Before her father’s historical takeover of the White House, Ivanka Trump was known somewhat as a beauty icon. The kind of beauty icon that attracts her father’s praise in March of 2006 when he infamously – and creepily – stated that: “…if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” This is how Ivanka was known to the world: as Donald Trump’s beautiful daughter that even he would date. Despite this, Ivanka made a name for herself through modeling and in her father’s business. Nepotism was not an issue in regards to business, so it is no surprise the same treatment was offered when Donald Trump took office, regardless if she is working for free or not. Now an Advisor to the President, Ivanka is climbing the political ladder one ring at a time. During the Presidential election process, Ivanka had only a minor role in her father’s campaign. However, her involvement in Trump’s administration has not gone unnoticed. Her lingering presence in everything her father does has gained an immense amount of media attention as the American people try to figure out whether this reflects positively on her White House influence or negatively on the President’s capabilities. Important meetings that were once for the President have seen Ivanka in the press room alongside him. The first-daughter even seems to be surpassing the first-lady’s role in press and volunteerism, and thanks to Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”, it’s apparent her hard work is going towards the bigger goal: replacing her own father. As of the first week of the new year, Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner’s “Clinton-style” pact has come to light in the media. According to “Fire and Fury”, the duo’s involvement in the Trump presidency has been more or for their own benefits. According to Wolff, it was decided that Ivanka would be the one to run if the opportunity presented itself. This is no surprise considering the noticeable differences in personalities as Ivanka is the more outgoing of the pair while Jared is described as a “helper-outer.”, yet I disagree with anyone who says she has the capacity to hold the job of President of the United States.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is hot-headed and foul-mouthed; he is always under fire for what he says, respectfully so, and seems to garner more hate than praise for the few actions he has taken in office. Ivanka, however, has tended to stay tight-lipped on important situations, like the transgender military ban and the most recent nuclear button war with Kim Jong Un. While one can argue she has limitations that prevent her from speaking out, like fact that she is the President’s daughter, I argue that she is wasting her platform. She claims she tries to stay out of politics but inserts herself into business that first-daughters aren’t necessarily supposed to be in. Trump even tweeted: “She’s a great person – always pushing me to do the right thing!” For someone who tries to stay out of politics, especially an Advisor to the President, it is hard to believe she hasn’t taken a passenger seat next to the conductor of Capitol Hill. When Ivanka has spoken out, it has been flooded with faux-feminism. Finally, a woman who is hardworking and driven – of course, with help from her billionaire father – has the ability to lift women up and commend them. Her favorite saying is “Women Who Work”, yet fails to protect the women in underdeveloped countries who used to work for her in terrible conditions, like 18 hour work days and abusive management. She hasn’t expanded the child tax credit, despite being a mother of three, and was again tight-lipped when it came to her father supporting a bill that impeded the access of birth control for women. While she may have the ability to decide to have three children to experience the joys of motherhood with no hindrance, not everyone does. Not only that, but one would think her determination to get women working would result in prioritizing equal pay for all genders, but that doesn’t seem too important either. While I can praise Ivanka’s determination to use her father’s failures for her own gain and to potentially take his job, I don’t want her to. She has limitations in the things she can do of course, but to become the first woman president, you have to prove you are for women to gain the votes of women. With the few things I mentioned, it is clear to me she is not for women, and I’m not too sure if she’s for everyone in general, considering her silence on the transgender military bill. Her hard-work is geared towards White House position holding, not in actual policies that affect the everyday people of the United States. Ivanka and Jared show themselves to be just like the majority of the people on Capitol Hill: out to make a name for themselves. Once she can prove to me that she is capable of fighting for the people against those who try to push them down, I may change my mind, but until she shows her true opinions in regards to her own father, I don’t believe she can be the next President.