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Let’s be real, we don’t need a reason to party. We’re college students, there’s pretty much an unspoken thing and it’s understood that college students are going to go out and go to parties. On the other hand, there is always that percentage of college students that legitimately don’t go out and party. It’s understandable that it can be hard to balance everything, and obviously our main priority is school. But, I feel like partying in college is a very big part of the college experience, and can actually be very beneficial to you. When I say party, I don’t even mean the typical college stereotype of “getting wasted and wild.” Being sober at a party is totally normal, and with that being said, here are five reasons why you should party in college.

Networking- Although it might sound weird, almost everything in life is a networking experience. Going out to a party or a social gathering means that there is obviously going to be other people at this party or social gathering. The chances of someone being there that you did not know when you entered through the door are extremely high. This is the chance to meet so many new people. Especially if you’re an underclassman, or someone who just transferred and does not know many people, this is the way to meet them. It can be extremely difficult to start over in college and meet new people. Going out to a social gathering makes it so much easier to casually meet people. Almost every time I have gone to a party, the next time I went back to school I saw a familiar face from the party. It is so worth it and you’ll be able to say you met new people.

Enhancing your social skills- We have all heard of the phrase “if you don’t use it you lose it” and this is true when it comes to social skills. A lot of people believe that the bulk of your social skills need to be established when you are young. Although I do believe that it is very necessary to establish social skills at a young age, it is just as necessary to carry that same set of skills throughout your whole life. Being able to socialize and talk to new people in your twenties is so essential. This is the time in a lot of our lives that we are working on finding ourselves and finding careers, and a lack of social skills really makes these years in our lives extremely difficult. When you go to a party, most of the time you end up conversing with someone you don’t know that well. Whether you’re shooting your shot or just having a conversation about the boy that won’t leave you alone, you are still working on your social skills. Being able to be in a room full of people that you don’t necessarily know, without having that feeling of discomfort is very prominent especially in your college years. These parties are practice for what you will find in the real world, which is you having to be around people you don’t know constantly.

Memories- When you look back on your college career, and your children are asking what you liked best about college or your favorite college memory, what are you going to say? For some sooner than others, memories are going to be the only thing left of college at some point. Memories are going to be the only thing that you’ll be able to look back on and smile about. If there’s anything that you don’t want to do in college, it is definitely not make memories. The biggest regret that you’ll ever have is not going to that party, or not hanging out that one night with your friends, or not speaking to that person that you thought was cute. The WORST thing to have to live with in life is regret. I encourage everyone to go out and make new friends and go to parties. As long as you’re taking precautions to be safe at all times, please by all means go out and have fun. My 7th grade social studies teacher, Mr. Kyle, told my class that if there was any time that he could re live from his past it would be college. He also told us that if we go to college, it would be the best time of our lives. And he did not mean that stressing over tests, and crying over professors was the best time of his life. He meant meeting his life long friends and really experiencing the joys of being young and free were the best times of his life. Make memories while you can!

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To make mistakes- I know this sounds weird, but it’s oddly true. Honestly, everyone in life makes mistakes. Think of the smartest, most insightful person you know and ask them how many mistakes they’ve made. Next, ask them when they made these mistakes and I guarantee you that most of them, if not all of them will say between the age of 17 and 25. If you get more in depth with the conversation, you will probably find that a lot of them, if they attended college, also attended numerous parties. If ever the time to make a mistake in life, it is definitely in college. The small mistakes that you can make now with your friends are a lot less life threatening than the mistakes you would make in the real world if you never made those mistakes. It may sound weird, but the next time you speak with a college graduate, ask them how many mistakes they made in college and how many of them were in a social setting and it will make more sense.

To have fun- Lastly, please remember that we are college students and it is okay to have fun! Every now and then it is very necessary to put down the books and have some fun. You will literally tarnish yourself and your brain if you don’t take time to yourself. If you do anything in college, if all else fails, please please please be able to say you had fun! Live your best life and make as many memories as possible because once it’s gone, that’s it!