The role of social media in our everyday lives is so prominent, my hands get sweaty when I haven’t checked my Instagram for more than three hours. Everything revolves around social media and each app takes its own time dominating the market and capturing the interest of consumers. I am a person who gets bored easily, so the rise of new apps is always exciting for me. When someone reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to tell me about the app, I immediately downloaded it to see what was up and what is up is a new obsession. was designed to be like a Tinder for friendships. People upload pictures of things they enjoy and you swipe left for yes, I like that too and right for no, not my interest. The uploads are simple: I came across a Redbox DVD Rental, Two Story Closet, Chocolate Martini, Hiking in Yellowstone and more. You basically just decide if you like the interest or not and connect with the user over that mutual bond. It’s easy, accessible and quite addicting. You can see statistics of what people like, upload your own pictures and search for interests to connect you to people who are just like yourself. Once you find a person who is similar to you, has in-app messaging that makes it easy to communicate. I love to meet new people, so if I can talk to someone across the world about my love for Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, you know I’m all in.

Photo from Flickr

Swiping left and right is what really hooks you; I never wanted to stop. The simplicity of the interests drives you to keep going and after so many swipes, gives you people who are similar to you in their swipes. You can choose to talk to them or keep swiping and me being on the rampant swipe trend I was on, I kept on swiping. The creators of this app knew what they were doing when designing it by allowing people to express their unique opinions and shared likes and dislikes. They created an app where there’s no pressure to feel like your “best self” like there is on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Tinder. There’s no impressing anyone on because you’re paired with those who are just like you and because of this, the relationships you make are more in-depth.

If you’re getting sick of the never-ending pressures of social media and the need to present yourself in a certain type of way, this is the app for you. From my experience, I have always had to shape my personality around the app I’m using and the users who can see, but doesn’t require me to do that. People from all over the world connect with me based off the things I enjoy and it feels good to finally strip myself of the social media persona I have created and just be myself.