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Sometimes as college students, we struggle with finding the time to balance everything we want to do in our day to day lives. We don’t always have access to the most beneficial foods, or the most convenient times to work out because as expected, most of us are broke college students. Luckily, our campus does have a great fitness center. Our fitness center is conveniently in the middle of campus in the Student Activity Center (SAC). The SAC is helpful for students who live on campus, because they don’t have to travel to get to the gym. For commuters, you already have to come to campus, why not take a fitness class while you are here.

There is plenty of variety in the fitness classes, which means the SAC has a little something for everyone. They offer cycling, yoga, zumba, BODYPUMP, cardio dance and many more fitness classes that you probably wouldn’t normally think of. Some of these classes are held in the Belk Gym as well, so you would have to go online and verify where each of the classes are. They also have swimming classes in the Belk Gym that you can take if you’re interested. Aside from the fitness classes, each of these locations also has a fitness gym. The gym in Belk consists of treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, olympic benches and free weights to lift as well as many more pieces of equipment. The best part of all of this is each of these locations are free with your student ID card! They also have fitness assessments available to take, but these are $15 for students and $20 for non-students.

Now that you know all that the fitness centers entail, it is important to know how to stay focused and accomplish what needs to get done at the gym. As far as remaining focused, I believe that the center of focus is situational and varies with each person. Personally, I get more done in the gym when I go with a friend. My best friend is into working out and taking fitness classes so when I go with her, she is the perfect example that I need to see how to properly use the equipment and to stay focused. She is also my motivation to get up and go to the SAC or to the gym, since we do not live on campus. Some people tend to think that going to work out with another person is distracting, so their best bet is to go alone. If this applies to you, I recommend that you bring a pair of headphones, because listening to the conversations of others around you can be very distracting. Make a playlist of the songs that motivate you the most so that you can concentrate and get to where you need to be in order to make your fitness trip a successful one.

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As far as what not to do, nobody should ever look at someone else’s exercise habits and methods and aim to copy them. Sometimes looking at what others are doing around you can be somewhat inspiring, it is never good to shoot to be like somebody else. Your body is not their body, you do not know how long they have been working out, and the last thing you need to do is put the pressure on yourself to be like someone else. Everyone is different, your body is meant for you and nobody but you. Take your time, work at your own speed and trust yourself and your limits, and you’ll get to where you need to be in no time. For more information on the on campus fitness centers, check out their website at https://sac.uncc.edu/ and https://recservices.uncc.edu/facilities/belk.