As a college student, finding the time to live a healthy lifestyle isn’t very easy. Going to school is a full-time job within itself and most students have a job while in school making it more difficult to accomplish goals.

I am here to share an inspiring journey of a UNC Charlotte student named Monserrath Orellana and get her top 3 pieces of advice for students who are wanting to start implementing healthy habits into their lifestyle.

Monserrath is junior at UNCC studying finance while working at Francesca’s as an assistant manager. You would think working and going to school at the same time would make it challenging to work out, but she still manages to work out 5 times a week.  So, how so? Well she said, “I just had to get into a routine that would work with my schedule.” She plans her workouts with her schedule to guarantee her time rather than trying to adjust her schedule to make time to work out and sometimes it’s not possible.

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Herrera

It is never easy to get into a new routine that involves a lot of changes. Her journey was not easy either and she said that eating healthy was hard at first especially while trying balance being a full-time student with a full-time job. Although that did not stop her because she started noticing changes in how she felt, and it was making it easier for her. 5 years of hard work, her body got used to the routine of eating healthier and working out 5 times a week.

So where did it all start? She mentioned that it was during her sophomore year in high school where she decided to do something about her weight that was getting out of control because of stress eating. So, she started out by joining school sports, but it still not good enough. After graduating, she set herself a goal of working out at least 5 times a week to maintain her weight and health. Today she is proud of sharing her story and her tips to help you accomplish your goals.

I asked her what 3 top pieces of advice you would like to share with students that want to live a healthy lifestyle and she said:

First, come up with some realistic healthy fitness goals that YOU can achieve. Always plan out the work out you would like to do each day at the gym, apartment or even your dorm room. Not only plan your workout but also your meals in advance so you are not tempted to reach for junk food.

Second, view your workout as a positive addition to your lifestyle and not something that just takes up time.

Lastly, setup your workouts as if it were your class and set a time that you can go. Thirty minutes to an hour to an hour a day is less than what you will spend bored in class.

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I had the opportunity to join her in a workout that is easy yet effective for those who want to get started. The workout can be achieved anywhere and all you really need are weights and a yoga mat. A 30-minute workout that turned into almost an hour because we kept moving, we lost track of time. I burned a lot of calories but gained energy which I have never felt before. I will say that the next day I felt the after effects. I was sore, but I knew it meant I had a good workout in less time and didn’t feel exhausted or tired. I will list a few work outs of the routine below that we did, so you could try it right at your gym or anywhere. I know I will be doing this routine again!

-Squat with head over press 3×12

-Deadlift with back row 3×12

-Bridge with chest press 3×12 to 15

-Woodchop 3×12 each side

-Reverse fly 3×12

-Split squat with over head press 3×10 to 12

-Side lunge with bicep curl 3×12

-Lawnmower 3×12 to 15

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