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Spoilers Ahead for “The Gifted” Season 1, Episode 4

The Mutant Underground finally takes the fight to Sentinel Services in this week’s episode of “The Gifted.” This episode opens up with a flashback, dating two years ago, of John Proudstar (aka Thunderbird) and a new mutant Gus (aka Pulse) on the outside of a mutant detention center fence. It seems like they sent in Marcos (aka Eclipse) and Lorna (aka Polaris) with several others to help free a few captives being held inside. Pulse automatically thinks this is bad and he should have been sent in first instead of being back-up since his powers can disrupt electrical systems and deactivate the alarms. Right after pleading his case with Thunderbird, Marcos and Lorna come bolting out of nowhere informing them that the plan has gone south and that the rest of the team that went in with them is dead. They all agree it is time for a retreat, but Gus hangs back a little bit to use his powers to disable the turrent guns to give them some cover. His plan works, but at the cost of him being shot in the back.

Flash forward to the present day and The Mutant Underground is sitting at a round table at their headquarters planning to break out Lorna and Reed Strucker (who were captured in the first episode) out of their current holding facility before they are moved to a prison that is described to be an impregnable fortress, but as a good man once said “Give me ten good men, and I’ll impregnate the bitch!” Unfortunately for them, they will have to do with eight, since the rest of the group thinks it is a suicide mission just to save two people. Catlin Strucker has come up with a plan though, instead of attacking the facility they are in they will attack the convoy that will be transporting them. It is a good plan, but they will need to know the route of the convoy.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

The show switches to Polaris being moved to a cell that is right beside Reed’s cell. The two have a heart-to-heart moment where Reed apologizes to her for what he has done in the past and that he is a different person than the one she has known from a few weeks ago. The show switches again to Marcos on a mission to get the information the group will need to attack the convoy, but to this he will need to go to a source he was hoping to never see again. He goes to a night club run by the cartel (who he use to work for) to see his ex-girlfriend Carmen, and to his surprise is now running the cartel. He tells her that he knows the cartel has informants everywhere and that he needs the information on the convoy. Carmen seems reluctant to help him until she figures out he needs the information to help out his current girlfriend, who he left her for. She does decide to help him, but for the information he must now become a lap dog for her. Basically anytime she calls, day or night, he has to answer and do whatever task she asks. He tells her he’s not that person anymore, but she puts her foot down, letting him know that this is the only way, and his new job starts now.

She takes him to a room where a man is tied up and by the look of his condition has also been roughed up. She tells him that this guy has stole drugs from her and that she wants him to use his powers to get the information out of him on their current location. Marcos doesn’t want to hurt him so he uses his powers and threatens to blind him for life if he doesn’t talk. The man gives in and reveals the location. Fast forward to the convoy and Andy and Lauren do a sibling duo combining their powers to immobilize the bus. As Sentinel Officers are rushing to fix it, Jace Turner (head officer in charge) suspects something is up and orders a full sweep of the area. Reed also suspects something is up and pleads with Polaris for her help if they get a chance to break out and she reluctantly agrees with a nod. Trader (a mutant who has the ability to turn invisible) uses his powers to get closer to the bus. As he gets closer, his powers start to glitch and turn off making him visible again and he is shot, but still alive.

Photo courtesy of 20th Television and FOX.

Everyone else also learns that their powers aren’t working and can’t figure out why. Marcos provides cover fire with a pistol while Sonya aka Dreamer) goes in to retrieve Trader. John quickly finds the source of the problem. He see’s Gus, who he thought was dead, but had apparently survived his capture two years ago and has been brainwashed into helping Sentinel Services. He remembers that Gus’ powers not only disrupt electronics, but also can block mutant powers. John manages to get close enough to talk to him, but he is too far gone so he chooses to knock him out to save the team. Polaris and Reed see an opportunity to escape, but the inside of the bus is mostly plastic and there is no metal for her to manipulate. Reed tells her that he has a metal screw in his leg and gives her permission to use it. She painfully rips the screw out of his leg and uses it to take out a guard and bust out of the back of the bus. Catlin manages to secure a jeep for them to escape. The episode ends on a cliffhanger of a pissed off Jace ordering a lock down the city and to raid every safehouse, and home of anyone who even has the slightest connection to mutants. He officially declares war on the Mutant Underground!

This storyline for this episode is phenomenal and everything fits together to make perfect sense, and I am starting to think the show is more about the mutant resistance against oppression as a whole instead of the challenges of Andy and his sister Lauren becoming mutants. This episode is definitely action packed and the graphics they used to mimic the powers of the mutant characters were really good. I also like how they are showing the past of various characters and how they are tied into their present situation.

“The Gifted” airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on FOX.