“Kirby Star Allies” – Mar. 16 for Nintendo Switch

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

A console debut for the lovable pink ball, “Kirby Star Allies” brings a new cooperative platforming adventure for Kirby, joined this time by a number of friends both old and new. If you are new to “Kirby” games in general, the somewhat dark twist for our hero comes as he can suck up most enemies and take their own tool-set as his own. The series in general has usually been on the easier side of most platformers, though that does not take away from how fun the game can be when playing with friends. This new entry brings allies of Kirby from past games to play alongside him in his quest, and Nintendo has stated there will be free future content updates to bring even more down the road as well. If your a longtime “Kirby” fan or just looking for something fun to play with friends on the Switch in general, “Kirby Star Allies” looks to be a great title to pick-up when it releases March 16.

“Sea of Thieves” – Mar. 20 for Xbox One and PC

Screenshot courtesy of Rare

A beacon of hope in Microsoft’s seemingly barren land of exclusives, “Sea of Thieves” finally arrives to take players on a pirate journey of their own. The game sets you and your friends up into a crew of your own, as you will sail the open-world going on quests for treasure and solving other riddles for rewards. Your crew will likely come across others on the sea, with it up to you whether they are friend or foe. It’s nice to see Microsoft finally releasing more competition for Sony and Nintendo in exclusives, and coming from a highly-acclaimed studio in Rare, they seem to have a strong title in their hands. Thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, both Xbox One and Windows 10 users can get their hands on the game when it releases on March 20.

“A Way Out” – Mar. 23 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Screenshot courtesy of Hazelight Studios

A game I’ve been looking forward to since it was unveiled last year at E3, “A Way Out” puts you and a friend in control of two convicts attempting to escape prison. An interesting aspect to take on, whether you are playing online or right next to each other, the game will be played in split-screen, meaning you will be able to see what your friend is up to at all times. The game seems to be short in length but offers a deep narrative and value, as you will only need one copy for both players even if you want to play online with your friend. Being published by EA, who came under much controversy last year, this provides a good step forward in terms of their image and begs the question whether such a large generalization should even be made about a company so large. Players on PS4, Xbox One and PC can get their chance at escaping confinement when “A Way Out” releases on March 23.

“Detective Pikachu” – Mar. 23 for 3DS

Screenshot courtesy of Nintendo

Despite finding breakout success with the Switch, Nintendo has stayed loyal to 3DS owners in continuing to deliver more titles exclusive to the popular handheld. What seems like your typical detective gameplay, “Detective Pikachu” provides the unique take on the icon who ditches his adorable vocal chords for that of a middle-aged male. The game follows Pikachu and his human compatriot solving crimes around the city like investigating crime scenes and interviewing witnesses. Because of the games popularity when first released in Japan, the success warranted a film adaptation with Ryan Reynolds providing the voice of Pikachu, set to come sometime in 2019. Those still holding on to their 3DS can try the game for themselves when it releases on March 23.

“Far Cry 5” – Mar. 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Screenshot courtesy of Ubisoft

Ending the month is the next release in the “Far Cry” series, ditching the island and Himalayan settings for the middle of the Montana, U.S.A. The game puts you in the shoes of a sheriffs deputy who is tasked with taking down a ‘preacher’ and his amassed cult followers. Much like previous “Far Cry” games, the open-world presents you with a number of missions to complete across its map, with how you approach each one entirely up you. This time you come along with some allies and even a dog named Boomer, who can be healed by giving belly-rubs. While I was not captivated by the game’s predecessor; this new setting and system of mechanics give me enough push that I may consider giving it a go down the line. “Far Cry 5” comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC players on March 27.

Noah Howell is the Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor for Niner Times. He is currently majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Journalism. He is a fan of all things "Star Wars" and "The Muppets," and spends his free-time playing too many video games and watching the Oklahoma City Thunder.