If you are looking for an experience that will take you back to the years of turkey legs, gypsy fortune tellers and jousting for your loved ones, well then this local festival is the one for you.

The Carolina Renaissance Festival, located in Huntersville, is officially open for the fall months. The festival embodies the unique and magical time period that is right here in the Charlotte area. I personally had never been to the festival before, so out of the spur of the moment decision, myself and two other Niner Times staff writers decided to take a day trip over to the fairgrounds.

Photo by Hunter Heilman

First off please note that you go to the festival to spend money, or at least I did. I wanted to get the full experience, so I spent about $100. It is also worth it to buy your tickets online in advance for the price of $24. There is a student discount when you go to the actual ticketbooth on the fairgrounds, but waiting in line for what looked like hours is not worth it. Spending the extra $4 online and walking straight in is the way to go.

When you first get inside, the atmosphere immediately takes you back to the 1400s. Festival workers are decked out from head to toe in luxurious gowns, commoners clothing, or just your everyday knight. Even festival goers can rent/buy clothing to really feel apart of the time period. I wish I had the money to buy an outfit there to wear but I didn’t have that kind of money.

The first thing we did at the festival was get a palm reading. You can read in detail the results of that below. It was $25 dollars and was incredibly accurate. We all were shocked by how it went afterwards, but we pressed on because we had barely scratched the surface of the festival. We next went to a natural skin care booth, to check out the natural soaps and moisturizing candles. Both myself and Hunter Heilman both bought natural soaps from the booth because they were handmade and smelled amazing.

We continued on, walking around and looking at all of the crowns, head pieces, jewelry, and costumes you can buy. We didn’t each much breakfast before going, so we decided to get bread bowls filled with soup and a turkey leg to split. Be aware, bring cash! The food booths do not take cards, but they have several ATMs around the fairgrounds. We got our food and sat for a few minutes to watch a cheesy and comedic acrobatics show, which for the few minutes we were eating was sort of enjoyable to watch.

We continued to walk around to check out everyone and everything. Lots of the activities cost money, so after a while we didn’t want to spend anymore, so we just browsed and listened to the musical performers scattered around the grounds. We came across a small bookstore called ‘The Art of Booke” and Emily Hickey, asst. opinion editor, and I were gravitated toward it, so much that we felt compelled to take a picture with the sign.

We wanted to go to a jousting event, but unfortunately, for other time constraints we had to leave. After talking to all the workers, they told us that the jousting event is one to

Photo by Hunter Heilman

see. So if you get the opportunity to go, go to that show!

The Carolina renaissance festival is one of the most imaginative and intriguing places I’ve ever been to. It has so much to interact with and so much for everyone in your friend group or family. So pull on your corsets and tights and we’ll see you in the 1400s!

Psychic Palm Reading

While attending the Renaissance Festival, one of the first thing we did was get a palm reading. the psychic cost $25 and last for about 15-20 minutes per person. For me, she

noticed that the lines overall on my right hand were deeper than the ones on my left, meaning I used my right brain more (creativity). Another big thing she noticed was that my fate or destiny line on my right hand was very deep, saying that I am on the right path in my life overall. She also predicted me to have 3 careers over my lifetime, and that I probably will retire from a field I didn’t go to school for. Three children are in my future, a boy and two girls. Overall I was happy with the information I learned and thought it was well worth it!


Hailey Turpin is a Senior Communication Studies Major with a Public Relations Track and an English Minor. Hailey has worked for the paper for her entire secondary education career. She enjoys coffee, everything lifestyle related and sleeping. Hailey is also a member if Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity.