Trends change like the seasons and this season we have a game changer… Squiggly eyebrows! This may sound ridiculous to many, but this new trend has made its mark on the internet, and on the face of many. This new trend is causing an internet frenzy as it makes its way around Twitter and Instagram. According to the Huffington Post, this trend was started on Instagram. More specifically, it started on the Instagram of Promise Tamang, a famous beauty blogger. The trend started as a joke, as the blogger said she was just trying something new, and doing it for fun. Before she knew it, her post went viral and inspired many to try the daring new trend. This eyebrow trend has been typically seen on women, but it does not discriminate. There have been some images of men on the internet trying out the bold trend also. Most of the people that have been online talking about it and sharing pictures, have been people between the ages of 14 and 25.

Picture Courtesy of Lanartistry

Just like every other fashion trend, people either love it or hate it. There have been mixed reviews online regarding the opinions of the twitter and Instagram fans. Leslie Lott, a student at UNC Charlotte, and an experienced beauty, cosmetics, and skin care representative, is not the biggest fan of the squiggly eyebrow trend. According to Leslie, the new eyebrow trend is ¨not the most amazing thing in the world.” However, she can appreciate and accept the beauty in all makeup and believes the face is the most important canvas a makeup artist can use. Leslie was not surprised at all that this trend surfaced so quickly because new trends transpire every day. Leslie has her own business she recently started, called ¨Touched By Troi¨, which involves makeovers and pointers on how to achieve the best possible skin care. With that being said, the UNC Charlotte student knows a thing or two about makeup and confirmed she would try the growing eyebrow trend, but simply for fun.

It is always important that when regarding fashion trends, the trends constantly change. Earlier this year there was a brief trend on feather eyebrows, but it did not last long and the feedback was mainly negative. I am not surprised this trend is trending, because all it takes to trend online is one post and a bunch of views. According to the, ¨Makeup trends are always changing. It’s all about ditching the old formulas and creating a new one.¨

To master this new look, it is very simple. All you actually need is either an eyebrow pencil or some powder to fill in your eyebrows. Once you have that, the second thing you need is a steady hand and some creativity. If you have all of these things, then you are ready to start working some eyebrow magic. I recommend if anyone is interested in trying this trend, do some more research on it, and give it a try. Every successful and popular trend started somewhere, and if everyone in the world decided they did not want to give it a try, no trend would ever be successful. Figure out what you like and what works for you, and before you know it you will be following all of the hottest trends, and who knows, you might actually start one!