Dean Rutherford and teammates celebrate after scoring winning goal. Photo by Chris Crews.

After heading into overtime for the fourth straight home game, Dean Rutherford found the net in the 92nd minute and the Niners pulled out a 4-3 win over Georgia State. Four Charlotte (6-4-4) players were able to score against the Panthers (9-5-1), Daniel Bruce, Teddy Chaouche, Tommy Madden and Rutherford.

“We scored four good goals tonight, that’s the difference. We played very, very well in front of the goal. I think we had 15 shots, scored four and had another couple of good looks. We looked very efficient in front of the goal, we’ve been working on it very, very hard,” coach Kevin Langan said.

An offensively competitive game between the Niners and the Panthers seemed at first like a sure win for Charlotte and then quickly as if they would be looking at yet another draw. Ending yet another game in over time, a fourth goal by Charlotte’s Rutherford made for his first goal of the season and his career.

Charlotte scored two goals in the first thirty minutes of play, the first being a product of good passing. Luke Johnson drilled the ball down field to Spaulding who utilized his footwork to pass the ball inside to Bruce from the left side of the box. Bruce then sent a close shot right into the back of the net for his fifth goal of the season, continuing to lead the team in goals.

Georgia State quickly responded to their deficit with Nick Hague’s first goal of the season, getting the ball out of action and into the net less than two minutes after Charlotte’s second score.

With just under a minute in the first half of play, Rashid Alarape would take a penalty kick only for Elliot Panicco to make a wonderful block and another save after that when Alarape attempted to shoot the ball right back for a goal.

The game would reach it’s half with Charlotte up 2-1 and leading shots so far 10-7.

Panther Max Hemmings tied up the game, scoring Georgia State’s second goal of the game off of assists from both Frank Rosenwald and Alarape in the 50th minute of play.

No more than five minutes later, the Panthers would take the lead at 3-2 as Adu-Boahene Kwaku passed the ball to Alarape who sent the ball into the left corner of the net.

Only just over three minutes after Georgia State took the lead, Madden tied the game for Charlotte in the 57th minute when he sent a ball flying just into the right side of the net on a free kick.

The final goal by Rutherford gave Charlotte the win in their last regular season conference home game at 4-3 after 91 minutes and 19 seconds of play at Transamerica Field.

The Niners will return to Conference USA play when they travel to New Mexico on Saturday, Oct. 28 at 9 p.m.