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Shopping can be very expensive whether you are buying makeup, a new outfit or shoes.  You can walk into M.A.C Cosmetics or Sephora and spend at least a hundred dollars and men who love their shoes can easily spend a minimum of 200 hundred dollars for one pair. As years go by, the prices of these items do go up a dollar annually. So, when is it the best time to find sales?  Well, from working with big retailers for years, I am here to inform you of when to find good deals when shopping.

The beauty industry is trending big. Companies are competing to have the best skin care line, the best foundation or the best highlighter. Although beauty products never really go on sale, sometimes they do. Sephora’s beauty insider is a program where you gain points as you spend and with those points you can use to get some beauty products for free. Also by being a beauty insider, you get notifications about deals, 15 percent off coupons and a free Birthday gift. Towards the end of November to Christmas Eve, Sephora has more deals on their gift sets. Also around the same time, Belk has sales on their cosmetics brands which include Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Channel and now also included in their sales is M.A.C Cosmetics. Last year, Belk had sales weekly for a month. They had buy one, get one 50 percent off, 20 percent off everything and now all the gifts that are left are 25 percent off. M.A.C has a set of five brushes that were originally $49.50 and now about $37. Always sign up for email notifications from your favorite brands, they don’t just let you know about the newest trend or products, but sometimes they send you coupons or sale dates.

Everyone needs a nice warm coat for the winter, but as you know they can be very pricey. Coats can range from $100 to $1000. Coats in big retailers like Dillard’s or Macy’s do go on sale, but they only go on sale right after Christmas. Why after Christmas?  Well they need to make sure they all sell so there’s room for spring wear like swimsuits. No worries, most retailers try to keep coats on sale if they can up to the end of February. Another must-have are sweaters, those also start to go on sale around the same time along with any cold weather accessories. You can find those items on sale now for up 50 percent off. So, the best advice here for cold weather items is to wait until after Christmas when they go on sale and now at least you will have a coat for next year.

Coming soon is spring and summer season. Ladies, if you noticed last year swimsuits were expensive, and it will be no surprise that they will be expensive this year. When you buy a two-piece, the top alone is at least $60 and you still need to buy the matching bottoms. The best time to purchase multiple swimsuits cheap is when they go on sale around August to September. Retailers like Dillard’s and Macy’s have deals like buy one, get one free, or 30 to 65 percent off as the season ends, depending on the retailer. Stock up! Like I said, now you’ll have swimsuits for the following year. This also goes for men; swimming trunks go on sale around the same time women’s swimwear does.

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Most stores have sales weeks before Christmas, and majority have even bigger sales right after Christmas like Francesca’s, Banana Republic, Michael Kors and more. Black Friday is a good time to purchase any electronics like flat screen TVs, cell phones, sound systems and anything you find at Best Buy. Throughout the year, Macy’s has big sales during the weekend about twice a month on clothes, fine jewelry and even household items like Ralph Lauren pillows for $7.99.  Michael Kors holds 25 percent off four times a year on everything. Also, throughout the year is when new shoes or clothes come into the stores, the “old” ones always go on sale, so keep an eye out.

So, when is the best time to shop? Well, pretty much all year depending on the items. Cosmetics have more sales during the holidays. For seasonal items like swimwear and coats, there are certain times of the year where you will get the best deal and most of the time it will be the only time. If your shopping for electronics, it is always best to wait for Black Friday since they hold the biggest sale. Majority of all stores have their biggest sale right after Christmas. Dillard’s hold their biggest sale of the year on New Year’s, which is an extra 50 percent off on all sale items in the store and SHOES are included!  To make sure you can get the best deals all year, sign up for notifications of your favorite stores because they do send you coupons and inform you on any sales and because you signed up for their program you also could get special perks. Shopping isn’t cheap, but it can be.