Last Wednesday, 311 – with New Politics and Passafire – made a stop at the Charlotte Metro Credit Amphitheatre on their 18th Unity Summer Tour. Passafire, a reggae-rock band from Savannah, Georgia, started the night off by showcasing their original sound.

New Politics was up next, and they did not disappoint. The trio kept the crowd fully engaged thanks to lead singer, David Boyd’s unbelievable upbeat stage presence. Halfway through their set, Boyd pressed pause on singing to break-dance instead — definitely not something one sees at a usual concert. While they are best known for their hit, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, the band also played songs from their latest album, “Vikings,” as well as some of their earlier music.

New Politics lead singer, David Boyd, singing after a break dance session. Photo by Leysha Caraballo.

As the sun settled under the horizon, it was time for the headliner to take the stage. The crowd, full of lifelong devoted fans and young ones in the making, was full of energy and ready to groove with 311. The band opened up with “Perfect Mistake”, a song off of their newest album, “Mosaic”.

The musical relationship between lead singer, Nick Hexum and singer, S.A. Martinez, is nothing less than synergetic. They bounce off of each other, verse to verse, adding a depth to their sound. The same goes for guitarist Tim Mahoney and bassist P-Nut. The reggae beat that the bass provides softens the rock and roll feel from the guitar. This is what makes 311 so unique. They helped pioneered this type of music, which has a knack for bringing in listeners who may not be used to exploring different genres. This has allowed them to appeal to a much larger audience all over the world.

311’s lead singer, Nick Hexum. Photo by Leysha Caraballo

Throughout the night, 311 played a mix of classics and songs from “Mosaic”. Some of the most notable hits included “Come Original”, “Amber”, and “All Mixed Up.” Between songs, each musician was able to truly showcase their individual skills. They each had fun with long, free flowing solos while the rest of the band left the stage. This isn’t something that regular bands get to do – it’s something that comes after almost 30 years of being a band. At this point in their journey, 311 can take some time to do more than just play their songs, they’re allowed to have a bit of fun with it.

311’s S.A. Martinez. Photo by Leysha Caraballo

Near the end of the show, the band played their most popular single off their new album, “Too Much to Think,” and finished strong with “Creatures” as their encore.

There was not a single dull moment throughout the night, from the openers to 311, and everything in between. It’s always a pleasure to watch 311 do their thing – completely and totally rock out. Until next summer, 311 – we’ll be waiting patiently.

311’s guitarist, Tim Mahoney. Photo by Leysha Caraballo