Fall semester always goes by quick, but unfortunately spring semester takes forever to end, or so it seems and that’s mostly because we don’t get as many breaks. It’s hard to get through the spring semester without wanting to pull your hair out, so here are 10 ideas that will surely get you to May without hating every second of it.

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  1. Take up a new hobby. Whether it be cooking, or skateboarding, find something you’re interested in and become great at it, or even better think of something that you’re really bad at and become the best. After all being good at something is just from practice, so if you’re terrible at cooking then start small with different pancake recipes or mac and cheese with your own spin and then work your way up. Fall as many times as you need on that skateboard and then get right back on, eventually you’ll be gliding and you’ll be proud you did it. Focusing on something you want to be good at and you enjoy is a great way to release stress.
  2. Get a Carowinds season pass. Another great way to release stress is by riding so many roller coasters you don’t have time to even remember what you were worrying about. The best way to do that is by getting a season pass to Carowinds, once you have a season pass you have validated parking, early access to the water park, discounted friend tickets and entrance to Scarowinds/Winterfest. I assure you that by your second visit the ticket pays for itself, and a great way to get the cheapest price is by going one afternoon after 5 p.m., paying for a regular 5 p.m. ticket (which is discounted because its so late in the day) and on your way out of the amusement park around 9 or 10 p.m. when they are about to close, stop by the ticket office and upgrade your discounted ticket to a gold pass. You get the season pass much cheaper this way and then you can ride everything throughout the whole year as much as you want.
  3. Utilize the campus. Quit spending your money on a gym membership, just go to the school one! If you don’t like regular workouts perhaps join the group yoga or pilates classes. Spend time in the library getting your work done, go watch a movie on campus instead of paying for one in theaters. The truth and the matter is, is we pay so much money for all these amenities on campus that half of us don’t even utilize, so go get your money’s worth!
  4. Be more social. Some people are naturally social, and often when you live on campus you’re more likely to socialize everyday but if you’re an off campus student it can be a little harder to get out of your little bubble. This semester try to sit out on campus or make conversation with a stranger in line, it’s actually really great for your health to talk to people and to smile, so get out there and try to make new friends or simply brighten someone’s day with a compliment or a casual conversation.
  5. Explore the city more. Charlotte is growing by the second and it’s hard to keep up with it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Go check out bar crawls, or museums, maybe a new restaurant. Charlotte will someday be a mini New York, go take it in while it’s still somewhat quiet.
  6. Get a planner. Don’t forget about school and your health during this semester there is a time to have fun and to buckle down. Make sure you know when to kick it into high gear and when you can relax, a good way to keep up with school, doctors appointments, etc. is by getting a planner and using it. Make that dentist appointment and jot it down, go through the academic calendar and write down important dates, don’t get caught by surprise and tailspin.
  7. Declutter your life. Another thing that can really help with stress is by decluttering your life, that means go through the mountain of clothes in your closet and get rid of the stuff that’s just taking up room and you never wear, quit hanging out with people that make you unhappy, go through the fridge and toss out that three-month old casserole. Don’t let your life pile up and drown you, just go through everything, decide what’s important and what can go this applies to both people and things.

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  8. Take mini trips. Spring doesn’t have a whole lot of breaks which can make it seem like its lasting forever, a good way to combat the springtime blues is by going on mini-road trips on a weekend. Charlotte is perfectly placed between the mountains and the beach, and this gives you many opportunities for a fun adventure. Gather a few friends, ask off for a weekend and roadtrip it two hours to a ski lodge and split the cabin, or airbnb it up on a beach in Wilmington. Don’t sit at your house bored out of your mind wondering when this semester will end, take up every moment and live it up.
  9. Plan a huge trip for the summer. Have something to look forward to and it will make everything so much more worth it, plan a big trip with friends, or a solo trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Spend the springtime saving money for it, working out so you have that picture perfect body you want for pictures when you go, give yourself a reward for your hard work this semester.
  10. Do something that scares you. Afraid of heights? Go ziplining. Afraid of public speaking? Go to an open mic night. Doing things that scare us of course is scary and why would you want to do something that scares you? Well what if you end up liking it? You won’t give it a chance because it freaks you out but what if you end up loving it? What if it changes your whole outlook on life? Do something that scares you whether it be big or small. Life is about taking risks, do it this year, take a little risk. May is around the corner and then before you know it, it will be December again and another year has gone by. This year is yours!
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Angie Baquedano is the Assistant Lifestyle Editor at Niner Times. She is close to completing her Creative Writing major and Journalism Minor as an Undergraduate and hopes to one day work for The National Geographic Society. When Angie isn’t swamped with homework or working her CNA job she can be found traveling, reviewing restaurants for Charlotte Food Adventures or taking up new hobbies such as painting with oil pastels (It changes depending on what inspires her that week).