It’s that time of year again: the season of fashion. When you log onto social media or watch the news, I’m sure you’re bombarded with pictures of models, celebrities, fashion designers and big cities filled with good looking people. It’s what happens every spring and fall; high-end designers flood the walkways in the major cities to showcase their seasonal lines in events like New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Even low-end designers in smaller cities showcase their designs, and I had the privilege to attend Charlotte’s very own fashion week called Charlotte Seen, created and directed by Rita Miles, held in the Embassy Suites in Uptown.

Being a lover of apparel and fashion, this opportunity was an amazing experience. The event took place over a span of five days, starting Tuesday, September 26 and ending Saturday, September 30. I was only able to attend Thursday night’s show due to my hectic schedule, but I still felt the thrill and glamour that goes along with the entire production.

Thursday night’s show was Boutique and Opera Carolina Recyclables Runway Show and included local designers ranging from Versona Boutique in South Charlotte to Karl Lagerfeld. The variety in designers and products kept the audience enticed as it strayed far from monotony. There was a show for every person in the audience with female lines, male lines, co-ed lines and child lines. The material presented included clothing, bags, glasses, formal attire and more, giving everyone a look into different apparel that is predicted to take over in the upcoming fall season.

Since the contributors to this particular show were majorly local boutiques, they targeted the younger Charlotte crowd. Many lines showcased young adult fashion while others showcased children’s clothing. The young adult fashion included darker tones and cozy looks that were influenced by the ‘70s. The colors popular were brown, maroon, red and pale pink, the latter being an addition to the typical fall color palette. Velvet dresses, flare pants and vests were popular among the looks. The accessories popular were long necklaces, chokers, glasses and boots. Boots were everywhere; over-the-knee boots, riding boots, ankle boots, you name it. The glasses were a regular in each line since the designer was a local man trying to promote his business. The boutiques only targeted the female crowd, but there were two lines from Dillard’s that included males.

The fall fashion for males has always tended to stay the same with sweaters and pants, but this year I saw the stray from skinny jeans to fitted jeans, meaning the ankles weren’t being suffocated, but the jeans were still hugging their legs comfortably. Many males also sported fake glasses, a trend that is taking over the social scene. The children’s lines, like the males, didn’t include as much variety as the female lines, but that is a given. Female fashion dominates, all others have to try to keep up.

The first children’s line was clown themed to bring fun into the show. As soon as the first child walked out, the entire crowd released a choir of awes. They modeled bright blues, reds and yellows, and sported their tulle skirts and crazy headbands with a confidence I wish I had. The second children’s line was sponsored by Dillard’s, so the models wore casual ‘70s influenced clothing and some formal attire. In my opinion, the children were the best part of the show for they kept it humble and reminded the audience that the Charlotte community is a tight-knit family.

There were more lines that modeled bags than I would have expected. There was one for weekend bags, one for wallets and one created by Karl Lagerfeld. Trust me, I was losing it when his name was announced. The intertwining of local and famous names solidified my experience, letting me feel proud for the people in my city while also showing me that we are taken somewhat seriously in the fashion world. Not only were the lines well walked, the atmosphere of the place was welcoming and held the air of a fashion show. Local artists had tables set up to greet you as you walked in, and the runway was designed just like one you might see in New York or London.

Charlotte Seen was an outstanding production and one I am glad to have been able to attend, even if it was only for one night. Now I know to plan my schedule next year to attend every show and feel the same glamour I felt on September 28.