Photo by Gerald Rich

Wavves comes to Charlotte as one of the opening acts for The Naked and Famous.

I  have attended a lot of concerts at the Underground, but this was my first time watching Luna Shadows, Wavves and The Naked and Famous perform live in one night.

In comes a girl wearing a grunge, black and white outfit holding a drum stick. She starts banging on the drums placed in front of the stage. The girl banging on the drums was Luna Shadows. She opens the concert with her rebellious attitude as she bangs on the drums. As the main drummer and piano player joins the stage, she starts to voice her romantic and melodic voice. The audience is lured in by her melodic and catchy sounds. She knew how to work the stage so that the audience was engaged in her performance. Sometimes, she would ask for the audience to sing a riff from one of her songs.

Luna Shadows is the star of the band. She is in charge of writing her lyrics and producing her music. Her most popular songs include “Hallelujah California” and “Cry Wolf.”

After Luna Shadows, Wavves graced us with their sweet xylophone melody, which they immediately contrasted with their loud, punk sound. The band had the typical appearance of a punk rock band as they had a bass guitarist with long hair, band members with classic guitars and a glitter-covered drum set.

Wavves was a stark contrast from the easy-going sound of Luna Shadows. The band had a punk/rock sound that had a lot of angst and screaming. I was expecting for the lead singer (Nathan) to kick his mic stand to emphasize the angst and rock sounds. Ironically, one of the drums fell down by itself it was very punk-like. The audience were even wild with energy as they started to mosh to the music.

Wavves started off with their loud music, then they started to play their more mellow songs towards the end of the set. The most popular songs by Wavves include “Green Eyes” and “Million Enemies.” They had a Nirvana and Blink-182 vibe to their music.

Next came The Naked and Famous. I am more familiar with their music as they play their chill, electronic and pop music. Their most popular songs include “Higher,” “Punching In a Dream,” “Young Blood” and “Water Beneath You.”

Most of the fans of Wavves left their front row seats because their music preference was completely different from the upbeat and pop sounds of The Naked and Famous. I could tell who was there for Wavves and who was there for the Naked and Famous. It was like the audience was split into two different personalities. One is highly energetic as they jump around; the other one is more chill as they stand in place.

Overall, the concert was an interesting experience. I got to experience the contradictory sounds of each band. The highlight of my night was learning more bands that were outside of the genre I usually like.