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Everyone has their favorite season depending on preference of weather, from frigid cold to blistering hot and everything in between. Oftentimes, spring is considered a transitional season and all its refreshing qualities are overlooked rather than appreciated. In this article, some of spring’s most promising features of new life and new beginnings are highlighted to encourage summer, fall and winter lovers to seek a fresh mindset about the underrated season of spring.

Regrowth (you and nature!)

Winter is a season of bitter cold, barren trees and settling into a new semester. Between the temperatures in the teens and the massive ‘new semester workload,’ even I, a winter enthusiast, can admit that it’s a season of struggle. So, when the first flowers start to bloom and midterms come to a close, nature (and the average student) lets out a collective sigh of relief. Spring is the season of regrowth and rejuvenation. It’s a cliché mindset but proves itself to be quite true when nature looks a little bit greener and you start to feel a little bit lighter on your feet. Besides, spring break exists for a reason. Whether you realize it or not, that week that you spend with your toes in the sand is a week of recuperation, preparing you to ‘spring’ back into the semester with a positive attitude.

Spring Cleaning

Yet another cliché idea associated with spring but seriously, one of the best parts about it. The months after the holidays always feel cluttered with not enough time to pause and catch your breath. Then, before you know it, you’re thrown into a new semester with all your old notebooks, textbooks and junk lying around. Put the cliché idea of spring cleaning to work and de-clutter your life! Your spring break is what you make it, so make it productive. Trash the things you no longer need, clean out that monstrous pile of who-knows-what under your bed and ready your closet for warmer weather. Then, take any lightly used items and clothes to a Goodwill or donation place near you to help out in your community. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

New Life

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think everyone can agree that seeing nature flourish and thrive is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things in life. Winter and all its leafless trees and snow covered ground is definitely beautiful, but once everything starts to ‘de-thaw’ and bloom again, the beauty of new life is uncovered. The stereotypical poster picture for the spring season would consist of birds chirping, flowers blossoming and the sun shining. The thing about that stereotypical picture associated with spring though is that it’s actually quite accurate. The beauty of spring may be underappreciated due to the fact that we, as humans, struggle with slowing down just long enough to open our eyes and truly admire the beauty that surrounds us.

Here Comes the Sun

Temperatures in the teens call for staying indoors by the fire drinking a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. However, when spring comes around, it brings the sun with it. When the weather is nearly perfect there is no excuse not to go outside and get your daily dose of vitamin D3. It is scientifically proven that exposure to sunlight also increases the hormone serotonin in our brains, causing us to feel happier. Sun exposure may also help to decrease the chemical melatonin during the day, but increases it at night allowing us a better night’s sleep. This increase of melatonin at night makes for a more energized tomorrow.

Springing Forward

Thanks to the spring equinox that will begin on March 20 of this year, we will see more hours of daylight allowing for more to get accomplished before the sun goes down. Some people view this with a negative attitude because they see it as ‘losing an hour of sleep’ but there is more than one way to look at it. Many people use the saying ‘spring forward, fall back’ to remember to set their clocks according to the equinox. This commonly used saying can also be used to motivate you when the time comes to change your clock face. Do as the saying says…spring forward!