Everyone is familiar with Starbucks’ fifth-best iced coffee drink, the Caramel Macchiato. It’s rated fifth on 1912pike.com, but I rate it first in my heart. Being a latté kind of girl, this says a lot about me. There is something about the caramel, vanilla, milk and coffee blend that go so well together and force me to restrain myself from finishing my drink in one sip. With the approach of autumn and my slight pumpkin obsession preparing to go into full swing, I decided to add a shot of pumpkin to my Caramel Macchiato. The only adjective I have to describe it is amazing.

First of all, pumpkin is good. Don’t listen to Matt Bellassai slander its name on Whine About It and don’t listen to anyone else whose life purpose is to bring others down. If people can openly enjoy cauliflower, let people enjoy pumpkin. Its versatility is exciting: pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin coffee, etcetera. The possibilities are endless, but what can you do with cauliflower? Cook it? And then what? Case closed. Pumpkin is here to stay.

Photo Courtesy of Emily Hickey

Second, the ordering process is easy. I ordered my drink from the same Starbucks location twice in one weekend, and each time it was delicious. All you have to do is order a regular Caramel Macchiato and ask for pumpkin to be added. They will probably make sure you still want the caramel and vanilla, so say yes. However, the first time I got my coffee with soy milk instead of whole milk and I liked that much better. The drink with whole milk had bologna undertones, but that could be because I don’t like regular milk and my sister (who hates pumpkin and coffee) said that’s what it tasted like. Don’t listen to her, it tasted good regardless.

Since North Carolina’s version of autumn is 90º Fahrenheit with 100% humidity, iced coffee is generally the way to go. To still immerse yourself in the fall spirit, the shot of pumpkin is necessary. Not only is the drink refreshing, but the addition of pumpkin to the already iridescent caramel and vanilla swirl makes for a great photo-op. The constant bursts of flavor keep you guessing which one you’re going to get with each sip; will it be vanilla, caramel, pumpkin or all-in-one? Just that thrill alone keeps you wanting more.

I would definitely describe myself as a coffee connoisseur. To me, coffee is more important than eating sometimes, it’s that bad. Although I have my favorite coffees, I am always willing to try new things. Give me a recommendation and I will try it. Give me pumpkin and I will try it twice, love it so much, then write an article about it. Seriously, if you want a cool pumpkin drink for the fall, try the Pumpkin Caramel Macchiato. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.