Picture courtesy of Emmanuel Mirabal

That toddlin’ town is the first city I have ever visited without my family! I went in early August and came back about a week before move-in day. It’s about a 12-13 hour drive from our campus depending on your route of choice. Chicago is truly the windy city as they call it, gusts of winds blowing everywhere at every time, it sometimes led me to believe it was actually fall instead of summer. I spent the nights at a friend’s house up in Chicago, and they became my “tour guides” so to say. An amazing place to go is to the Navy Pier(Picture) right on Lake Michigan with tons of restaurants to eat at and activities to do.

Navy Pier is the best way to look out toward Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline in the day and or the evening. An awesome place to eat while in Chicago, which I high-key wish we had here in the Queen City, Giordano’s Pizza and Portillo’s Hot Dogs. In Giordano’s Pizza, I tried for the first time ever a Chicago deep dish pizza, something completely different from what we know as deep dish pizza. Their pizzas are something out of this world, they flip the pizza over within the deep dish crust, so instead of your traditional crust, sauce, cheese, then topping its actually crust, topping, a thick huge layer of cheese and sauce.

Chicago is one of the most diverse places in the country. Chicago like many other famously big cities can truly only be explored by walking it as traffic is insane, but what is more insane are the parking lot/deck(s) as they are EXPENSIVE!! It was about $20 just for an hour for most lot/deck(s), but we found one that was cheap and was $25 for 2-10 hours.

Picture Courtesy of Emmanuel Mirabal

Walking around, you could hear basically all the languages of the world. In my experience, I got to hear Italian, French, Spanish (of course), Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, even Russian, IT…WAS…AMAZING! There was even a parade for my people, a Cuban parade; I decided to go because I haven’t really seen other Cubans since I left my state of Florida so it got me pretty excited. I got to meet other Cubans and even befriended them, had lunch with them and celebrated with them at the parade and after as well.

I also passed the famous Drake hotel, which it’s said to be haunted by The Woman in Red, a ghost who committed suicide after catching her husband cheating on her in 1920, the year the hotel publicly opened. With my great experience in the Windy City, I totally recommend going to Chicago if you haven’t gone! It really introduces you to multiple different cultures and really quick. I hope those of you that haven’t gone will consider going one day!