Tomorrow night, Ernest Greene – known best by his stage name, Washed Out — will be playing at the Underground Charlotte on his “Get Lost” tour. His newest album, Mister Mellow, was released on June 30th of this year — his third under this stage name.

Washed Out truly hit it big after “Feel It All Around” was picked up by Portlandia as their opening theme song. It was the perfect gateway for audiences to try out more of his music, which honestly stands out in the electronic genre.

Mister Mellow Album Artwork. Photo Courtesy of Washed Out.

His sound has the ability to make a listener lose himself. It’s the perfect way to just take some time to chill, maybe unwind after a long day. Greene has no boundaries with his experimentation, fusing instrumentals with hip-hop, funk, and electronic music. He’s not trying to be mainstream; he’s trying to make you feel something. “Hard To Say Goodbye” and “Zonked” from his last album almost sedates the listener with their heavily nostalgic sounds and modern twists.

If your Monday night is free, bite the bullet and go to this concert. If dreamy, groovy beats are your thing, Washed Out won’t disappoint.

Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets can be bought here: