiful and clean, and we were greeted very nicely and sat down. We started out with drinks and appetizers that they have for the table which was good. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what they were called but I know they were stuffed cheeseballs, and it tasted delicious. The salad bar was top of the line because they had a variety of choices in types of salads, starters, toppings, dressing, soup, bread and they all tasted very fresh.
So, everything was going well, I was having a great time with my boyfriend, and he was even enjoying the food. My boyfriend is very critical about everything, and I was happy that he was going with the flow and enjoying himself.

The best part finally came, we were asked what kind of meat we wanted to start off with, and we started off with sirloin which was delicious. So, this is how it works, when you sit down and eat the appetizer, the waitress will come around and asked if you’re ready for the Rodizio and then they will give you a card with one side green and one side red. There are about 5 to 7 Gauchos that roam around the room serving a range of meats on a stick from sirloin, lamb, pork ribs, filet, sausage, chicken, and fish. If you keep your card on the green side, they will keep coming around serving meat, so if you want a little break you can just flip the card to the red side, and they know you don’t want more at the moment.

That’s amazing, and we got to try everything except for the fish, and my favorite was the lamb leg. I ordered it in medium well and its on a stick so you can also tell them what part you want. It was juicy, flavorful and easy to bite into. My boyfriend enjoyed the sirloin the most, so he kept getting served the sirloin and I the lamb leg and there were a couple of times where we did need a break.

You can say I am meat eater, which is my nickname in the family, but this passed my dream of having endless meat, because I needed a break to get myself together. After a few rounds of eating, we were full and were ready to go. Before we got a check, we were surprised with a cute Tiramisu cake to celebrate our anniversary. For them to make a piece of cake and actually said “Happy Anniversary” right on top of the cake which was amazing. We exchanged gifts because the moment felt right and intimate feeling like we were the only two in the restaurant. Oh, but the cake was really good.

My first experience was amazing. I was very happy; the staff was very friendly, the food was delicious. I would give Chima Brazilian Steakhouse a 5 out of 5 stars. Nothing went wrong, and they made our day even more special. I would love to go again, and it was just so good, I would even take myself out to eat there. I highly recommend eating at Chima for the experience and of course the food. Make sure to check it out soon, I know some of you are graduating soon, and this is a great place to celebrate your accomplishments. I do suggest making a reservation ahead of time, and they do offer group dining. So, treat yourself!

Photo courtesy of Katherine Herrera