Walking into church on a Sunday morning, ready to come together with family and friends. Ready to sing songs, clap, dance even shout if it comes. Then, shots fired, people screaming, babies crying panic ensues. This was the scene last Sunday when 26-year-old Devin Kelley, former Air Force airman, opened fire on worshipers in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. With 26 people dead and others wounded, now is better time than any to start praying. Kelley had a history of abuse and misconduct. According to Kelley’s ex-wife, Tessa Brennaman, he had hatred inside him and also threatened to kill her whole family. “He just had a lot of demons or hatred inside him. He had a gun in his holster right here and took that gun out and he put it to my temple and he told me, ‘Do you want to die? Do you want to die?’” this was the statement Brennaman told Inside Edition about Kelley. Brennaman also told Inside Edition about the time 2013 when he choked her, pulled her hair and kicked her. He also abused his young son, hitting in the head and body and fractured his skull. All things Kelley pleaded guilty to. Kelley was sentenced to 12 months in confinement for the incident and was discharged from the Air Force.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

These kinds of incidents happen far too often. For example, the Las Vegas shooting on October, 1st, where Stephen Paddock opened fire at a concert on the Las Vegas strip, killed 58 people. Another incident, the Charleston church shooting in 2015, where Dylann Roof opened fire at Emanuel African Methodist Church, killing nine. The list is endless. People today feel that they have to right to take people’s lives because they don’t like their religion, their sexual orientation, their gender or just because they feel like it. A big reason for these constant string of shootings is the fact that anyone with the right amount of money and right color skin can buy a gun. No one does thorough background checks on buyers, or checks to see if they have a history of mental illness. That is how all of these demented sociopaths and psychos get guns, or the case of Devin Kelley, the Air Force just forgets to enter their criminal history into the federal database, making it possible for him to walk into any run of the mill gun shop and buy a gun, or in his case, a Ruger AR-556 rifle and two hand guns. We need a change! People are so quick to jump down your throat and get angry when we say we want more gun control, this is why! People can’t do simple things like, go to church or have fun a concert without coming home, dead, injured or traumatized. From now on I guess we need to put disclaimers everywhere saying, “hey, go to church, sing, dance, shout, converse with friends, but make sure to wear your bulletproof vest and don’t forget to duck because you might get shot!”

In response to the tragedy President Trump had this to say, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of today’s murderous attack in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This horrible act of evil occurred as the victims and their families were in their place of sacred worship. We cannot put into words the pain and grief we all feel, and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones they loved. Our hearts are broken. But in dark times such as these, Americans do what we do best: we pull together. We join hands. We lock arms, and through the tears and the sadness, we stand strong. My Administration is providing its full support to the state and local authorities investigating this horrible crime. I have spoken with Governor Abbott, and we offer our thanks to the first responders who ultimately stopped the suspect and rendered immediate and lifesaving aid to the victims of this shooting. I will continue to follow developments closely. All of America is praying to God to help the wounded and the families. We will never leave their side.” Out of that entire well thought out and heartfelt speech, there was nothing in about what President Trump or his Administration where going to do about gun control and how to make sure things like this don’t happen. We need a better vetting process. We need to make sure that people are being thoroughly checked out to make sure we aren’t selling guns to people with mental health issues or criminal backgrounds. We also need do our jobs and make sure to put a person’s criminal history in the federal database, so we don’t accidently sell the wrong person a gun. Of course, there are always other ways for people to get guns undetected. However, we are making sure to hire the right people who are selling our guns and thoroughly vet the people buying them, these incidents can be lessened. Let’s make America safe again.