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Procrastination is something we are all familiar with. It is something we all do, knowing we shouldn’t. We tell ourselves after every situation we put ourselves in, due to procrastination,  we won’t do it again, but we always do. Personally speaking, almost every educational opportunity or experience I have come across at this point in my life has started with procrastination. The purpose of the story I am about to tell is to remind you that yes, procrastinating is something we all do, but it is also something that we should stray away from doing because it has the ability to hinder our productivity. Waiting until the last possible moments to complete a task only takes away from the amount of opportunities you had to make the very best out of the task, not just educationally speaking but also in other life situations.

When I first started at UNC Charlotte (last semester) I was very excited. I just moved here from a different town and I knew maybe two people here. I moved in with my roommates, who were strangers at the time, and it finally hit me that I am now in a new environment and I have no idea where to start in the process of developing my new life. In attempt to meet people and figure out what was exactly for me on campus, I went to the fall showcase. Keeping my studies in the back of my mind I told myself I was only going to sign up for one club so I can stay on track this semester and establish a good grade point average. Seeing all of these clubs and organizations and all of the people in them seemed to be so happy, I decided one just was not enough. I left the showcase signed up for three clubs. I also had seven classes last semester, so I already had a full plate. I can remember so clearly going to my first interest meeting for Toastmasters at UNCC and I was nervous but extremely excited. I was so excited to have met people who had the same interests as me and who seemed willing to be my friends. I had an amazing night at the interest meeting for Toastmasters, but that night, along with most things in life, came with a sacrifice.. I did not do my Spanish homework. I told myself I was going to leave the meeting early to get home and do my Spanish homework, but that did not happen. I met my best friends that night so I like to think that I do not regret staying at the meeting so long, but I also should not have waited until the last minute to think about my Spanish homework. That small story is an example of how my entire semester went. I waited until the last minute for multiple assignments and ended up turning in work that was mediocre compared to what I am capable of. I know we have all had those assignments that we turn in knowing that it is not our best work, no matter what major you are in. Mediocrity is not an option. Settling is not an option, definitely not when you know you are not average. I thankfully passed all of my classes last semester, but not with the grades I was expecting at the beginning of the semester. I know that I did not try my best, and because of that I have to work twice as hard this semester and semesters to come because I decided to be mediocre my first semester. What you put out in life is what you will receive. Try your best, do not wait until the last minute for anything in life because you will find yourself missing out on experiences and questioning your capabilities. I am not mediocre and neither are you.