Photo by Nicole Buckenham

If you are looking for a book that can be easily read around a busy schedule, “We are Never Meeting in Real Life” is the book for you. The book is written by Samantha Irby, and is a collection of short essays that blend together. It is a great choice if you do not have the time to sit down and read a whole book. It is also good to read if you are that person who tends to put down and pick up books and forget where you left off. Since they are essays inside the book, it is easy to read them when you are waiting somewhere, or at night to get a quick and relaxing read in before you go to sleep. The essays themselves are not very long, but the book in general, is all about the author’s life. So basically, they are moments in time about Samantha’s life. The essays blend together like this, and are not just random unrelated stories.

This book is also good to read if you enjoy funny, relatable, and good stress-reliever stories. All of the essays in here are super funny and are real things that can happen to anyone. It is a great stress reliever to pick up in between doing school work because of all the laughs you will get from it, and has short enough essays inside to do so. The author talks a lot about dating, but also other things women tend to go through and makes them hilarious. The author is big on voicing her opinion, and is big on being independent and having a voice as a woman. This book is not for someone who will get offended easily or feels uncomfortable from a lot of cursing. The book can be a bit crude, but for the most part, is all in the sense of good fun.

The only downside I would say about this book, is the amount of complaining from the author in the essays. She does complain about a lot of things that have happened to her in the stories, and makes them for the most part funny. But, to an extent, it can be a bit much. At some points in the essays, you can see where she is coming from, but at others she is just being difficult. She complains about guys, but in the end, it is all her doing for why things did not work out. So to enjoy this book and find the humor in it, you have to really start to understand the author as a person and get past the amount of complaining she does.

I enjoyed this book, and I think others will to when you start to see how you can relate in the author’s stories. Again, it is a great book to read while in college. It is good to read not only because the essay’s inside are hilarious, but also of the shortness of the essays inside. They are great to read on-the-go, and great if you do not want to commit to a whole novel!

Rating: 4/5