#16 Fernando Garcia

Charlotte (8-5-6) fell to ODU in the Conference USA Conference Championship at a score of 1-0. A very well contended game consisted of tough defenses throughout the entirety of play, but would not be enough for the Niners to push through and even up the score or get a win.

In the 28th minute, Niko Klosterhalfen scored the game’s first and only goal off of a loose ball right inside the 18 and sent the ball into the lower left corner of the net just past Charlotte goalkeeper Elliot Panicco.

Charlotte only gave up two goals for the four that they gathered throughout the tournament.

Again, it was a game led by defensive efforts, with both teams taking a few shots in the first half and with only one of those shots leading to a goal as the Monarchs were able to capitalize on one of those opportunities where the Niners unfortunately were not.

Ryan Spaulding would have the best Charlotte shot of the match, hitting a shot right off the crossbar after ODU goalkeeper just got a touch on the ball in the 49th minute of play.

The team outshot the Monarchs 8-7 again and they would take two corners as Charlotte would only take one, again showing how incredible of a defensive game this championship match was.

Teddy Chaouche, Tommy Madden and Marco Sunol-Rojas each earned All-Tournament Team Honors.

Last season Charlotte at 12-4-2 got as far as the first round of the C-USA tournament and fell to New Mexico. This season was the closest they have gotten to another C-USA Championship title since they won the tournament in 2013.

The Niners wait to see if the earn a bid into the NCAA tournament at 1 p.m. this afternoon.